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By Michael Cobb Evaluate Apr 06, 2015

What are the Windows Phone 8.1 security improvements?

Microsoft hardened its Windows 8.1 update to make it enterprise- and government-worthy. Expert Michael Cobb outlines the new and improved features. Continue Reading


Aug 28, 2014


By Alex Scroxton Feb 05, 2015

Atos UK & Ireland bids farewell to desk phones

The UK and Ireland arm of services consultancy Atos removes desktop telephones from its London HQ in favour of a Microsoft Lync unified comms system Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Mar 26, 2015

Can remote wipe completely erase mobile phone data?

Remote wipe is the option most people think of when looking to erase data on mobile phones, but it isn't always the most effective. Expert Nick Lewis explores how to fully remove data from a device. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Mar 23, 2015

Cisco IP phones vulnerable to eavesdropping; no patch available yet

Cisco says a vulnerability in some of its IP phones for SMBs could allow eavesdropping. A fix is not yet available, but Cisco has offered mitigation techniques. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Mar 13, 2015

High proportion of US iPhone users have tried Apple Pay

Apple Pay looks set to increase its market share as 43% of iPhone 6 and 6+ users in the US try out the mobile payments technology Continue Reading


By Matt Schulz Evaluate Dec 15, 2014

Phone tablet hybrids heading for enterprise dominance

Although phone tablet hybrids, also known as 'phablets,' aren't perfect, it's becoming clear they're the enterprise technology of the future. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Evaluate Mar 04, 2015

How can our VoIP phone system keep pace with our company?

How can we make sure our VoIP phone system can grow with our company? Telephony expert Jon Arnold explains how the flexibility of VoIP allows it to keep pace with growth. Continue Reading


Aug 28, 2014


By Warwick Ashford Jan 28, 2015

Apple’s iPhone helps drive record quarterly profit

Apple has posted quarterly revenue of $74.6bn and record quarterly net profit of $18bn, driven by record iPhone, Mac and App Store sales Continue Reading