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By Brian Holak News Sep 02, 2016

Dropbox hack and the password security conundrum

The Dropbox hack is the latest reminder that the end is near for traditional authentication methods. Also in Searchlight: VMware comes at cloud from a new direction. Continue Reading


Jul 07, 2016

The problem of passwords and how to deal with it

Security experts have long recognised passwords as inadequate, but finally technology is offering some viable alternative authentication methods that businesses can explore to keep their data safe Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Aug 03, 2016

Barclays replaces passwords with voice authentication

Barclays is offering U.K. retail banking customers the option to do voice authentication instead of using passwords, with voiceprints that are as unique as fingerprints. Continue Reading


By Johna Till Johnson Manage May 17, 2016

A safe password system? Here's how

News of the death of the password system is premature, despite the security vulnerabilities of this authentication method. Learn how to create a safe password system. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 01, 2016

Dropbox passwords breach exposed 68 million users

Confirming that 68 million Dropbox passwords were exposed in 2012, the cloud provider continued to urge users to update their credentials and enable two-factor authentication. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Aug 09, 2016

Oracle MICROS breached, password reset recommended

Oracle's MICROS PoS systems breached, possibly by Carbanak cybergang; Oracle issues mandatory password reset for customers. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Jan 15, 2016

Trend Micro Password Manager flaw; backdoors and passwords

In this roundup, Trend Micro's Password Manager flamed over JavaScript flaw; Android malware breaks two-factor authentication; Cisco vulnerabilities; Juniper backdoor update and more. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 26, 2016

Latest iOS 10 release includes password-verification flaw

A Russian cyberforensics firm discovered a password-verification flaw in iOS 10 that leaves local backups exposed, allowing hackers to obtain passwords and other valuable data. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jul 11, 2016

Datadog calls for password reset after cyber breach

Monitoring and analytics firm detected unauthorised activity associated with production servers and database of user credentials Continue Reading


Jun 14, 2016

The password’s the problem – lessons from the LinkedIn breach

In this week’s Computer Weekly, after millions of LinkedIn users had their data compromised, we look at the lessons to be learned from this latest data breach incident. Our buyer’s guide looks at NoSQL technologies... Continue Reading