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By Billy MacInnes Nov 25, 2015

Why the PC?

Apple's CEO might have mused on the reasons for a PC in the age of the iPad Pro and he has got Billy MacInnes thinking about the humble desktop and its role Continue Reading


Problem Solve Sep 13, 2016

How to extend the life of an old PC

Some employees might use old PCs that could use replacing. But if a hardware refresh isn't in your budget, there are some steps you can take to lengthen laptop and desktop lifespans. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 10, 2016

Business sales keeping PC market ticking over

Demand from the commercial sector managed to help the PC market deliver low growth in Q3 across Western Europe, according to the latest numbers from Context Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 20, 2016

Gartner: There's still life in the PC

Sales might be dropping but there are still opportunities in the PC market according to Gartner Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 04, 2016

PC giants remain positive over future prospects

The main players in the PC world have told resellers that there remains life in the category Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Sep 27, 2016

PC market decline forces devices to evolve

Despite the well-documented decline of the PC market, opportunities around 2-in-1s, niche markets and Windows 10 arise to keep businesses buying new computers. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 10, 2016

Dell back in PC World stores

After a three year break Dell has got reformed a relationship with Dixons Carphone, owner of the Currys and PC World chain of stores Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Oct 21, 2016

Strong notebook sales help the PC market beat Q3 expectations

Commercial notebook sales were fairly decent in Q3 helping the overall PC market exceed the expectations, according to IDC Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Apr 22, 2016

Intel's job cuts: The 'PC is dead' or PC evolution?

Intel sheds 12,000 jobs in its shift away from PCs. The PC is dead -- or is it? Also in Searchlight: Google faces more antitrust charges; Viber encrypts all its messages. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Oct 12, 2016

PC market in longest period of decline since records began, says Gartner

PC shipments across the globe enter an unprecedented period of decline, Gartner reveals Continue Reading