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In data management, recovery is a process that involves copying backup files from secondary storage (...Read More

Network disaster recovery plan template

22 Nov 2017

If your organization doesn't have a network disaster recovery plan, download our free network DR plan template for tips on how to get started. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure and disaster recovery

By Chris Evans 25 Oct 2017

Hyper-converged infrastructure products merge server, storage and hypervisor in scale-out nodes, so how can functionality in HCI products help deliver disaster recovery? Read More

The modern disaster recovery market explained

27 Sep 2017

New approaches to disaster recovery planning, cloud DR and virtualized DR have grown in popularity as cybersecurity threats have arisen and shaped the market. Read More

Ransomware recovery methods: What does the NIST suggest?

By Judith Myerson 17 Nov 2017

Knowing what ransomware recovery methods are available is important as the threat continues to grow. Expert Judith Myerson outlines what the NIST recommends for enterprises. Read More

How a disaster recovery process can go hyper-converged

By Brien Posey 15 Nov 2017

Hyper-convergence can be well-suited to a backup and recovery plan: Instant recovery plays a big role. Some hyper-converged vendors, though, particularly stand out. Read More

Three pieces of advice to master disaster recovery in the cloud

By Kathleen Casey 10 Nov 2017

Don't let a natural disaster or outage slow your business down. Review this advice from cloud experts to build a solid DR plan. Read More

How do you use VMware replication for disaster recovery?

By Vladan Seget 06 Nov 2017

Admins can protect their data centers from disaster by replicating them to another location with vSphere Replication, which supports replication across sites and clusters. Read More

Business continuity and disaster recovery testing templates

25 Oct 2017

BC and DR testing can be major challenges for any organization. Our free templates offer ways to incorporate testing into your overall management process. Read More

Build and test a cloud-based disaster recovery plan

By Alan R. Earls 27 Sep 2017

A disaster recovery plan is essential to protect critical workloads in the cloud, but unless you perform regular and extensive tests, that plan might let you down. Read More