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Emergency Microsoft patch out for Malware Protection Engine

By Michael Heller 08 Dec 2017

A critical vulnerability found in the Windows Malware Protection Engine required an emergency Microsoft patch, but one expert said Microsoft hasn't handled the announcement well. Read More

How to choose a live kernel patching extension

By Sander van Vugt 02 Oct 2017

Ksplice and kpatch offer similar live kernel patching services on a Linux system, but differences between function-level services and technical support showcase their differences. Read More

Configure ESXi Autostart to streamline host patching

By Vladan Seget 29 Nov 2017

Enabling ESXi Autostart can save you time and effort when managing VMs. Learn how to configure Autostart VMs in VMware host settings to make patching hosts easier. Read More

Get serious about patch validation and deployment -- fast

By Tim Warner 27 Nov 2017

Zero-day exploits are more dangerous than ever, but so is applying an untested patch to live systems. Without a strategy to quickly validate patches -- outside of production -- you're playing with fire. Read More

Light workload awaits admins on November Patch Tuesday

By Dan Cagen 14 Nov 2017

Microsoft said there were no critical vulnerabilities for Windows Server this month, but it issued patches for exploits that could be more damaging in the long run. Read More

Android KRACK flaw patched in latest security update

By Michael Heller 08 Nov 2017

The latest security release from Google patched the Android KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi's WPA2 protocol, but update confusion leaves users unsure if they are safe. Read More

No patch for zero-day SMB exploit for August Patch Tuesday

By Dan Cagen 08 Aug 2017

Security researchers uncovered a new SMB vulnerability in July, but Microsoft feels most administrators who follow network security best practices are already protected. Read More

Enterprises struggle with emergency patching

By Warwick Ashford 01 Jun 2017

Companies are struggling to maintain emergency patch cycles, despite the fact that enterprise reliance on legacy systems often means emergency patches are an everyday fact of life, a survey shows Read More

Windows 10 patching could make older systems vulnerable

By Michael Heller 11 Oct 2017

Microsoft's practice of automatic Windows 10 patching could be uncovering vulnerabilities in older systems that can be exploited by attackers, Google researchers said. Read More

Dnsmasq server flaws unmasked and patched by Google

By Peter Loshin 06 Oct 2017

News roundup: Google researchers find and patch vulnerabilities in the Dnsmasq server that are used widely in routers and IoT devices. Plus, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield challenge and more. Read More