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By Simon Quicke Mar 13, 2015

IDC piles on the PC misery

Just a day after Intel warned that the corporate PC market was in trouble IDC has downgraded forecasts for the hardware this year Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 08, 2015

Nvidia warns of PC market weakness

A combination of seasonal factors and a pause before the arrival of Windows 10 are going to hit the numbers for Nvidia in the second quarter Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 29, 2015

PC price rises set to cause spending delays

Gartner has warned that PC price rises could hit 10% this year and will have an impact on customer spending plans Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Jun 30, 2015

Windows 10 release won't save the PC market, warns Gartner

The next iteration of Windows will give PC sales a short-term boost, but nothing will change long-term, Gartner claims Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Apr 10, 2015

Global PC shipments drop to five year low

IDC figures mark an end to the XP effect as global PC shipments contract 6.9% in Q1 2015 Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 20, 2015

Price rises will hit PC demand

Gartner has warned that spending on PCs, tablets and mobile phones will be hit by price rises resulting from vendors reacting to exchange rates Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Dec 31, 2014

Top 10 PC stories of 2014

Sales of PCs have been steadily decreasing over the past few years, but market changes saw the PC market bounce up, down and back up again in 2014 Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby May 29, 2015

Windows 10 will not save decline in PC sales, says IDC

IDC says Windows 10 will not save decline in PC shipments from impact of mobile demand Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Feb 23, 2015

Low-cost notebooks keep PC market growing

Low-cost notebooks helped make it a decent start to the year in the PC hardware segment according to the latest market analysis from Context Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Nov 18, 2014

Intel merges PC and mobile divisions

Intel plans to merge its profitable PC group with the loss-making division that sells chips for smartphones and tablets Continue Reading