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power: Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, ...

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Jun 18, 2015


Jun 08, 2015


Jun 08, 2015


By Ryan Lanigan Manage May 21, 2015

Reduce power consumption to save money

Virtualization allows administrators to cut down on the number of servers needed, which helps reduce power consumption and save money. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage May 06, 2015

Tactics to minimize VM power consumption

Tracking and managing VM resource consumption can help administrators save power by allowing them to shut down unnecessary hosts. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly ,Ed Scannell Manage May 01, 2015

Cutting data center power costs

Reining in energy costs is one of the top concerns for data center managers everywhere. And since power consumption represents a significant cost for organizations, data center managers need to have solutions in ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 30, 2015

Understanding common PowerShell automatic variables

PowerShell automatic variables are read-only, which can cause issues in the scripting language. Prep yourself to deal with these common variables. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Jun 24, 2015

Spark big data framework powers speedy analytics

The Apache Spark engine can be a powerful tool for encouraging big data adoption among front-line workers thanks to its fast processing speeds. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Evaluate Apr 17, 2015

How can virtualization reduce power consumption?

Virtualization offers many advantages, including workload portability and dynamic resource provisioning, but how do these translate into power savings? Continue Reading


By Rob Bastiaansen Get Started Jun 18, 2015

How vRealize Orchestrator delivers enhanced administrative powers

The enhanced automation capabilities of vRealize Orchestrator can give administrators more flexibility when dealing with complex tasks. Continue Reading