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Oct 28, 2009

Photos: Reclaiming the night sky

Iranian photographer Babak Tafreshi has won the 2009 Lennart Nilsson scientific photography prize. According to the award panel, his images "reclaim a night sky that most modern people have lost" – see some of them... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Nov 13, 2001

How much free space can you reclaim?

After deleting or moving a large number of mailboxes, find out how much free space an offline compaction would reclaim. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Sep 28, 2006

TokOpen helps TNT streamline tax reclaim

TNT Logistics UK has streamlined its VAT reclaim process and other financial tasks using Corpora’s TokOpen document management and workflow programme. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Problem Solve Sep 07, 2010

Working with control area reclaim in z/OS 1.12

In this tip, a mainframe expert discusses control area reclaim, an improvement IBM made to VSAM with the release of z/OS 1.12. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 24, 2014

Let’s reclaim email, says HMRC cyber security head

Government and industry must tackle spam to reclaim email as a communications channel, says head of cyber security at HMRC Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 13, 2005

Use DBCC CLEANTABLE to reclaim unused space in SQL Server tables

This tip shows you how to use DBCC CLEANTABLE to reclaim unused space in your SQL Server tables. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Problem Solve Aug 14, 2014

Reclaim your storage: Large swap files waste SSD space

Swap files enable features like memory overcommit, but they can also waste space on expensive solid-state drives. Find out how to reclaim some of that space without putting your systems at risk. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Jul 28, 2009

Managing enterprise data storage more efficiently, Part 2: Reclaim storage and consolidate data

Enterprise data storage managers are using tiered storage, data dedupe, snapshots, thin provisioning and SSDs to reclaim storage and consolidate the amount of data in their firms. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 22, 2002


Problem Solve Jul 07, 2003

The trouble with Reclaim Resources

The RCLRSC command could cause problems when converting applications to ILE. Here are four solutions to help you avoid trouble. Continue Reading