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platform: In computers, a platform is an underlying computer system on which application programs can run.

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By Craig S. Mullins Evaluate Nov 16, 2015

The benefits of deploying a data warehouse platform

Big data may be all the rage, but data warehouse platforms are still being utilized by companies of all sizes. Expert Craig S. Mullins takes a look at the technology. Continue Reading


Nov 16, 2015

Essential guide to mobile application platforms

Mobile apps have come to dominate the experience of consumer smartphone users, and that trend is increasingly influencing corporate software development too. Employees on the move want to access key business ... Continue Reading


By Aditya Gune Evaluate Nov 04, 2015

Hitachi NAS platform 4000 series

The Hitachi NAS platform 4000 series consists of four product models that use a discrete controller that can be attached to almost any Hitachi storage system. Continue Reading


By T.J. Houpes Evaluate Nov 03, 2015

What to expect from the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM platform featuring a number of sales and CRM tools, which help businesses of all sizes manage their B2B and B2C engagement and sales strategies. Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Oct 19, 2015

Examining the MuleSoft Anypoint platform

Open source-based and loaded with a plethora of out-of-the-box connectors, the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets enterprises integrate data and apps in the cloud and on premises. Continue Reading


By Abie Reifer Evaluate Oct 19, 2015

An overview of the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform includes the Aster database, Discovery Portfolio, a graph processing engine, MapReduce and a version of R. Continue Reading


By T.J. Houpes Evaluate Aug 18, 2015

Zoho CRM platform overview

Zoho's cloud-based CRM platform helps businesses manage the key aspects of their customer engagement strategies. Continue Reading


By T.J. Houpes Evaluate Aug 18, 2015

What to expect in the Sugar CRM platform

Sugar, the latest CRM platform from SugarCRM, marries B2B and B2C engagement strategies using a single appliance. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Jul 20, 2015

Five 'platform dichotomies': Challenges of a platform strategy

A successful platform strategy can make or break a company in today's digital era, said Accenture's CTO at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit. He listed the five big challenges companies face as they shift to a ... Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 14, 2015

A vendor cloud platform comparison guide

Cloud platform development is the key to enhancing an organization's security, speed and performance. Get a cloud platform comparison here to better understand your options. Continue Reading