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By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Oct 22, 2014

Attack obfuscation: Detecting attacks that use Web proxies

While many Web proxies are legitimate, some attackers use them to hide their attacks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how block the malicious proxies. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Get Started Dec 06, 2013

Assessing the threat of proxy auto-config malware

Expert Nick Lewis explains how attackers are taking advantage of proxy auto-config capabilities in browsers and what mitigations can be put in place. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Get Started Oct 21, 2013

Configuring Web Application Proxy with AD to future-proof Exchange

To use Web Application Proxy for publishing Exchange to the Internet, admins can ease the process with simple AD and Exchange configurations. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Manage Oct 07, 2013

Publishing Exchange to the Internet via Web Application Proxy and ADFS

When combined with ADFS, Web Application Proxy in Windows Server 2012 R2 is appealing to organizations publishing Exchange to the Internet. Continue Reading


By Devin Ganger Problem Solve May 21, 2013

Replacing Forefront TMG: Alternate reverse-proxy options for Exchange

With the discontinuation of Forefront TMG, Exchange admins are left wondering what to do moving forward. The available options may surprise you. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 17, 2013

Zed Attack Proxy tutorial: Uncover Web app vulnerabilities using ZAP

Video: Keith Barker of CBT Nuggets offers a OWASP Zed Attack Proxy tutorial. Learn how to find and nullify Web application vulnerabilities using ZAP. Continue Reading


By Clint Boessen Problem Solve May 15, 2013

Configuring federation proxy servers for a hybrid Office 365 deployment

Part of the hybrid Office 365 single sign-on configuration process is correctly setting up federation proxy servers. Here's how. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Jan 05, 2015

Fund services bureau automates DR with Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam Availability Suite proxy servers on Dell storage cluster create production replicas for restoring shared VMware storage. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Manage Mar 18, 2010

The benefits of application proxy firewalls

Michael Cobb explains the benefits of application proxy firewalls as compared to other firewall technologies including packet filtering firewalls and stateful inspection firewalls or circuit-level gateways. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jun 05, 2012

Deep packet inspection tools: Proxy vs. stream-based

As more enterprises consider deep packet inspection tools, network managers must choose the technique that works best for them. Continue Reading