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Reclaim Hyper-V configurations for better performance

By Nirmal Sharma 26 Nov 2014

Certain Hyper-V default configurations should be changed for better performance before using the servers in a production environment. Read More

Reclaiming the role of the CIO

06 Jun 2013

It has become fashionable to question the value of the role of CIO, but much of this discourse is both self-serving and without foundation Read More

Let’s reclaim email, says HMRC cyber security head

By Warwick Ashford 24 Sep 2014

Government and industry must tackle spam to reclaim email as a communications channel, says head of cyber security at HMRC Read More

Reclaim your storage: Large swap files waste SSD space

By Brian Kirsch 14 Aug 2014

Swap files enable features like memory overcommit, but they can also waste space on expensive solid-state drives. Find out how to reclaim some of that space without putting your systems at risk. Read More

Windows 8 looks to reclaim territory in the enterprise

By Cliff Saran 01 Oct 2012

Every few years a new Microsoft desktop operating system arrives. The latest version may influence how corporate IT regards desktop computing Read More

Ingram Micro regains Dell EMC storage tech distribution

10 Feb 2017

Ingram Micro lost EMC's storage business in 2015, but has reclaimed that business under a new distribution agreement with Dell EMC; more news from the week. Read More

Reclaiming disk space in VMware View with the SE Sparse disk format

27 Jun 2013

VMware introduced the space-efficient disk feature with vSphere 5.1. When View 5.2 virtual desktop software debuted, it added SE Sparse disk support. Read More

Software industry reclaims open standards debate

By Mark Ballard 03 May 2012

Software heavyweights filled the first meeting of the UK's extended public consultation on open standards last Friday, closing down telecoms patent advocates whose arguments had threatened to ... Read More

Apple iPhone, services, Mac and Watch drive record quarter

By Warwick Ashford 01 Feb 2017

Apple has reclaimed the title of top smartphone seller after record sales of the iPhone, Mac and Watch delivered it a record quarter Read More