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By Meredith Courtemanche ,Clive Longbottom ,Jim O'Reilly Evaluate Jul 28, 2015

Moving out to a colocation provider

Colocation has solidified itself as an attractive outlet for IT, and, unlike the cloud, allows admins to continue to manage their own systems. Colo customers can also take advantage of services that mimic ... Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Jun 29, 2015

How to evaluate DRaaS providers

DRaaS providers need to be vetted properly to ensure that the services you have purchased are deliverable and meet expectations during a disaster. Continue Reading


By Crystal Bedell Get Started Jun 26, 2015

Best strategies for cloud backup providers

The cloud has put a new twist on the old problem of backup. For customers, the cost efficiency and ease of management make the cloud an attractive alternative to traditional backup methods. However, misconceptions ... Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Jun 01, 2015

The mis-alignment between customers and service providers

Recent findings from LogicNow revealed that many customers were not on the same page as their service providers and Billy MacInnes has some thoughts on why Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Jul 28, 2015

How are hyper-converged vendors providing disaster recovery?

Brien Posey explains how hyper-converged systems are used for disaster recovery and which vendors are offering it in this expert answer. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Jul 23, 2015

Why would public cloud providers turn off customer cloud accounts?

Public cloud providers reserve the right to shut off vulnerable cloud accounts, but how does it work? Expert Dan Sullivan explains. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jul 23, 2015

Dell provides upbeat channel progress report

With Dell's fiscal 2016 underway the firm has summarised all of the recent enhancements to its channel programme highlighting a decent start to the year Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Get Started Jul 20, 2015

Telemedicine security has the attention of healthcare providers

Healthcare organizations willing to take on remote monitoring projects should allow their IT teams time to craft a telemedicine security plan. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jul 14, 2015

Arcserve Cloud provides DRaaS for SMBs, MSPs

Arcserve moves into crowded disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market with Arcserve Cloud, an appliance connected to the vendor's cloud. Continue Reading


By Luke O'Neill News May 08, 2015

Shopping for a UC cloud services provider

Cloud UC buyers have many services and providers to consider. But a cloud services provider is also seeking the appropriate potential customers. Continue Reading