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By Christine Parizo Manage Nov 12, 2015

Fight SAP cybersecurity risks with patches, research

No system, not even SAP ERP, is immune to security risks -- more than 400 SAP vulnerabilities have been identified. Here are tips for battling threats to SAP cybersecurity. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Nov 11, 2015

November 2015 Patch Tuesday: Font handling strikes again

Microsoft's November 2015 Patch Tuesday delivers 12 total bulletins, four of which are critical, and one issue with font handling that angers one expert. Continue Reading


By Brad Casey Manage Nov 04, 2015

Server patch management for multi-OS data centers

If you have a multi-OS data center, you know the struggle that is server patch management. Don't fret, the right combination of tools and human intuition can alleviate the pain. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Oct 30, 2015

Xen hypervisor security flaw patched after seven years

A critical Xen hypervisor security flaw that allows attackers to access host operating systems and had gone undiscovered for several years was finally patched this week. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Oct 22, 2015

Experts say Oracle patches need to be faster

Oracle patches 154 flaws in its quarterly update. Experts said patches need to be released faster, but Oracle stands by its release schedule. Continue Reading


By Earl Follis Evaluate Oct 01, 2015

Seven tips for buying automated patch management products

Expert Earl Follis explains how to effectively evaluate and purchase automated patch management products for your enterprise. Continue Reading


By Earl Follis Evaluate Sep 10, 2015

The business case for automated patch management tools

Expert Earl Follis explains how automated patch management tools keep enterprises better protected and fully compliant with regulations. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 09, 2015

Security vulnerability management more than patching, warns Secunia

Keeping track of what makes an IT environment vulnerable is an ongoing and complex task, according to Secunia Continue Reading


By Earl Follis Get Started Sep 08, 2015

Introduction to automated patch management software in the enterprise

Expert Earl Follis explains how patch management software keeps enterprises better protected by automating the delivery of operating systems and application updates. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Sep 03, 2015

Trading Microsoft Patch Tuesday in for Windows Update for Business

While the consumer world is going Patch Tuesday-less, Microsoft is evolving its Patch Tuesday into Windows Update for Business for enterprise software. Learn what this change means. Continue Reading