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By Rick Sherman Evaluate Mar 04, 2016

How to justify the purchase of a data integration tool

To help you better determine your needs and justify the purchase of a data integration tool, we explore how other organizations are using these platforms to meet their needs. Continue Reading


By Andrew Froehlich Manage May 03, 2016

Purchasing the right network performance monitor for you

Selecting the right enterprise network performance monitor system means understanding the tool's capabilities and how they can support your organization's specific needs. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Evaluate Feb 23, 2016


By Kristen Lee News Apr 28, 2016

Infographic: Healthcare purchasing strategy focuses on security tech

TechTarget's health IT spending intentions survey shows security is a top healthcare purchasing strategy. This infographic details top investment areas. Continue Reading


News Apr 26, 2016

Healthcare security compliance tops purchasing survey

In a TechTarget survey, health IT buyers said they are looking at security compliance ahead of analytics and EHR systems. Meanwhile, mobility is up as well. Continue Reading


Evaluate Mar 28, 2016

A guide to purchasing the right quality assurance software

Need quality assurance software, but unsure of which one is right for you? This buyer's guide helps you make sure you're getting the right QA software for your organization. Continue Reading


By Dennis Martin Evaluate Feb 23, 2016

Purchasing flash storage: Types and prices explained

Dennis Martin discusses the differences among SLC, MLC and TLC flash, and provides insight into the different terms the market uses to reference flash storage pricing. Continue Reading


By Adam Tismaneanu Manage Apr 29, 2016

Basware Purchase-to-Pay features e-procurement software

Basware's Purchase-to-Pay software package, made up of multiple modular components, features cloud-based e-procurement software to support organizations of all sizes. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Nov 10, 2015

With the Dell purchase of EMC, what's the fate of Documentum?

As the Dell purchase of EMC continues to hum along, there are questions about the fate of EMC's less lucrative properties, including Documentum. Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart News Dec 23, 2015