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A password is an unspaced sequence of characters used to determine that a computer user requesting ...Read More

How to prevent password attacks and other exploits

By (ISC) 2 20 Nov 2017

Prevention is essential to protection against password attacks, unauthorized access and related threats. Expert Adam Gordon outlines how to proactively bolster your defenses. Read More

Cryptographic keys: Your password's replacement is here

By Nick Lewis 14 Dec 2017

As passwords become targets of phishing attacks, password management has become increasingly difficult. Expert Nick Lewis explains how cryptographic keys could replace passwords. Read More

How machine learning-powered password guessing impacts security

By Michael Cobb 07 Dec 2017

A new password guessing technique takes advantage of machine learning technologies. Expert Michael Cobb discusses how much of a threat this is to enterprise security. Read More

Silence banking Trojan highlights password weakness

By Warwick Ashford 02 Nov 2017

The Silence banking Trojan that has hit at least 10 financial institutions has once again highlighted the weakness of using username and password combinations to access accounts Read More

Mac OS passwords at risk of theft, researcher warns

By Warwick Ashford 26 Sep 2017

Some Apple Mac users are at risk of password theft due to a zero-day vulnerability discovered in some versions of the operating system Read More

Poor passwords still putting UK firms at risk

By Warwick Ashford 19 Sep 2017

Poor password practices are still putting UK citizens and the companies they work for at risk, a survey reveals Read More

Recover an ESXi root password for stand-alone and vCenter hosts

By Stuart Burns 25 Oct 2017

A forgotten ESXi root password can stop you in your tracks. Avoid dodgy quick fixes and learn the proper way to recover a root password for vCenter-connected and stand-alone hosts. Read More

How does the Microsoft Authenticator application affect password use?

By Matthew Pascucci 06 Jul 2017

The Microsoft Authenticator application enables smartphone-based, two-factor authentication and attempts to reduce the use of passwords. Expert Matthew Pascucci explains how. Read More

Microsoft LAPS locks down local admin passwords

By Adam Fowler 05 Jul 2017

Using the same local admin password is convenient, but risky. It gives attackers limitless access across the machines on the domain. Microsoft has a tool to boost login security. Read More