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By Kathleen Richards News Feb 01, 2016

Readers' top picks for DLP products

The companies and DLP products that organizations consider, when they seek to address compliance and data security requirements across multiple platforms and environments. Continue Reading


News Jan 20, 2016

Readers sound off on Docker containment strategies

In this Tweet roundup, readers share their thoughts on the pros and cons of various Docker containment strategies. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Feb 01, 2016

Readers' top picks for cloud security products

What companies and cloud security products do organizations consider when they see to reduce their cloud vulnerabilities? Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate Nov 02, 2015

Readers’ top picks for enterprise firewalls

The companies and key functionality organizations seek out when they upgrade or add firewall technology to their enterprise environments. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin Evaluate Dec 01, 2015

Readers' top picks for application security tools

The top companies and application security products that organizations consider when they seek to reduce their application vulnerabilities. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Aug 28, 2015

Windows Hello Compatible with Most Fingerprint Readers

I've been aware of Windows Hello (the ability to use biometrics for login authentication and other access controls) in Windows 10 since MS first started talking about it late in 2014. Intel's ... Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Evaluate Nov 02, 2015

Readers’ top picks for advanced threat detection

Companies and functionality organizations are targeting when they seek to bolster their defenses through threat detection and analytics. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 03, 2015

SERMO adviser responds to reader's concerns

A medical adviser to SERMO responded to a reader who questioned the security of physicians sharing anonymous patient data over the social network. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jul 07, 2015

Reader questions utility of SERMO social network

In a letter to the editor, a SearchHealthIT reader expresses concerns with the anonymous nature of the physician social network SERMO. Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales Evaluate Jun 30, 2015

Readers debate using the Apple Watch for business

The Apple Watch offers nuggets of data that could drive employee productivity. We asked our readers to weigh in on the potential usefulness of the Apple Watch for business. Continue Reading