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power: Electrical power is the rate at which electrical energy is converted to another form, such as motion, ...

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Jun 18, 2015


Jun 08, 2015


Jun 08, 2015


By Nirmal Sharma Get Started Jul 28, 2015

The power of the SMB protocol in Hyper-V

The SMB protocol allows admins to achieve high availability, reduce operational costs and migrate virtual machines faster. Continue Reading


By Carl Setterlund Evaluate Jul 07, 2015


By Eddie Lockhart Manage Jul 31, 2015

VMI powers remote apps on any mobile platform

Virtual mobile infrastructure allows IT to retake control of mobile apps by keeping them housed in the data center rather than on users' devices. Continue Reading


By Ryan Lanigan Manage May 21, 2015

Reduce power consumption to save money

Virtualization allows administrators to cut down on the number of servers needed, which helps reduce power consumption and save money. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Manage Jul 21, 2015

Unlock the power of the data-centric business approach

Listen to this podcast to get a better sense of how a data-centric business approach can help data management and integration. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Jul 16, 2015

How to run PowerShell cmdlets on remote servers

The Invoke-Command and New-PSSession PowerShell cmdlets can make it easier for admins to manage a number of remote servers. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage May 06, 2015

Tactics to minimize VM power consumption

Tracking and managing VM resource consumption can help administrators save power by allowing them to shut down unnecessary hosts. Continue Reading