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Apr 01, 2004

US patent approves security IT patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued two patents for security company Network Associates - one for "cleaning a computer"... Continue Reading


Jun 14, 2004

Fat patent under review

The US Patent and Trademark Office has agreed to review Microsoft's software patent covering the Fat (file allocation table) file... Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Feb 03, 2006

Jpeg patent under scrutiny

The US Patent and Trademark Office is to re-examine the validity of the Jpeg image patent held by Forgent Networks, after lobbying by the Public Patent Foundation Continue Reading


Apr 19, 2004

Watchdog challenges Microsoft patent

A New York nonprofit patent group has claimed that a seven-year-old patent Microsoft holds for the FAT file system is invalid. Continue Reading


Sep 13, 2000

Method patent goldrush spreads

In the past year, the patenting of business methods has featured prominently in the US headlines. For example,'s US patent infringement action... Continue Reading


May 13, 2004

Eolas patent defended before US patent office

The Regents of the University of California have defended a controversial patent it holds and that critics fear could damage the... Continue Reading


By Tash Shifrin Aug 22, 2006

Microsoft facing new patent dispute

Microsoft is facing a patent lawsuit over its SQL Server database from software patent firm Timeline. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 01, 2010

Business method patents ruling could spell relief from patent trolls

Business method patents have created a legal minefield, but the patent risk landscape may be altered by a court decision that could rewrite business method patent law. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Feb 13, 2006

Blackberry sidesteps patent row

Research In Motion has produced a workaround for systems covered by the patents it is disputing in the US. Continue Reading


Feb 16, 2004

Europe revokes Rambus chip patent

The European Patent Office has revoked one of Rambus's European patents on computer memory chip technology, in response to... Continue Reading