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Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, ...Read More

AWS continues to power Amazon profits

By Zach Emmanuel 27 Oct 2017

The latest Q3 results from Amazon have shown that AWS continues to play a key role in revenue for the company Read More

PowerShell Illuminates System Components

By Ed Tittel 15 Sep 2017

Among it myriad of capabilities, PowerShell illuminates system components in scripts and in its command-line interface. Read More

In praise of the power of partnerships

By Billy MacInnes 10 Jul 2017

Some of the most famous partnerships have changed the world, just look at Lennon and McCartney, and the same can be true in the tech world Billy MacInnes discovers Read More

Three ways humans power the industrial internet of things

By Dave McCarthy 09 Nov 2017

Humans will play a vital role in rolling out IoT technology initiatives at industrial organizations. Explore three ways humans power IIoT. Read More

The power and benefits of encouraging IT disruption

By Mike Matchett 06 Sep 2017

IT can't remain a reactive cost center and cheerful help desk, but must become a competitive, cutthroat service provider and powerful champion of emerging disruptive technology. Read More

Use virtualized GPU power to boost efficiency and innovation

By Stuart Burns 23 Oct 2017

GPUs enable complex graphics and boost the power of virtual environments. As resource consumption rises with compute-intensive applications, GPUs can be essential assets. Read More

Download Azure VM disks using PowerShell

By Nirmal Sharma 19 Oct 2017

Use a simple series of PowerShell commands to download an Azure VM's Windows OS disk for backup and restore. You only need to change a variable or two to download another disk. Read More

5G alone won't power IoT

By Greg Najjar 11 Oct 2017

Technologies are emerging solve IoT's connectivity challenges. While 5G may seem like a panacea, ADRF's Greg Najjar says it isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Read More

Hyper-V PowerShell commands for every occasion

By Ryann Burnett 06 Oct 2017

Although you can use Hyper-V Manager or SCVMM to manage your host and VMs, Hyper-V PowerShell commands are relatively straightforward and can be used for the same tasks. Read More

Introducing Microsoft PowerShell

By Tim Anderson 16 May 2017

Real sys admins never use GUI tools. PowerShell offers command line tools for managing and automating Windows servers and Microsoft online services Read More