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recovery: In data management, recovery is a process that involves copying backup files from secondary storage (...

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Manage Jan 17, 2002

Password recovery

Enact the use of password recovery. Continue Reading


By Greg Schulz Problem solve Oct 02, 2006


Dec 23, 2002

Exclusive Backup & recovery columns

Exclusive Backup & recovery columns Continue Reading


Apr 11, 2000


Jan 02, 2008

Disaster Recovery

Use virtualization technology to improve disaster recovery strategies. This excerpt from "Advanced Server Virtualization" tells you how. Continue Reading


Get started May 12, 2008

What is disaster recovery?

Learn what exactly constitutes disaster recovery and how many different levels of disaster recovery exist. Continue Reading


By Alyssa Wood Evaluate Dec 16, 2010

Virtual disaster recovery FAQ

Virtualization can improve a disaster recovery strategy through server consolidation and increased recovery speed. But there are drawbacks to virtual disaster recovery. Continue Reading


Evaluate Nov 05, 2008

Disaster recovery budgeting and recovery time objectives

If your website is down, what's the cost to your business? Learn more about disaster recovery budgeting and recovery time objectives in this expert podcast. Continue Reading


News Nov 14, 2005

Defining Exchange disaster recovery

Clarify your Exchange disaster recovery definition and introduce yourself to the common metrics for successful Exchange recovery. Continue Reading


Oct 04, 2005

Disaster Recovery Glossary

the essential disaster recovery terms compiled into one easy glossary. Continue Reading