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program: In computing, a program is a specific set of ordered operations for a computer to perform.

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Apr 15, 2016

Excellent programming is about function, not form

Are language architects, or would-be language architects, doing a disservice to Java by overthinking it? Let's not over-design our object models. After all, being fancy isn't their primary function. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Jan 31, 2016

The mob programming mindset

Woody Zuill is careful to say he did not "invent" mob programming. But the career programmer turned consultant certainly played a big role in at least codifying the ideas behind mob programming. ... Continue Reading


By Sean Martin Manage Mar 01, 2016

Bug bounty programs narrow the crowd

Data shows that more companies are moving away from crowdsourcing and adopting invitation-only awards programs. Do higher-quality submissions result? Continue Reading


By Will Murrell Evaluate Apr 18, 2016

How do I choose an SDN certification or training program?

Network engineer and SDN pro Will Murrell discusses how to choose the right SDN certification or training program, and what types of SDN courses are available. Continue Reading


By Lynn Haber News Apr 06, 2016

Citrix partner program updated for midmarket push

Citrix has revised its channel partner initiative with program updates and incentives that aim to help the company grab more midmarket share in keeping with its strategic focus. Continue Reading


Get Started Apr 05, 2016

HIPAA audit program serious business, expert says

As OCR HIPAA audits get underway, healthcare law expert David Harlow says healthcare organizations should prepare, and that patient access to data will be part of audits. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Manage Jan 18, 2016

Adapting an infosec program for emerging threats

An enterprise's information security program must be adaptable to new threats and risks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to update and evolve these programs. Continue Reading


News Mar 25, 2016

Vectra Networks launches program for network security partners

Security vendor Vectra Networks unveiled a tiered partner program for resellers and systems integrators in the network security market; more IT channel news from the week. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Mar 22, 2016

Reactive programming is all the rage at Fluent 2016

Find out why Microsoft's Matthew Podwysocki said he believes good reactive programming means developers embrace the Observable design pattern and create reliable, asynchronous systems. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Manage Mar 17, 2016

Jeeves programming language: Can it improve security?

A new research programming language looks to make it easier to enforce security and privacy policies in applications. Expert Michael Cobb explains how it works. Continue Reading