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By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate Sep 30, 2016


Sep 27, 2016

Raspberry PI with Java: programming the internet of things

In this chapter from the book Raspberry PI with Java: Programming the Internet of Things, Stephen Chin walks you through the process of setting up (or baking) the Raspberry Pi. Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Jun 28, 2016

How to bake up Raspberry Pi thin clients for VDI

Raspberry Pis are one of the lowest-cost computing options out there, so it's only natural for IT to wonder whether they're suitable as thin clients for some enterprise use cases. Continue Reading


By Rob Reilly Evaluate Jun 20, 2016

Desktop admins should try Raspberry Pi computers

Raspberry Pi computers could be en route to an office near you, so it's important to get up to speed on how they work and what you can do with them. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Apr 20, 2016

Raspberry Pi competition sparks interest in Stem careers

A competition run by PA Consulting encourages schoolchildren to use Raspberry Pis to create projects that solve real-world problems Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Mar 10, 2016

HSCIC develops Raspberry Pi telehealth kit

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) uses open source and agility in creating a Raspberry Pi telehealth kit that can connect to the NHS Spine Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Get Started Jun 02, 2016

Raspberry Pi thin client devices are finally viable for the enterprise

Citrix partnered with Raspberry Pi to create minimal-cost thin clients optimized for the HDX remote display protocol, providing a new way to lower the price of XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate May 06, 2016

Consider using cheap Chromebook and Raspberry Pi devices for VDI

The benefits of inexpensive VDI endpoints don't end with saving money. These devices, such as low-cost Google Chromebooks, can also improve security and make endpoint management easier. Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Get Started Dec 28, 2015

What's the best way to implement SAP NetWeaver PI?

NetWeaver Process Integration is a powerful tool for linking systems, software and business processes. Here are five tips for using it well. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 21, 2016