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By Lauren Horwitz News Nov 10, 2015

With the Dell purchase of EMC, what's the fate of Documentum?

As the Dell purchase of EMC continues to hum along, there are questions about the fate of EMC's less lucrative properties, including Documentum. Continue Reading


By Paul Crocetti News Oct 30, 2015

Barracuda backup technology enhanced with Intronis purchase

In buying Intronis, Barracuda gains access to the cloud backup and recovery provider's technology. Integration is expected to boost Barracuda backup technology. Continue Reading


By Jacob Gsoedl Evaluate Oct 23, 2015

Purchasing an enterprise SAN: Top-tier products compared

Expert Jacob Gsoedl drills into eight top-tier enterprise SAN products and how each one performs in seven technical areas. Detailed charts make the information easy to digest. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Oct 08, 2015

Five criteria for purchasing Web fraud detection systems

Expert Ed Tittel describes the purchasing criteria for Web fraud detection systems and explains how they can protect banking, e-commerce and other industries. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 21, 2015

Enterprise NAS: Vital features and purchase considerations

If you're in the market for enterprise NAS, there are a number of important features you need to evaluate before making a purchase. Continue Reading


By Rich Castagna Evaluate Jun 05, 2015

Storage purchase process grows more complicated

Unified storage systems that can host block and file are an increasingly popular alternative to NAS, and one more decision to make in the storage purchase process. Continue Reading


By Adrian Lane Get Started Aug 11, 2015

Nine steps for purchasing database security tools

Expert Adrian Lane lays out the criteria for procuring the right database security software for your enterprise. Continue Reading


News Feb 26, 2015

How virtualization changes hardware purchases

With the rise of the software-defined data center and new hardware options that take advantage of virtualization, we're seeing another transformation in the way hardware is purchased. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Jul 16, 2015

Six criteria for purchasing unified threat management appliances

Expert Ed Tittel explores key criteria for evaluating unified threat management (UTM) appliances to determine the best choice for your organization. Continue Reading


By Rich Castagna News Jun 05, 2015

Storage purchase plans move to cloud with rising budgets

Our annual Purchasing Intentions survey paints a rosier picture than last year for managers stretching their budgets to cover capacity storage purchase plans. Continue Reading