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CIO: The benefits, potential pitfalls of wearable tech projects

By Mekhala Roy 21 Nov 2017

For CIO Bradd Busick, the implementation of wearable tech projects can provide huge business benefits – if you know the mistakes to avoid along the way. Read More

IoT projects need to deliver revenue quickly

By Simon Quicke 20 Nov 2017

Some of those involved with selling IoT expect next year to be busy but warn that customers cannot wait for the technology to deliver revenue Read More

The Future Project Management Professional

14 Jul 2017

This report from Axelos identifies the key trends that will most impact the project, programme and portfolio management profession. Read More

Tableau targets data preparation software with Project Maestro

By Ed Burns 10 Nov 2017

As Tableau and other high-level applications look to automate more functionality, stand-alone data preparation tools have to evolve to stay relevant in the analytics ecosystem. Read More

TIBCO Project Mashling, ultralight event-driven microgateway

By Adrian Bridgwater 30 Oct 2017

Software integration, analytics and management company TIBCO is loving, embraces and heart-ing open source this month with its newly available Project Mashling. Branded as an open source ... Read More

SAP HANA-based project management platform helps track projects

By Jim O'Donnell 18 Aug 2017

The Sablono platform is an SAP HANA-based system that helps construction firms monitor projects in real time, and it provides collaboration and transparency. Read More

Use cloud efficiently in a predictive analytics project

By Tom Nolle 26 Oct 2017

Learn how using cloud computing for a predictive analytics project can help with streamlining workflow, application scaling and deployment. Expert Tom Nolle explains. Read More

Can politics hamper large technology projects?

By Lis Evenstad 20 Oct 2017

Politics, rightly or wrongly, has an impact on government technology projects. It’s an inevitable part of having a democracy and political prowess can be used to drive transformation, but can it ... Read More

What are developers' pain points in digital transformation projects?

By Jan Stafford 04 Oct 2017

A consultant explains how developers must adjust to succeed in digital transformation projects. Read More

Three reasons to start digital transformation projects

By Jan Stafford 03 Oct 2017

What's driving businesses to start digital transformation projects? Tata Consultancy experts explain the human and technology forces in play. Read More