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Sep 22, 2016

IT Project in the Middle East

The Middle East is becoming a trailblazer in the use of modern technology to improve business and society. The region is determined to reduce the reliance its economies have on oil, which means other sectors must ... Continue Reading


Aug 23, 2016

IT Project: Migration to Cloud

The benefits of using cloud are well-known, but the challenges and barriers enterprises come up against during their move off-premise can be wide, varied and unexpected. Knowing how best to negotiate these issues ... Continue Reading


Aug 22, 2016

IT Project: Internet of Things

The internet of things, or IoT, is moving from far-fetched to reality in 2016, and more and more enterprises are taking a serious look at how they can capitalise on this to improve their processes. In this e-guide ... Continue Reading


Aug 18, 2016

IT Project: DevOps

2016 is widely tipped to be the year DevOps goes mainstream, with enterprise IT managers either looking to ramp up or kick-start their efforts in this area, and start realising the benefits it can bring. Before ... Continue Reading


Jul 14, 2016

How to achieve credibility in NHS IT projects

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s clinical lead for electronic patient records explains how clinical engagement has helped make EPR an open source success Continue Reading


By Carlos Casanova Evaluate Sep 14, 2016

Google Project Aristotle - 5 Keys to Team Success

If I picked one word to collectively describe the five components from Project Aristotle, it would have to be value. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna News Sep 08, 2016

Transformational analytics projects need experienced crews

This is a guest blog post by Nick Clarke, Head of Analytics, Tessella Many successful companies, large and small, are running data analytics projects and initiatives. These projects can and do ... Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Evaluate Aug 25, 2016

Five reasons cloud-hosted desktop projects fail

Desktops as a service often bring benefits such as easier management, but they don't fit every situation. Tacking a DaaS project onto an OS migration, for instance, is doomed to fail. Continue Reading


By Joseph Flahiff Manage Aug 22, 2016

Agile organizations still need project status reports

A worrisome trend is emerging as more organizations adopt agile practices -- disavowal of project status reports. Continue Reading


By Christine Parizo Evaluate Aug 03, 2016

The DevOps model for better cloud apps projects

Learn how DevOps tactics can improve and ease the pain of cloud application projects. Christine Parizo discusses how organizational groups need to come together for cloud apps. Continue Reading