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In information technology, a product is something (for example, a software application) that is created ...Read More

Are hypervisor tools products or features?

By Scott D. Lowe 06 Dec 2017

As converged and hyper-converged infrastructures grow in popularity, hypervisors function more like features of overall IT architectures than they do as stand-alone products. Read More

What are some elements of sustainable product design?

By Dave Turbide 10 Nov 2017

With waste from electronics, plastics and other materials growing at a frightening rate, manufacturers can help address the problem with sustainable product design efforts. Read More

Digital twins: Revolutionising product businesses

By Cliff Saran 26 Oct 2017

Among the technological drivers in industrial firms are IoT platforms that implement the concept of a digital twin. We explore the benefits Read More

Storage Products of the Year 2017

By SearchStorage Staff 18 Aug 2017

Nominate your favorite or best storage products for the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com annual Products of the Year awards now. Read More

Products of the Year judging criteria

By SearchStorage Staff 18 Aug 2017

This article discusses how products are judged for the Storage Products of the Year awards. Read More

Key considerations when transitioning from Pi to production

By Justin Rigling 04 Oct 2017

To determine which IoT gateway best supports your technical and budget requirements, advises Rigado's Justin Rigling, start with these five considerations. Read More

On hyper-converged products and device-specific hypervisors

By Brien Posey 04 Dec 2017

Many products from smaller hyper-converged players use proprietary hypervisors, which can save companies money on licenses and reduce management complexity. Read More

How do source code reviews of security products work?

By Michael Cobb 29 Nov 2017

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia have led to source code reviews on security products, but the process isn't new. Expert Michael Cobb explains what to know about these reviews. Read More

Enter Your Great Storage Product in the Products of the Year Competition

By Rich Castagna 18 Sep 2017

In just a few days, the door will shut—and your outstanding data storage product will be left standing out in the cold rather than in the running for a Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com Storage ... Read More

How to balance organizational productivity and enterprise security

By Peter Sullivan 19 Sep 2017

It's no secret that enterprise security and organizational productivity can often conflict. Peter Sullivan looks at the root causes and how to address the friction. Read More