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Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, ...Read More

Skygofree Android spyware is a powerful surveillance tool

By Michael Heller 17 Jan 2018

A new Android spyware tool called Skygofree was described as one of the most powerful surveillance tools and can even capture encrypted messages from WhatsApp. Read More

Execute PowerCLI commands to manage VMware infrastructure

By Stuart Burns 05 Jan 2018

PowerCLI cmdlets like Get-VM can be built out to obtain information about VMs in a VMware infrastructure, including those with attached CD-ROMs and those with snapshots. Read More

AWS continues to power Amazon profits

By Zach Emmanuel 27 Oct 2017

The latest Q3 results from Amazon have shown that AWS continues to play a key role in revenue for the company Read More

Marcus East, National Geographic: Embracing the power of social

By Cliff Saran 20 Dec 2017

National Geographic's CTO discuss the technology work that the global media company is doing to enable its transformation into the digital age Read More

Call PowerShell scripts from System Center Orchestrator

By Nirmal Sharma 14 Dec 2017

System Center Orchestrator provides Run .Net Script activity, which can be used to call PowerShell scripts, but there are limitations you should know. Read More

IBM Power9 bulks up for AI workloads

By Ed Scannell 08 Dec 2017

IBM's first Power9 servers, fueled by Nvidia technology, aim to establish a foothold in the AI market, as well as loosen Intel's iron grip on the server market. Read More

Monitor Active Directory replication via PowerShell

By Nirmal Sharma 08 Dec 2017

Most enterprises rely on Active Directory to control access to resources on the network. Here's how admins can use PowerShell to check the health of the replication process. Read More

How machine learning-powered password guessing impacts security

By Michael Cobb 07 Dec 2017

A new password guessing technique takes advantage of machine learning technologies. Expert Michael Cobb discusses how much of a threat this is to enterprise security. Read More

Hortilux uses Mendix-powered application to digitise greenhouses

By Cliff Saran 07 Dec 2017

Grow light maker shifts from product to digitally enabled service to support greenhouse growers Read More

In praise of the power of partnerships

By Billy MacInnes 10 Jul 2017

Some of the most famous partnerships have changed the world, just look at Lennon and McCartney, and the same can be true in the tech world Billy MacInnes discovers Read More