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recovery: In data management, recovery is a process that involves copying backup files from secondary storage (...

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By Jon Toigo Manage Aug 03, 2015

Uncover the right RAID recovery service

When RAID restores require more skills than can be found in-house, a RAID recovery service provider could be the answer -- as long as the right one is chosen. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Evaluate May 04, 2015

The rise of disaster recovery in the cloud

Today, a number of organizations are moving their backups to a public cloud in an effort to place the backups at a safe distance from regional disasters, while also reducing backup-related storage costs. Prior to ... Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Aug 12, 2015

Disaster recovery testing remains a concern for UK businesses

Power supplies failing is one of the main causes of downtime and should give resellers and customers something to think about Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Aug 11, 2015

Testing a four-million-user disaster recovery plan

Preparing broadcaster MTG's websites for the Winter Olympics won Load Impact the 2015 Computer Weekly European Private Sector Award Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Aug 10, 2015

Why does Oracle Recovery Manager matter for backup?

Oracle RMAN not only handles underlying maintenance tasks, but increases database backup and recovery performance. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Manage Aug 03, 2015

Risk analysis boosts disaster recovery planning process

Business continuity and disaster recovery are chronically overlooked. Learn what you can do to avoid losses that could impact your organization. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Get Started Aug 03, 2015

Improve your disaster recovery project management

Effective project management in business continuity and disaster recovery requires proper plans, establishing goals and deliverables, and setting a schedule. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve May 29, 2015

What are the top misconceptions about instant recovery?

Instant recovery allows users to run a virtual machine from a backup copy. We list the top five fallacies around the technology. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Jul 28, 2015

How are hyper-converged vendors providing disaster recovery?

Brien Posey explains how hyper-converged systems are used for disaster recovery and which vendors are offering it in this expert answer. Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Jul 23, 2015

Faster recovery point objective part of backup evolution

Most users want their critical applications to have faster recovery time objectives, but IT departments preach a more realistic expectation. Continue Reading