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In information technology, a protocol (from the Greek protocollon, which was a leaf of paper glued to a ...Read More

Remote display protocol class is in session

By Eddie Lockhart 30 Oct 2017

VDI shops must understand the ins and outs of remote display protocols to make sure users are having a good experience with the virtual images they receive. Read More

What are the open source remote display protocol options?

By Tom Howarth 30 Oct 2017

Fluctuating VDI costs can catch any organization by surprise. Consider open source remote display protocols to keep the price tag low and user experience high. Read More

The present and likely future of the NVMe protocol

By Jim O'Reilly 11 Apr 2017

The NVMe and PCIe combination of protocol and interconnect was an inevitable development once solid-state drives were created, as was moving NVMe to fabrics. Read More

The story of SDN: Control planes, OpenFlow protocol and disaggregation

By Russ White 08 Sep 2017

When discussing SDN, control planes and programmability are often lumped into the conversation -- along with a dose of OpenFlow protocol and disaggregation. Read More

Link-state protocols on data center fabrics supplanting BGP?

By Russ White 15 Aug 2017

Data center operators are beginning to use modified link-state protocols on their large-scale data center fabrics, according to the IETF. What's behind the switch? Read More

What to know about remote display protocol technology

By Kelly M. Stewart 23 Jan 2017

For organizations using virtual desktops, it's important to understand the features behind the remote display protocols in different desktop virtualization platforms. Read More

Video conferencing standards, protocols and interoperability

By Irwin Lazar 21 Nov 2016

Irwin Lazar explains what video conferencing standards and protocols are and why they are necessary to enable interoperability and promote successful video communications. Read More

How does DNSChanger take advantage of WebRTC protocols?

By Judith Myerson 01 Feb 2017

WebRTC protocols are being targeted by a new version of the DNSChanger exploit kit. Judith Myerson explains how these attacks work and what enterprises should know. Read More

What is the SS7 protocol and what are its security implications?

By Judith Myerson 18 May 2017

The SS7 protocol has been a source of controversy lately because of its security vulnerabilities. Expert Judith Myerson explains what the protocol is and what its issues are. Read More