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By Brien Posey Get Started Nov 07, 2016

Best practices for Exchange 2016 virtualization

Virtualizing Exchange Server is often a controversial topic. While some say it's expensive and difficult, proponents find value in it -- if done properly. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Nov 07, 2016

What are some AWS security best practices?

Our enterprise manages staff access through AWS Identity and Access Management. How can we fine-tune the service to make our public cloud less vulnerable? Continue Reading


Get Started Dec 01, 2016

Data obfuscation techniques: Best practices and design approaches

Expert Ajay Kumar revisits the topic of data obfuscation techniques and explores the architectures, approaches and best practices for protecting enterprise data. Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Evaluate Nov 21, 2016

Go beyond best practices with AWS data replication

Data replication ensures resources are consistently available; replicating data to a separate repository further accelerates recovery. AWS provides these data repository options. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Evaluate Nov 17, 2016

An inside look into cloud EHR vendor Practice Fusion

SearchHealthIT gets an inside look into cloud EHR vendor, Practice Fusion. The company's chief medical officer discusses the benefits of the cloud and the unique workplace culture. Continue Reading


By Shawn Shell Manage Oct 31, 2016

Office 365 AI gets practical for workers

Artificial intelligence used to be the province of academia. But today, flavors of it, like Microsoft AI, are having a real-world impact on work. Continue Reading


By Dan McMahon Manage Sep 30, 2016

The new vendor governance: Challenges, best practices

How do leading IT vendor governance offices successfully adapt to a rapidly changing business environment? Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Sep 29, 2016

Yahoo breach calls into question detection and remediation practices

The Yahoo breach was the largest in history and the fallout is widespread, including a lawsuit, possible SEC investigation and questions about Yahoo's breach detection and response. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche News Sep 28, 2016

Create habitual IT security practices for the full stack

IT security should be so ingrained in developers and infrastructure managers it becomes second nature, rather than a stopping point along the flow of application lifecycles. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Get Started Jul 12, 2016

Best practices for an information security assessment

Information security assessments can be effective for identifying and fixing issues in your enterprise's policies. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the key components of the process. Continue Reading