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Manage Jan 20, 2003

Using an XML reader

Code for such a reader. Continue Reading


Jul 11, 2007

Unified output readers for Snort

An introduction to Barnyard, a popular unified output reader. Continue Reading


By Chuck Connell Manage Sep 05, 2001

Reader fields - - an oldie but goodie

Reader fields are Domino's per-document security method. Continue Reading


Jun 07, 2001

Changing embedded views for readers

Categorized embedded views for user who have reader access to the database/document. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Apr 12, 2005

Adobe Reader launched for Linux

Adobe has launched Adobe Reader 7.0 for the Linux operating system, to allow Linux users to read, manage and print documents in... Continue Reading

News Feb 05, 2008

Reader helpline: the response

A reader recently asked how to monitor multiple applications on multiple platforms and networks. Help has arrived! Have you got a question for your peers? Continue Reading


By Donald Rosenberg News Nov 09, 2006

Don Rosenberg responds to readers

In this column, Don Rosenberg responds to reader comments about his previous piece "Opinion: Microsoft, Sun, Oracle can't sidestep Linux, open source movement." Continue Reading


Jun 27, 2002

Strategy clinic: Readers' replies

Do you disagree with expert opinion, or have you some new ideas of your own? This week readers add their suggestions to the... Continue Reading


By Andre Guirard Manage Feb 13, 2003

Preserve admin reader access to documents

This tip describes preserving admin reader access to documents. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Jun 24, 2013

Is Firefox PDF reader a secure alternative to Adobe Reader?

Expert Michael Cobb examines Mozilla’s Firefox PDF reader and discusses whether it is more secure than Adobe Reader. Continue Reading