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By Brien Posey Get Started Feb 27, 2015

Alternatives to SharePoint abound

Microsoft's SharePoint may be ubiquitous, but several alternatives to SharePoint have like functionality -- and fewer management headaches. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Mar 16, 2015

Exchange 2013 virtualization discussion points

Is your organization considering whether it should virtualize its Exchange 2013 setup? Include these factors in your discussion. Continue Reading


By Scott Robinson Problem Solve Feb 11, 2015

SharePoint on-premises vs. SharePoint Online: What tradeoffs remain?

An expert explains how SharePoint Online is gradually becoming more of a standalone product and how companies can take advantage of its growing functionality. Continue Reading


By Jeremy Stanley Get Started Jan 28, 2015

What happened to Windows MultiPoint Server?

As of the next version of Windows Server, MultiPoint Server is now a role within Windows Server instead of a standalone product. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Get Started Mar 16, 2015

A look at Windows MultiPoint Services role

A Windows MultiPoint Server allows users to have their own sessions while connected to one machine. Here's where it helps, and how it's changing. Continue Reading


By Basit Farooq Get Started Mar 13, 2015

Four points to consider for a SQL Server 2014 installation

Upgrading to a SQL Server 2014 installation isn't always easy, but it has the features to make it worth your time. Here are some tips for avoiding the pitfalls along the way. Continue Reading


By Tim Ehrens News Mar 03, 2015

Security is a sticking point for mobile payment adoption

Companies jumping on the mobile payment bandwagon need to tread carefully as consumers are still skeptical about the security of their data. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Feb 17, 2015

Smartphone costs drop as market reaches saturation point

Latest market stats from analysts GfK show more than a billion smartphones shipped in 2014, but costs are now dropping as the market matures Continue Reading


By Scott Robinson Get Started Feb 16, 2015

The top 10 SharePoint Online governance tips

A crowded, mismanaged SharePoint repository spawns sprawl, poor governance and usability issues. Governance is the only way out. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Feb 04, 2015

Companies wrestle with the SharePoint usability gap

SharePoint adoption continues to dominate as an enterprise content management system -- despite the fact that users often struggle to use it. Continue Reading