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program: In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

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By Walker Rowe Get Started May 31, 2016

Programming and the evolving role of the virtualization administrator

As programming rapidly replaces scripting in major organizations, administrators must dedicate themselves to learning to code in order to stay competitive in the job market. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate May 24, 2016

Best programming languages for enterprise development

There's no shortage of choice when selecting the best programming languages for back-end apps. Learn what the ultimate decision depends on. Continue Reading


By Roger Smith Evaluate May 23, 2016

Why Java is the most popular programming language

Roger Smith examines why 20 years after its release, Java tops the TIOBE index as the most popular programming language. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Tom Kerber Problem Solve May 12, 2016

Expanding home energy management programs

Together, smart home solution providers and energy providers can provide compelling solutions to consumers that will simultaneously grow both the smart home market and home energy management ... Continue Reading


May 11, 2016

Excellent programming is about function, not form

Are language architects, or would-be language architects, doing a disservice to Java by overthinking it? Let's not over-design our object models. After all, being fancy isn't their primary function. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Evaluate May 06, 2016

An evaluation of the regional extension center program

A report on regional extension centers, mostly associated with meaningful use and EHRs, found the centers helped providers use some EHR features. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 06, 2016

Identifying must-have features in file-sharing programs

Choosing a file-sharing program takes some planning and understanding of your business requirements. Continue Reading


By Greg Sypolt Get Started Jun 30, 2016

The basics of establishing a RESTful API testing program

RESTful API testing is about establishing a culture of continuous testing and team accountability. Greg Sypolt reviews the core components of a RESTful API testing program. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Jan 31, 2016

The mob programming mindset

Woody Zuill is careful to say he did not "invent" mob programming. But the career programmer turned consultant certainly played a big role in at least codifying the ideas behind mob programming. ... Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Get Started Jun 09, 2016

Mass HIway: What are the security risks for healthcare programs?

Healthcare clearinghouses like Mass HIway are a new trend in health IT, but what are the security implications? Expert Mike Chapple explains what you need to know. Continue Reading