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ping: Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and ...

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By Bill Goodwin Jul 04, 2013

From chess to ping pong: How Pegasystems is capturing the Fortune 500

Pegasystems is winning business from the world's leading companies as business process management technology enters the mainstream Continue Reading


By Albert McKeon Evaluate Dec 06, 2012

Mobile engagement at Krispy Kreme: Clever sensors ping doughnut lovers

Easy-to-use apps that are designed specifically for mobile devices are a great way to engage customers. Just ask the folks at Krispy Kreme. Continue Reading


By Michael Mimoso News Jan 01, 2008

PING: Fyodor

Information Security isn't the only standby celebrating its 10th birthday; Nmap, the popular open source security scanner and network mapping tool hit double digits in 2007 as well. Like so many projects of its ... Continue Reading


By Rainer Enders Problem Solve Mar 01, 2012

Why am I able to ping but not do tracepath over my Layer 3 VPN?

Our VPN expert explains why a Layer 3 VPN can ping but not do a tracepath from the client in this response. Continue Reading


Manage May 15, 2002


Having trouble with your network? Use this code to check your network connections directly from Notes Continue Reading


By Kevin Tolly Manage Nov 29, 2011

Ping latency test results: How slow is your WAN link?

Understand your ping latency test results to determine whether your WAN link needs WAN optimization, QoS or other technologies. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 02, 2010

Apple enters social networking arena with Ping

Apple has entered social networking arena with the announcement of its new music-based service, Ping, in San Francisco. Continue Reading


By Faisal Alani Sep 02, 2010


By Amy Kucharik Problem Solve Oct 06, 2005


By Stefanie McCann News Mar 30, 2007

PING with Shelley Barnes

As vice president of technology and process at Arizona Tile, Shelley Barnes does not have a CSO to rely on. Barnes has to make the most of the SMB's resources to handle security. Continue Reading