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Chrome backs out of TLS 1.3 support after proxy issues

By Peter Loshin 27 Feb 2017

After Google rolled out the latest version of Chrome, Blue Coat proxy software issues prompt rollback of TLS 1.3 support in latest version of Chrome browser. Read More

ProxyBack malware: How does it affect Internet proxies?

By Nick Lewis 19 May 2016

ProxyBack malware turns infected user systems into Internet proxies, which can obfuscate the attack source. Expert Nick Lewis explains how the malware works, and its purpose. Read More

Security Think Tank: Use DNS proxy services to bolster security

13 Jan 2017

What are the main security risks associated with DNS, and how are these best mitigated? Read More

How can a reverse proxy mode improve cloud security?

By Dan Sullivan 22 Jan 2016

Skyhigh Networks recently obtained a patent to use reverse proxies for cloud access security broker services. Expert Dan Sullivan explains how the method works. Read More

Blue Coat ProxySG: Secure Web gateway overview

By Andrew Froehlich 16 Nov 2015

With features like authentication and Web filtering, the Blue Coat ProxySG secure Web gateway can be deployed as a physical appliance, a virtual machine or a cloud-based service. Read More

Software-defined storage: a proxy for storage transformation

10 Mar 2015

Software-defined storage reflects important trends that affect storage, such as increasing separation between hardware and software Read More

Attack obfuscation: Detecting attacks that use Web proxies

By Nick Lewis 22 Oct 2014

While many Web proxies are legitimate, some attackers use them to hide their attacks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how block the malicious proxies. Read More

How can phishing attacks that use proxy programs be stopped?

By Nick Lewis 01 Jun 2015

Phishing attacks are adopting new functionality to avoid detection, including the use of proxy programs to simplify the attack process. Learn how to defend against this type of risk. Read More

Assessing the threat of proxy auto-config malware

By Nick Lewis 06 Dec 2013

Expert Nick Lewis explains how attackers are taking advantage of proxy auto-config capabilities in browsers and what mitigations can be put in place. Read More

Infinite io clusters its network storage controller

By Garry Kranz 22 May 2017

The Infinite io network storage controller 'bump on the wire' proxy scans storage to capture metadata in flight and speed movement of inactive files to the cloud. Read More