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Problem Solve Apr 25, 2003

Easily move a PC object from one PC to another

Move a PC object from one PC to another in a CL program. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Feb 27, 2002

PC FTP scripting

Here's a trick to try if you use a PC and FTP to exchange files between a PC and any other system. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Apr 11, 2013

PC market crashes

The PC market crashed in the first quarter of 2013, with new PC shipments falling 14% compared with the same period last year Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Mar 10, 2006

Slower PC growth in 2006

Worldwide PC shipments will see less growth this year compared to 2005. Continue Reading


Sep 19, 2003

Toshiba to reorganise PC business

Poor financial results force PC manufacturer to downgrade and restructure Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Mar 24, 2014

Where is all the innovation in the PC industry?

PC manufacturers need to innovate to reverse the continuing drop in hardware sales Continue Reading


Dec 18, 2006

Pocket PC and P/Invoke

Learn how to call into unmanaged code with a Pocket PC using the P/Invoke platform. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 03, 2001

Lock your PC from an icon

Learn how to set up an icon that will lock your PC, as an alternative to the more commonly used key commands. Continue Reading


Mar 29, 2000

The future of the home PC

With numerous new computing devices appearing on the market, what does the future hold for the home PC? Continue Reading


May 18, 2001

What's in store for the PC industry

Microsoft's move into the games scene is a sure sign of decline in the PC market. Professor Martin Healey on the next five years Continue Reading