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By Warwick Ashford Sep 21, 2009

Cloud providers must provide security guarantees

Cloud computing service providers have yet to address enterprise concerns around data security, according to CA and Symantec.


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By John-Paul Kamath Nov 26, 2007

Ofcom fines broadband provider

Ofcom has fined broadband provider Prodigy £30,000 for failing to comply with requirements to provide information on how it allows customers to switch broadband provider. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 27, 2005

Advantage of Provide?

What is the advantage of using Provide with infotype? Continue Reading


Problem solve May 21, 2001

Network service provider

Exactly what is a network service provider? Get the low-down with our handy definition. Continue Reading


By Axel Angeli Problem solve Aug 25, 2008

Online SAP certification providers

Axel Angeli lists online SAP certification and training providers with which he is familiar Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 19, 2008

Providing Web Services

This chapter discusses how to provide your own Web services and RSS feeds specific to your business design and specifications. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 20, 2001

ASP (application service provider)

Learn about ASPs (application service providers) and how they offer alternative to traditional, on-premise CRM. Continue Reading


Apr 17, 2003

NHS chooses information providers

The National Health Service has signed up three information providers to create a new national health information extranet. Continue Reading


By Carrie Higbie Problem solve Jul 31, 2004

Congestion - Can standards provide relief?

Can standards provide congestion relief? Continue Reading


Manage Jun 03, 2008

Providing managed backup services

Providing managed backup services has some major advantages over traditional backup, but it also has some disadvantages. Find out how it can help you address your customers' biggest backup pain points, as well as ... Continue Reading