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Jun 09, 2004

Persisting Problems

We seem to have a big problem in the Java persistence community, and it's one that seems to have a surprisingly simple solution. Continue Reading


By Brian Madden Evaluate Nov 19, 2014

When should persistent VDI be used over non-persistent VDI?

VDI expert Brian Madden explains why most of today's storage options can handle persistent desktops, and how non-persistence can contribute to VDI failure. Continue Reading


By William McKnight Manage Jul 15, 2002

Persistent staging area

The concept of the persistent staging area is to keep all data, historical and triaged, in the staging area. Continue Reading


By Leah Schoeb Problem Solve Jul 10, 2013

Why is persistent cache important?

Leah Schoeb, partner with Evaluator Group, discusses the importance of persistent cache in this Expert Answer. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Jan 07, 2014

VDI storage basics and persistent versus non-persistent desktops

A look at the fundamentals of VDI storage and how to specify storage for likely workloads and persistent versus non-persistent desktops. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 03, 2004

Set up persistent binding on an HBA

In this Ask the Expert Q&A, SAN expert Chris Poelker gives you the code to set up persistent binding on an HBA for a Unix host. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Evaluate Jun 29, 2012

Persistent VDI vs. non-persistent VDI and their effect on storage resources

Learn the difference between persistent VDI and non-persistent VDI, how they affect storage and which one carries advantages in terms of capacity and backup requirements. Continue Reading


Jan 01, 2000

Automatic Bean-Managed Persistence: A Technique for the Persistence of Enterprise JavaBeans Componen

The persistence of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components has become an important issue in building scalable enterprise applications based on the J2EE platform. Continue Reading


Mar 01, 2007

JPA 101 Java Persistence Explained

This chapter, excerpted from JPA 101, focuses on the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL). It looks at the fetch join operator and delves into JPQL's bulk operation support. Continue Reading


Manage Aug 21, 2014

Best practices for persistent VDI storage

Persistent desktops might be attractive to users, but can be difficult to store. Use these tips to better handle capacity and performance challenges. Continue Reading