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By Francesca Sales Manage Dec 29, 2015

Project management best practices for SMBs

Project management is commonly thought of as a practice suited mainly to larger businesses. But these days, small and medium-sized business owners and employees also need to think about the ... Continue Reading


By Darien Hirotsu Manage Dec 10, 2015

Exploring OpenDaylight Project internals

Diving into ODL Project internals as an engineer can be daunting, but doing so can lead to a richer understanding of the SDN platform. First, you'll need some new tools. Continue Reading


Dec 01, 2015

Balancing speed and risk in IT projects

In this week’s Computer Weekly, as IT leaders face boardroom pressure to roll out IT projects ever more quickly, we examine how to do that without running unacceptable risks. Michael Dell talks about how he sees ... Continue Reading


By Niel Nickolaisen Get Started Jan 28, 2016

How to do an advanced data analytics project on the cheap

Delivering an advanced data analytics project to the business can cost a fortune. But with some imagination, CIOs can do it for pennies on the dollar. Niel Nickolaisen explains how. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Sep 21, 2015

The big data project challenge

On discovering that many big data projects fail Billy MacInnes wonders how the industry can ensure more of them are successful Continue Reading


By David Jacobs Evaluate Jan 07, 2016

Merlin Project conjuring up a new network management tool

The Merlin Project, part of the Frenetic Project, hopes to help IT managers oversee complex networks with a new network management tool. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 25, 2015

The latest trends in the Hadoop project

In this podcast, Tim Hall of Hortonworks discusses the Apache Hadoop project and how it has changed since its inception. Continue Reading


By Valerie Silverthorne News Aug 06, 2015


By Jim Romeo Manage Dec 22, 2015

Traits that make for an effective financial IT project team

Every CFO wants a financial IT project team that's able to execute complex projects successfully. Learn what characteristics to look for when shaping your team. Continue Reading


By Bill Goodwin Dec 14, 2015

Rockwool invests €2m in global HR project

Manufacturer interviewed other companies about their HR systems before choosing a system to harmonise its processes across 38 countries Continue Reading