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By Cliff Saran Oct 11, 2013

Raspberry Pi Foundation ships millionth Pi manufactured in the UK

Raspberry Pi Foundation ships millionth Pi manufactured in the UK. Continue Reading


News Jan 27, 2009

SAP Netweaver PI overview

SAP has reintroduced SAP NetWeaver XI as SAP NetWeaver PI, which serves as the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Aug 24, 2007

Using Folders in PI 7.1

Folders are introduced with the development tools in NW PI 7.1. Learn the pros and cons of using folders in PI 7.1 to organize projects and interfaces. Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Mar 12, 2013

How are schools using the Raspberry Pi?

PA Consulting Group challenged schools, universities and inventors to use the Raspberry Pi to make the world a better place. See some of the entries. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 22, 2004

SAP Process Integration (PI) training tutorial

In this SAP NetWeaver PI tutorial, learn about SAP NetWeaver PI basics, including how to implement SAP PI 7.1 (formerly NetWeaver XI). Find out about the new changes for the integration engine for SAP's ... Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Feb 06, 2013

Raspberry Pi Model A computer goes on sale for £16

The latest version of the small single-board Raspberry Pi computer – Model A – has gone on sale in Europe at just £16 Continue Reading


Manage Jan 17, 2011

Application security for SAP NetWeaver PI

In this book chapter excerpt, you'll find an introduction to the functions of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI). In addition, you'll learn about the risks and controls involved in SAP NetWeaver PI's ... Continue Reading


Mar 22, 2013

Interview with Raspberry Pi co-founder, Robert Mullins

In this video, Robert Mullins, co-founder and trustee of the Raspberry Pi foundation talks about the success of the bare-bones educational computer Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Jul 10, 2014

Portcullis Computer Security sets up a Raspberry Pi competition

Portcullis Computer Security launches Raspberry Pi competition for 10 London Borough of Hillingdon schools Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Dec 12, 2014

Students' Raspberry Pi computers to run on International Space Station

Astro Pi competition to send best two Raspberry Pi ideas on next International Space Station mission Continue Reading