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By Maxim Tamarov News Feb 18, 2015

Password reuse and password sharing prevalent in enterprises

The high percentage of password reuse and sharing by employees leaves enterprises vulnerable to breaches, according to a recent survey from SailPoint Technologies. Continue Reading


By Randall Gamby Get Started May 04, 2015

Breaking bad password habits in the enterprise

Bad passwords bring unnecessary risk into organizations, but how bad are they really? Expert Randall Gamby assesses just how dire the situation is. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jan 20, 2015

Younger users prefer biometrics to passwords

Younger bank customers would rather use biometrics than PINs and passwords for security, according to Visa Europe Continue Reading


By David Strom Evaluate Mar 23, 2015


By Michael Van Horenbeeck Get Started Mar 05, 2015

Set up Azure's Password Synchronization write-back feature

Before putting Azure's write-back feature in production, learn the best ways to configure it and how to address any reset problems that arise. Continue Reading


By Robert Richardson News May 06, 2015

Microsoft debuts password-free Windows Hello, PatchTuesday changes

Microsoft Ignite 2015 showed that Microsoft may have rethought the Tuesday part of Patch Tuesday, but Windows Update is stronger than ever. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 05, 2015

Local Administrator Password Solution aims to stop credential replay

Microsoft has released its Local Administrator Password Solution for a common admin login account across all domain-joined computers in hopes that it will decrease pass-the-hash attacks. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Feb 06, 2015

Strengthen your Active Directory password policy settings

Weak passwords can create vulnerabilities in your enterprise's security. Creating strong password standards and policies can help protect against threats. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 19, 2015

Will online authentication ever be free of passwords?

Will online authentication ever be password-free? The webcast reviews the problems of online authentication and considers a passwordless future. Continue Reading


Jul 30, 2014

Protecting against modern password cracking

Attackers are increasingly turning to human psychology and the study of password selection patterns among user groups to develop sophisticated techniques that can quickly and effectively recover passwords. ... Continue Reading