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Get Started Jun 23, 2015

VDI pilot project guide

A VDI pilot project should start with a VDI project plan. Know what pitfalls to avoid and test product options to achieve a successful VDI implementation. Continue Reading


By Leigh Isaacs Manage Jul 09, 2015

Information governance strategy isn't a project -- it's a culture

Companies are often daunted by the prospect of developing an information governance strategy. But start small, and recognize that it's about changing company culture. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 01, 2015

Projects the key to MSP success

The advice from the boss of longstanding MSP Circle IT is to increase the amount of projects to gain higher value business Continue Reading


By Jawad Akhtar Problem Solve Jun 11, 2015

How can SAP Commercial Project Management help project planners?

For large, complex projects, planners may want to take advantage of the features in SAP's Commercial Project Management system. An expert outlines its capabilities. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 03, 2015

A CIO guide to project management basics

In this Essential Guide, learn project management basics and get expert advice on how to get the most out of DevOps and i an Agile digital strategy. Continue Reading


By Michelle Boisvert News Jul 31, 2015

Taking a multivendor approach to an OpenStack project

Enterprises building an OpenStack private cloud often rely on a managed service provider for implementation. But sometimes, a single provider won't do. Continue Reading


By Sharon Zaharoff News Jul 28, 2015

Big data projects give organizations a competitive edge

Learn how organizations make big data decisions, and if their loyalty lies with the same vendor. Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Jul 17, 2015

Big data projects go beyond IT infrastructure

Big data creates a big test for enterprises: finding the right employees who can meld the technology and business needs in a way to make the data useful. Continue Reading

By Margaret Rouse Get Started Mar 11, 2015

Project Management vocabulary quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of project management terminology. See also: Quick Start Glossary: Project Management. Continue Reading


By Marty Resnick Manage May 13, 2015

Four mobility project pitfalls to watch out for

Mobile initiatives are complex, but IT can keep its project on track by using analytics and recognizing the differences between mobile and desktop app development. Continue Reading