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program: In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

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By Mekhala Roy News Sep 16, 2016

Company culture essential to strong ethics and compliance program

Last week, San Francisco-based Wells Fargo bank was fined $185 million because employees opened two million unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. About 5,300 employees associated with this ... Continue Reading


By Sean Martin Get Started Sep 09, 2016

When to take a bug bounty program public -- and how to do it

Bug-finding programs are valuable to enterprises, but they require a lot of planning and effort to be effective. Sean Martin looks at what goes into taking a bug bounty program public. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Manage Aug 30, 2016

Poor componentization puts service programming at risk

Managing components is not easy. The evolution of microservices and the internet of things is not making it any easier. Here's how to properly structure your componentization architecture. Continue Reading


By John Moore Evaluate Aug 15, 2016

Trace3 grows its innovation research program

Trace3 is growing its innovation research program, which aims to help CIOs obtain early access to emerging technologies. Continue Reading


By Walker Rowe Get Started May 31, 2016

Programming and the evolving role of the virtualization administrator

As programming rapidly replaces scripting in major organizations, administrators must dedicate themselves to learning to code in order to stay competitive in the job market. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Aug 05, 2016

Four tenets of a successful telehealth program implementation

Implementing a successful telehealth program can be a challenge. Health IT experts from Mass General share four key steps to ensuring a telehealth initiative will be successful. Continue Reading


By Sean Martin Get Started Aug 04, 2016

Building an application security program: Why education is key

Education and training are crucial parts of a strong application security program. Sean Martin explains how enterprises should build these elements into their programs. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate May 24, 2016

Best programming languages for enterprise development

There's no shortage of choice when selecting the best programming languages for back-end apps. Learn what the ultimate decision depends on. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 02, 2016

Must-know modularization basics from ABAP programming tutorial

So you want to learn ABAP? This excerpt from SAP Press' 'Getting Started with ABAP' gives you a taste of just that, with a focus on why modularization is critical. Continue Reading


By Roger Smith Evaluate May 23, 2016

Why Java is the most popular programming language

Roger Smith examines why 20 years after its release, Java tops the TIOBE index as the most popular programming language. Continue Reading