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release: A release is the distribution of the final version of an application. (Continued...)

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By Ed Tittel News Jun 29, 2016

Windows 10 1608 Release?

A news item on Windows Insider indicates the Anniversary Release will drop on August 2. Does that mean the new release will be labeled Windows 10 1608? Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Manage Jul 13, 2016

HHS releases guidance on ransomware attacks

Maybe your healthcare organization has experienced a ransomware attack recently. Well, you certainly are not alone. Ransomware attackers have mounted 4,000 daily attacks against healthcare ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Jun 16, 2016

Trace OpenStack releases through the years

OpenStack is the leading open source cloud platform and has evolved significantly over the years. Use this timeline to track critical releases and see how the technology has changed. Continue Reading

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Sponsored Aug 09, 2016

DevOps: What to Look For in a Release Management and Automation Solution

Release management solutions are driving speed and business agility in cloud application development, giving DevOps teams the tools they need to coordinate release management, orchestration and automation. In today... Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner News Jul 22, 2016

CMS releases overall hospital quality data

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is preparing to unleash some stark numbers on care quality at individual hospitals across the country. But before CMS publishes those star ... Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Jul 11, 2016

Cisco lifts branch security with latest software release

Cisco introduced at its Live conference branch security software for the ISR router. The networking company also improved malware protection in the Meraki MX appliance. Continue Reading


By Ai Lei Tao Apr 12, 2016

Singapore releases cloud outage guidelines

The Singapore government releases a set of tiered guidelines for organisations to follow if they have a cloud outage Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Aug 16, 2016

Equation Group cyberweapons auctioned off; WikiLeaks promises release

Cyberweapons purportedly stolen from the NSA-linked Equation Group have been put up for auction; WikiLeaks promises it will publish a 'pristine copy in due course.' Continue Reading


By Ashish Kumar Mehta Manage May 27, 2016

SQL Server tempdb configuration simplified in 2016 release

With SQL Server 2016, tempdb will get enhancements to help speed up applications. Find out about the changes and learn how to properly configure tempdb in SQL Server 2016. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News May 19, 2016

TeslaCrypt master key release confounds experts

In a move that surprised and confused experts, the TeslaCrypt master key was released, effectively killing the ransomware. Continue Reading