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recovery: In data management, recovery is a process that involves copying backup files from secondary storage (...

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By Sonia Lelii News Feb 04, 2016

Druva Phoenix rises as disaster recovery service

Druva launches disaster recovery as a service for its Phoenix backup. The software pushes data images to AWS cloud so instances can be spun up when there is business interruption. Continue Reading


Get Started Jan 28, 2016

The ABCs of backup and recovery for SAP Business Suite on HANA

This backup and recovery tutorial, excerpted from the book 'Implementing SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA' by Michael Pytel, walks you through backup and recovery scenarios. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Sep 09, 2015

The truth about virtualisation and disaster recovery

The fundamentals of disaster recovery are well-established. But there is uncertainty, and even false claims from suppliers, about how the rise of virtualisation affects DR Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Evaluate Jan 06, 2016

Cloud-based disaster recovery service grabs spotlight

Cloud-based disaster recovery has emerged as an affordable, flexible method for providing application availability following a disaster event. Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Manage Jan 05, 2016

Breaking down the Amazon EC2 key recovery attack

A research paper demonstrating a key recovery attack on Amazon Web Services' EC2 illustrates the risks of colocation and multi-tenancy in the cloud. Expert Rob Shapland explains. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 30, 2015

What are some distributed database recovery issues?

In this expert answer, learn why data integrity and point-in-time recovery are essential to distributed database recovery in your computing environment. Continue Reading


By Paul Crocetti Evaluate Oct 28, 2015

Instant VM recovery best practices

Instant VM recovery seeks to narrow the time it takes to recover data. This Tech Talk video with expert Brien Posey provides guidelines for getting the most out of the process. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Evaluate Dec 23, 2015


By Marc Staimer Evaluate Dec 23, 2015

Disaster recovery policies for hyper-converged infrastructures

Disaster recovery plans for hyper-converged infrastructures have very different considerations than the approaches used in traditional environments. Discover areas to examine. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Dec 10, 2015

Disaster recovery planning: Where virtualisation can help

The disaster recovery planning process is not fundamentally technology-centric, so when can virtualisation make it quicker and easier to restore services after an unplanned outage? Continue Reading