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A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. (Continued...)Read More

MEF releases Sonata and Presto APIs, partners with ONAP

By Jennifer English 11 Oct 2017

MEF published the Sonata and Presto APIs and also said it will work with ONAP to govern how service providers can automate and orchestrate their software-based networks. Read More

Facebook, IBM, Microsoft collaboration developments released

By Antone Gonsalves 29 Sep 2017

Microsoft opting to swap Skype for Business for Teams topped this week's collaboration news. But Facebook, IBM and Zoho also had noteworthy product developments. Read More

Oracle releases Java 9, Java EE 8

By Darryl K. Taft 25 Sep 2017

Oracle released the long-awaited Java 9, along with Java EE 8 -- each with key improvements to simplify the development process using the language, including modularity in Java 9. Read More

Azure DevOps Projects helps ease release automation

By Darryl K. Taft 21 Nov 2017

Microsoft's Azure DevOps Projects simplifies the process of configuring DevOps pipelines in the cloud and helps soothe release automation. Read More

Windows Server version 1709 hits turbulence upon release

By Jonathan Hassell 07 Nov 2017

Microsoft designed Windows Server version 1709 for cloud-focused businesses that need up-to-date technologies. So what makes it different from Windows Server 2016? Read More

What the annual Oracle Database release cycle means for DBAs

By Brian Peasland 17 Aug 2017

As Oracle changes its database release cycle to yearly updates with new version numbers, Oracle users will get faster access to new features -- but also new upgrade questions to weigh. Read More

Revved-up Windows Server release cadence now serves DevOps

By Stephen J. Bigelow 31 Oct 2017

Microsoft will release a developer-focused Windows Server version twice a year. Businesses can choose between a traditional release cycle or one that suits continuous deployment. Read More

HBO stands firm as hackers release more stolen content

By Warwick Ashford 14 Aug 2017

HBO appears to be standing firm and refusing to negotiate with hackers as more stolen television content is released Read More

Citrix releases XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15 Long-Term Service Release

By Jo Harder 15 Aug 2017

Jo Harder looks at the business and technical issues that must be considered before adopting this new extended version. Read More

Proof-of-concept iOS exploit released by Google's Project Zero

By Michael Heller 29 Sep 2017

Google's Project Zero released a proof-of-concept iOS exploit similar to the Broadpwn Wi-Fi flaw that could allow an attacker to run code or implant a backdoor. Read More