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program: In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

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By Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. Get Started Feb 19, 2015

Five steps to implementing an MDM program

Instituting a master data management program involves discovery, analysis, construction, implementation and sustainment processes, according to MDM expert Anne Marie Smith. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith News Apr 10, 2015

Barracuda Networks restructures Barracuda partner program

This week in IT channel news, Barracuda Networks redesigned its channel program; SanDisk unwrapped an enterprise reseller program; and more. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith News Mar 27, 2015

Partner Advantage Program takes aim at Verizon competitors

In channel news this week, Verizon introduced the Partner Advantage Program; Microsoft added a SkyKick migration benefit to its Internal Use Rights program; and more. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Mar 23, 2015

What policies should be in a cloud infrastructure security program?

Expert Dan Sullivan explains which policies and security controls enterprises should include in their cloud infrastructure security program to prevent cloud security compromises. Continue Reading


By Brian Prince News Mar 09, 2015

For threat intelligence programs, ROI evaluation proves tricky

Threat intelligence programs are taking root in many enterprises, but experts say variables like disparate service offerings, pricing models and response capabilities make ROI evaluation a vexing proposition. Continue Reading


News Mar 02, 2015

Is the bug bounty program concept flawed?

Looking for security vulnerabilities? Tread lightly. The benefits of vulnerability rewards programs are great, but so are the risks. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Feb 25, 2015

Assess devices, users to get started on a mobility program

The need for a mobility program may be apparent, and BYOD is a necessary step in the progress from centralized control to focusing on apps and data. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 01, 2014

Continuous monitoring program demystified

For many security teams, "continuous monitoring" is a vague concept associated with FISMA compliance. A continuous monitoring program can be simple or complex, depending on your technology, budget, and compliance ... Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Feb 13, 2015

Five reasons to use Go for AWS cloud programming

We have some new cloud development projects in the works and I've been hearing a lot about Go. What is it and should I use it for a new AWS project? Continue Reading


Feb 12, 2015

Google's Solve for X program names four pioneers

Google's Solve for X program has determined four moonshot finalists. Learn who they are and the technological advances they represent. Continue Reading