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By Chris Evans Sep 09, 2015

The truth about virtualisation and disaster recovery

The fundamentals of disaster recovery are well-established. But there is uncertainty, and even false claims from suppliers, about how the rise of virtualisation affects DR Continue Reading


By Kathleen Casey Get Started Sep 28, 2015

Crafting a cloud disaster recovery plan

A cloud disaster recovery plan can protect your data and cut costs. Here's what to know before embarking on your cloud DR journey. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Evaluate Sep 08, 2015

What are some network recovery best practices?

Learn what can disrupt service for WANs and LANs, and identify key criteria for network recovery following a disaster. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 09, 2015

What are some Office 365 disaster recovery best practices?

Microsoft's guidelines for Office 365 disaster recovery and backup can be vague at times. Expert Brien Posey discusses the vendor's policies and what users need to be aware of. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans Oct 09, 2015

Virtualisation and disaster recovery: DR features in Hyper-V

We run the rule over the key functionality in Microsoft Hyper-V that can help with disaster recovery, including backup, migration, high availability and replication Continue Reading


By Jon Toigo Manage Aug 03, 2015

Uncover the right RAID recovery service

When RAID restores require more skills than can be found in-house, a RAID recovery service provider could be the answer -- as long as the right one is chosen. Continue Reading


By George Crump Manage Sep 21, 2015

Data backup and disaster recovery made simple

Many backup products include DR, enabling users to manage both tasks from the same platform. Learn how to streamline data backup and disaster recovery. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Evaluate May 04, 2015

The rise of disaster recovery in the cloud

Today, a number of organizations are moving their backups to a public cloud in an effort to place the backups at a safe distance from regional disasters, while also reducing backup-related storage costs. Prior to ... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 11, 2015

Which vendors support Oracle RMAN backup and recovery?

It's important to carefully analyze if a given backup software platform supports Oracle RMAN backup and recovery, as the level of support varies from vendor to vendor. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Sep 04, 2015

Cloud recovery: Five reasons to fail back

Cloud recovery and running a VM in the cloud can work for your organization. But the migration should be planned rather than be part of a failover. Continue Reading