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Advanced Persistent Security

25 Jul 2017

In this excerpt from chapter seven of Advanced Persistent Security, authors Araceli Treu Gomes and Ira Winkler discuss the different threats facing organizations. Read More

Nonpersistent vs. persistent VDI showdown

11 Sep 2017

Take a look at persistent and nonpersistent VDI, and see how they differ. Discover tips for the best deployment approaches and the terms behind it all. Read More

Persistent data storage in containerized environments

By Mike Matchett 06 Sep 2017

The most significant challenge to the rise of containerized applications is quickly and easily providing enterprise-class persistent storage for containers. Read More

Persistent storage readied for containerized applications

06 Sep 2017

Traditional application architectures are limited in their ability to scale and meet the demands of today's fast-growing data, cloud and IT environments. Containerization -- with its support for Agile design, ... Read More

Get schooled on nonpersistent and persistent VDI

By Kelly M. Stewart 28 Aug 2017

Knowing the pros and cons of nonpersistent and persistent VDI is a great place to start when becoming a VDI deployment master. Find out more with this quiz. Read More

Travel down the nonpersistent or persistent VDI road

By Kelly M. Stewart 20 Jul 2017

The difference between nonpersistent and persistent virtual desktops is more than just three letters. From deployment to storage, IT pros need to know the available options. Read More

Persistent memory trend preps for launch, but no takeoff yet

By Mark May 21 Sep 2017

The interest in persistent memory continues to grow, but a few things -- including support from server vendors -- must happen before widespread adoption. Read More

Heartbleed vulnerability: Why does it persist on so many services?

By Nick Lewis 20 Jun 2017

The Heartbleed flaw still impacts almost 200,000 services connected to the internet. Expert Nick Lewis explains why these services remain unpatched and vulnerable. Read More

Container ecosystem needs to expand its persistence of vision

By Jim O'Reilly 08 Jun 2017

Persistent storage for containers will become a necessity as the stateless computing method becomes less about just DevOps and more about end-user applications. Read More