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release: A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. (Continued...)

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By Ai Lei Tao Apr 12, 2016

Singapore releases cloud outage guidelines

The Singapore government releases a set of tiered guidelines for organisations to follow if they have a cloud outage Continue Reading


By Tracee Herbaugh News Apr 14, 2016

Aerohive releases more flexible Wave 2 access points

Aerohive's latest Wave 2 access points are aimed at companies looking for higher speeds on existing Power over Ethernet infrastructure. Continue Reading


By Geneva Stephens Manage Jan 18, 2016

Simplifying CRM with the release management process

Don't get blindsided by the release management process. Protect users and your CRM from the unintended consequences of unanticipated changes. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 12, 2016

TrendMicro releases emergency fix

TrendMicro has issued an emergency update for its antivirus product, but problems remain, according to the security researcher who reported critical vulnerabilities in the software Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Mar 02, 2016

Hortonworks Hadoop distribution goes to two release tracks

Looking to better balance system stability and innovation, Hadoop distribution provider Hortonworks will follow two release 'cadences' for different component sets in its HDP package. Continue Reading


By Michel De Rooij News Dec 17, 2015

Surprise changes in the Exchange 2016 release

Exchange 2016 brought mixed feelings for admins who felt like the release was more of an Exchange 2013 Service Pack than a new version. See which changes made it to the final release. Continue Reading


By Carol Sliwa News Apr 27, 2016

SwiftStack Inc. releases upgrade, previews Swift File Access

SwiftStack 4.0 features integrated load balancing and metadata search; upcoming features include native file access and object synchronization to S3-compatible clouds. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Jan 27, 2016

Big Switch releases freemium software for SDN developers

Big Switch Networks hopes to boost brand awareness and market reach with freemium software for SDN development. Continue Reading


By Lis Evenstad Apr 13, 2016

Released documents show scale of Universal Credit problems before 'reset'

It took four years, several appeals and the persistence of project manager John Slater for the DWP to release documents relating to its Universal Credit programme Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Jan 05, 2016

Amazon WorkMail goes on general release in Europe

AWS readies challenger to Gmail and Office 365 as cloud battle with Google and Microsoft enters new phase Continue Reading