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program: In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

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By Valerie Silverthorne News Jan 31, 2016

The mob programming mindset

Woody Zuill is careful to say he did not "invent" mob programming. But the career programmer turned consultant certainly played a big role in at least codifying the ideas behind mob programming. ... Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber News Jan 22, 2016

EMC partner program tweaks aim for simplification

EMC is making adjustments to simplify its channel partner initiatives, tweaking deal registration and market development funds, among other program areas. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Jan 18, 2016

Adapting enterprise security programs for emerging threats

An enterprise's information security program must be adaptable to new threats and risks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to update and evolve these programs. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Lent Get Started Sep 02, 2015

Mastering mob programming

Mob programming is a new Agile software development practice, where six or more developers work together on a single problem. Here's how to get started. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Oct 16, 2015

Automating security, privacy in software programming

Jean Yang, who created the Jeeves software language, explains why the industry needs to do a better job of enforcing security and privacy policies in its applications. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 05, 2015

Building an Information Security Awareness Program

In this excerpt of Building an Information Security Awareness Program, authors Bill Gardner and Valerie Thomas discuss why lecturing is an ineffective method of security awareness programs and offer alternative ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 14, 2015

Clinical documentation improvement program boosts quality of care

Redundant information and lack of training on proper record keeping are problems that a clinical documentation improvement program can solve. EHR complexity is often a leading culprit to tackle. Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie News Dec 10, 2015

Java turns 20: What's in store for Java programming?

Barry Burd, author and Java expert, discusses how Java programming recently turned 20 years old how it's managed to stick around for so long. Continue Reading


By Cameron McKenzie News Dec 04, 2015

Java whiz Barry Burd discusses Greenfoot programming

Learn more about Greenfoot programming from Java pro Barry Burd. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Get Started Sep 21, 2015

How to get the most out of your data science program

Interest in data science continues to grow among businesses. As companies put teams to work in a data science program, they need to know how to make the most of the investment. Continue Reading