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release: A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. (Continued...)

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By Brian Peasland Evaluate Jun 06, 2006

Releasing table lock

How to release a table lock? Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 03, 2004

Retrieve a released request

This tip explains how to retrieve a released request Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Sep 16, 2009


By Maria Anderson Evaluate Oct 18, 2005

Is the migration from 10g release 1 to release 2 simple?

Is the migration from Oracle 10g release 1 to release 2 simple? How about migrating any applications developed in release 1 to release 2? Continue Reading


By Alon Raskin Problem Solve Mar 05, 2002

Release status and agent transfer

What does the release statuses in Workflow mean? When I transport a Workflow template and task from Development to QA, why doesn't the agent transfer too? Continue Reading


By Brian Eastwood News Jan 25, 2007

ASP.NET AJAX released

Microsoft's toolkit for incorporating Ajax functionality into ASP.NET applications has been released. The company is also giving ASP.NET AJAX full product support and will soon release its source code. Continue Reading


News Sep 12, 2006

New Longhorn CTP released

Longhorn Server hit a minor milestone last week with the release of the August Community Technical Preview. Continue Reading


By Bert Vanstechelman Evaluate Oct 09, 2006

Deciding upon a target release

Bert Vanstechelman explains how to choose upgrades based on SAP target releases and business scenarios. Continue Reading


Aug 13, 2003

Gateway delays release of handheld

Gateway has pushed back the release of its first handheld product, which might not surface this year, a spokeswoman said... Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Jan 17, 2005

Microsoft releases Avalon code

Microsoft has released the raw code of its Avalon graphics presentation engine as part of a "community technology preview". Continue Reading