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By Warwick Ashford Apr 24, 2015

Users should not take the rap for phishing attacks, says expert

End users and security awareness training should not be blamed for successful phishing attacks, says security awareness expert Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Apr 22, 2015

Stop attackers from catching you in a phishing hack

Exchange admins can use the recent State Department hack as a lesson in the importance of consistent security protocols. Continue Reading


By Joseph Granneman Manage Mar 05, 2015

Should enterprises enforce harsher penalties for phishing victims?

The consequences of phishing attacks could fall on the victims as enterprises start to punish employees who fall for this age-old scam. Expert Joseph Granneman discusses why this approach may have merit. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Apr 10, 2015

White House hack: By way of Russia with help from spear phishing

The White House got hacked again, and it all started with a suspicious email. Also in Searchlight: The FBI still wants a backdoor into your software; the Apple Watch is here. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 23, 2014

Ebay under fire for inaction over phishing attacks

Auction site eBay is under fire after saying it has no plans to disallow active content in listings, despite the risk to users Continue Reading


By Brandan Blevins News Dec 18, 2014

Spear phishing attack led to ICANN compromise

Attackers used spear phishing emails to swipe credentials from several ICANN staff members and accessed the non-profit organization's systems. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 18, 2014

Ebay slow to react to phishing scam

Ebay has come under fire for being slow to remove malicious links in a listing for iPhones that diverted to a phishing site Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Nov 03, 2014

Throw users a line to thwart an email phishing attack

Phishing attacks are the most popular causes of data breaches in the enterprise. Here are three reasons why. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Dec 11, 2014

HMRC blocks 4,000 phishing sites to protect taxpayers

HMRC has taken down 4,000 illegal websites and responded to 75,000 phishing reports in a bid to tackle online fraud Continue Reading


By Brandan Blevins News Dec 03, 2014

Expert: FIN4 phishing attacks show new operational sophistication

According to one expert, the FIN4 attack group's successful advanced phishing operations prove that phishing attacks can't be thwarted solely with user awareness training. Continue Reading