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Modern Infrastructure 2018 Impact Awards reader voting

By Nick Martin 01 Nov 2017

Review the finalists, and vote for your favorite products and services in TechTarget's Modern Infrastructure 2018 Impact Awards. Winners will be announced in January. Read More

Foxit Reader vulnerabilities: What can be done to mitigate them?

By Judith Myerson 11 Oct 2017

Two critical, zero-day Foxit Reader vulnerabilities haven't been patched and pose a threat to enterprises. Judith Myerson explains the vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them. Read More

Readers, say hello to SearchMicroservices.com

By Fred Churchville 16 Jan 2017

SearchSOA.com will soon be known by a new moniker: SearchMicroservices.com. Learn about the upcoming changes and what to expect from the new site. Read More

Fingerprint Reader Requires PIN

By Ed Tittel 18 May 2016

Wondering why your fingerprint reader or retina cam isn't accessible in Windows Hello? In Windows 10 using a fingerprint reader requires PIN login. Read More

Readers' top picks for DLP products

By Kathleen Richards 01 Feb 2016

The companies and DLP products that organizations consider, when they seek to address compliance and data security requirements across multiple platforms and environments. Read More

Readers sound off on Docker containment strategies

20 Jan 2016

In this Tweet roundup, readers share their thoughts on the pros and cons of various Docker containment strategies. Read More

Readers' 2016 top picks for enterprise encryption tools

By Peter Loshin 01 Jun 2016

As the enterprise encryption tools market matures, buyers find many vendors to choose from, but few stand out from the crowd as encryption is absorbed into other security tools. Read More

Readers’ top picks for enterprise firewalls

By Kathleen Richards 02 Nov 2015

The companies and key functionality organizations seek out when they upgrade or add firewall technology to their enterprise environments. Read More

Readers talk tech diversity in wake of Intel report

By Brian Holak 29 Feb 2016

A recent diversity report by Intel shows the chip maker is making strides towards a more inclusive workplace, but there's still a lot of work to be done -- and both Intel and the rest of the world ... Read More

Windows Hello Compatible with Most Fingerprint Readers

By Ed Tittel 28 Aug 2015

I've been aware of Windows Hello (the ability to use biometrics for login authentication and other access controls) in Windows 10 since MS first started talking about it late in 2014. Intel's ... Read More