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Service providers rushing in to provide container networking

By Teren Bryson 14 Jun 2017

The notion of using container networking within enterprise organizations is gaining momentum from a surprising source. Read More

Huawei increases solution provider support

By Simon Quicke 07 Sep 2017

Comms vendor looking to make life easier with an integrated programme that is getting plenty of investment Read More

DRaaS providers: Four key capabilities to screen for

By George Crump 03 Nov 2017

IT must plan for both major and minor disasters. There are four key capabilities DRaaS vendors must have to ensure they can handle the full range of potential disasters. Read More

LTO-8 tape standard to provide insurance against disaster

By Jon Toigo 03 Nov 2017

LTO-8 tape, the next-generation Linear Tape-Open standard, arrives at a fortuitous moment for organizations of all sizes looking to store and protect more data than ever. Read More

Look for these IaaS features to compare cloud providers

By Jim O'Reilly 27 Oct 2017

Public cloud IaaS offers a range of benefits, but provider selection can be tough. Carefully evaluate what vendors offer for resiliency, hybrid support, data services and more. Read More

Six considerations for IT before moving to a DaaS provider

By Robert Sheldon 26 Oct 2017

To truly evaluate whether DaaS can help their organizations, IT pros must account for the total cost of ownership and understand what management tasks providers do not do. Read More

Openreach to open ‘grey’ fibre to broadband providers

By Alex Scroxton 18 Oct 2017

Openreach is proposing to add a new feature to its optical spectrum access product to give broadband communication services providers more control over their networks Read More

How cloud backup providers can ease security fears

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Oct 2017

Cloud backup may be the talk of the town, but according to one recent survey, it still has some ground to cover before it can win over the masses. What can cloud service providers do? Read More

Healthcare payer-provider links sweeping into industry

By Shaun Sutner 05 Oct 2017

Health IT vendors and healthcare providers and insurance payers gathered at Chilmark Research's Convergence 2017 conference to discuss payer-provider partnerships and other deals. Read More

More users flub evals of colocation data center providers

By Robert Gates 28 Sep 2017

Colocation data center buyers are needlessly captivated by impressive features at data centers that distract them from important decision-making information. Read More