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Check Point reaching out to more end point channel specialists

By Simon Quicke 15 Sep 2017

Check Point is using its SandBlast channel programme to bring fresh faces to its reseller network Read More

Should you migrate to SharePoint Online or upgrade SharePoint Server?

By Reda Chouffani 05 Oct 2017

Administrators that have run SharePoint Server for years are weighing a move to SharePoint Online. If you answer yes to these three questions, you're probably ready to migrate. Read More

What are developers' pain points in digital transformation projects?

By Jan Stafford 04 Oct 2017

A consultant explains how developers must adjust to succeed in digital transformation projects. Read More

What are the biggest differences between the latest SharePoint versions?

By Reda Chouffani 29 Sep 2017

You can deploy SharePoint 2016 from the cloud via Office 365, on premises or as a stand-alone online product. Here's how to decide which version is best for your company. Read More

Digital transformation at tipping point in Singapore

By Aaron Tan 18 Jul 2017

Businesses in Singapore are fine-tuning their digital transformation efforts, with a third of them moving public cloud workloads to on-premise systems Read More

Initial AI projects should home in on pain points

By Nicole Laskowski 08 Sep 2017

The hype around AI has reached decibel levels so high that CIOs may wonder why their organizations haven't pulled off a bonafide AI project. Whit Andrews, analyst and AI agenda manager at Gartner, ... Read More

2017 should be an inflection point for Mac management

By Jack Madden 06 Sep 2017

Apple File System means some Mac shops will have to change their deployment processes; and for other organizations, the EUC environment is at a point where Mac management should be the next step. Read More

Who are the Shadow Brokers? Signs point to an intelligence insider

By Rob Wright 28 Jul 2017

At Black Hat 2017, security researcher Matt Suiche analyzed the Shadow Brokers dumps, postings and behavior to get to the bottom of one of the infosec industry's biggest questions. Read More

Industroyer malware a turning point for ICS security

By Rob Wright 27 Jul 2017

Security researchers at Black Hat 2017 analyzed the Industroyer malware, the attack on Ukraine's power grid and what it means for industrial control system security in the U.S. Read More

CA Technologies finds test automation pain points

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Jul 2017

There's on old saying in communications - when you have no news, do a survey. As contrived, manipulated and affected as these things typically are, the Computer Weekly Developer Blog now has ... Read More