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By Nick Lewis Manage Jun 02, 2015

Password malware: Can Trojans that capture passwords be mitigated?

A variant of the Citadel malware emerged that compromises password management and authentication products. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis explains how to prevent and overcome the threat. Continue Reading


By Maxim Tamarov News Feb 18, 2015

Password reuse and password sharing prevalent in enterprises

The high percentage of password reuse and sharing by employees leaves enterprises vulnerable to breaches, according to a recent survey from SailPoint Technologies. Continue Reading


By Randall Gamby Get Started May 04, 2015

Breaking bad password habits in the enterprise

Bad passwords bring unnecessary risk into organizations, but how bad are they really? Expert Randall Gamby assesses just how dire the situation is. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jun 30, 2015

US government passwords stolen and leaked around the Web

A report reveals that many stolen US government agency passwords traveled across the Web, including credentials from OPM, which was recently breached due to stolen passwords. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 16, 2015

Password management firm LastPass admits hack – but says password vault safe

LastPass admits system breach, but says it is confident its encryption measures are sufficient to protect users of its online password management service Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Jul 27, 2015

Valve fixes Steam password bug that led to compromised accounts

A glaring error in the Steam password recovery system allowed hackers to take over accounts for Valve's popular gaming platform. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jan 20, 2015

Younger users prefer biometrics to passwords

Younger bank customers would rather use biometrics than PINs and passwords for security, according to Visa Europe Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jun 25, 2015

Stolen passwords to blame for OPM breach; director may take the fall

The OPM director told a Senate hearing that passwords stolen from a contractor led to the OPM breach. Now, her job is on the line and the number of breached records could be on the rise. Continue Reading


By Sharon Shea News Jun 19, 2015

Apple sandbox flaws allow password stealing, communication interception

News roundup: Details have emerged about weaknesses in OS X and iOS that allow attackers to upload malware and steal passwords and data. Plus: More jump on HTTPS bandwagon; CSO/CDO salaries increase; 23% of ... Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Jun 16, 2015

LastPass suffers data breach, customer password hashes exposed

LastPass, a cloud-based password manager, disclosed that it had suffered a data breach and that customer email addresses, password hashes and other information were compromised. Continue Reading