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page: On the World Wide Web, a page is a file notated with the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

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By Trevor Jones News Nov 09, 2016

Public cloud and big banks finally on the same page

Public cloud and big banks weren't always a good fit, but financial juggernauts have gone beyond their four walls to test the waters of hyperscale cloud computing. Continue Reading


By Stuart Burns Get Started Oct 25, 2016

The life, death and resurrection of transparent page sharing

TPS was a useful memory management feature until VMware turned it off over security concerns. Fortunately, you can restore its full functionality with a few simple steps. Continue Reading


Sep 29, 2016

Sensible one-page thoughts on managing performance

Ludo Houdenaert distils a lifetime of experience on managing performance in the IT department into this collection of short, digestible articles, written especially for Computer Weekly. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Jul 06, 2016

What is a Single-Page Application (SPA)?

Software analytics company New Relic will now support web applications built with current and future Single-Page Application (SPA) frameworks and libraries. But what is a SPA anyway? Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jul 27, 2016

Interview: Jon Page, head of operations, BBC R&D

As the way people consume media content is changing, so the BBC is adapting to new audiences, as Jon Page, head of operations for BBC Research and Development, describes Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Mar 16, 2016

How does memory compression compare to page swapping?

Memory compression can help improve performance by reducing the time needed for swap file access. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Jun 24, 2016

Fifty years forward: A look at the ComputerWeekly back pages

On the occasion of ComputerWeekly's 50th anniversary, Brian McKenna joins the Talking Data podcast crew to look back at Bletchley Park, and forward to Hadoop and AI. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 20, 2016

Brother finds SMEs still enjoy the printed page

The paperless office remains a bit of a dream for those operating in the SME sector where the vast majority still like to read off the printed page Continue Reading


Dec 10, 2015

Sensible one-page thoughts on performance: Responsibility

Ludo Houdenaert, an independent management consultant, reflects on the problems that can occur when there is a mismatch between employees’ authority and responsibility. Continue Reading


Dec 09, 2015

Sensible one-page thoughts on performance: The position of IT

Ludo Houdenaert, an independent management consultant, offers his thoughts on where companies should position IT in their organisations. Continue Reading