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By Peter Loshin News Jan 15, 2016

Trend Micro Password Manager flaw; backdoors and passwords

In this roundup, Trend Micro's Password Manager flamed over JavaScript flaw; Android malware breaks two-factor authentication; Cisco vulnerabilities; Juniper backdoor update and more. Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber News Feb 02, 2016

Dell One Identity password management targets channel

Password management appears to be gaining momentum, as Dell launches an offering the company said is designed for the IT channel, with security partners a particular focus. Continue Reading


By Peter Wood Oct 09, 2015

How to ensure strong passwords and better authentication

Five steps to ensure stronger passwords and better authentication to reduce the threat of business data theft Continue Reading


By Anthony Poh Problem Solve Dec 24, 2015

Troubleshooting vCSA root password failure

VMware's default password policy for vCSA has many users between a rock and a hard place. Anthony Poh shows us how to correct a common root lockout issue. Continue Reading


Mar 07, 2016

The problem with passwords: how to make it easier for employees to stay secure

An organisation’s IT security can be compromised if staff do not follow a strict policy of using strong passwords to access internal systems Continue Reading


Mar 01, 2016

Security Think Tank: Password management tops list of access control issues

In the modern business environment, what are the most common access control mistakes and how best are these corrected? Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 16, 2015

Yahoo announces password-killing Account Key

Yahoo Account Key uses push notifications to provide a fast and secure way to access Yahoo accounts from a mobile device Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News Feb 18, 2015

Password reuse and password sharing prevalent in enterprises

The high percentage of password reuse and sharing by employees leaves enterprises vulnerable to breaches, according to a recent survey from SailPoint Technologies. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Apr 13, 2016

NCA attempts 'back door' access to obtain activist Lauri Love’s passwords

Court told that use of civil proceedings to force disclosure of alleged hacker Lauri Love's passwords is disproportionate and would breach human rights law Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Jun 02, 2015

Password malware: Can Trojans that capture passwords be mitigated?

A variant of the Citadel malware emerged that compromises password management and authentication products. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis explains how to prevent and overcome the threat. Continue Reading