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By Rob Wright News Sep 30, 2015

Skyhigh Networks obtains cloud security patent for CASB platform

Skyhigh Networks' patented method for providing cloud access security broker services uses a reverse proxy mode to provide authentication and policy controls. Continue Reading


By Denis Keseris Aug 18, 2015

Is Google's patent giveaway right for your tech company?

Google is giving away free patents to tech companies through its Patent Starter Programme, but there are catches. This article assesses the pros and cons Continue Reading


Mar 10, 2015

Patent trolls must not be allowed to encroach on Europe

So-called patent trolls may soon come under attack in the US as part of government-backed efforts against abusive intellectual property litigation Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Dec 09, 2014

Cisco-Arista patent dispute could get ugly

The Cisco-Arista legal dispute will disrupt Arista, worry customers and possibly tarnish Cisco's reputation. Continue Reading


By Jessica Sirkin News Mar 25, 2015

Federal Court returns patent lost in Google vs. Oracle case

During the Google vs. Oracle court case, a lower court ruled to invalidate an Oracle patent. Now, a federal court has given Oracle the patent back. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Jan 24, 2014

Qualcomm buys up Palm patents from HP

Mobile chip maker Qualcomm is to take over almost 2,500 patents from HP, picked up from its acquisition of Palm Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jan 09, 2014

Apple and Samsung bosses set for mediation in patent case

The bosses of Apple and Samsung could sit down to try to talk out their differences over patent claims in a matter of weeks Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Dec 03, 2013

Nokia wins patent battle against HTC in UK court

HTC has until Friday to appeal a UK court decision for Nokia that could stop it selling its flagship HTC One smartphone in the UK Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Nov 22, 2013

Samsung gets $160m off patent damages to Apple

A California court has ordered Samsung to pay a further $290m to Apple for infringing payments, taking the total in damages to $840m Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford May 27, 2014

Apple calls for patent retrial to get bigger payout from Samsung

Apple has asked for a retrial in the hopes of increasing a $119.6m damages payout from rival Samsung Continue Reading