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replication: Replication (pronounced rehp-lih-KA-shun) is the process of making a replica (a copy) of something.

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By George Crump ,Brien Posey Evaluate Dec 30, 2015

The evolution of data replication strategies

Replication is showing up in many organizations' data protection strategies today. This is because replication, along with snapshot, can provide a form of continuous data protection. However, there are a wide ... Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Mar 30, 2016

Zerto adds file level recovery to Virtual Replication

Cross-hypervisor, storage-agnostic Zerto Virtual Replication version 4.5 allows customers to recover files to any point in time, such as prior to deletion, virus or corruption Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Nov 23, 2015

Data replication technologies: Benefits and drawbacks

Data volume plays a large role when implementing host-, array- and network-based data replication technologies. This tip breaks down the pros and cons of each approach. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Evaluate Dec 23, 2015


By George Crump Evaluate Dec 23, 2015

Hyper-converged architecture: Aggregation vs. replication

Learn the benefits of aggregation in a hyper-converged environment, how to choose between aggregation and replication, and the compromise to each approach. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Nov 30, 2015

I, robot, self-replicate -- therefore I am?

I've been thinking about purpose lately -- specifically, about what having purpose means to human beings. Many of us would say our purpose is to be a good father or mother or daughter. We'd say our ... Continue Reading


By George Crump Evaluate Nov 16, 2015

Hyper-converged architecture replication impacts performance

Replication in a hyper-converged architecture allows for more flexible data mobility, but the technology can take a toll on performance and available capacity. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 30, 2015

Remote backups or remote replication to protect ROBO data?

Several factors determine whether you use remote backups or remote replication for your organization's ROBO data protection. This expert answer provides use cases for each method. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 29, 2015

Geocluster vs. off-site replication for VM protection

Is a geocluster or virtual machine replication the best option for VM protection? Both approaches protect VM workloads by moving them to an alternate data center during a disaster. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve Mar 06, 2015

What causes UUID errors with Replication 6?

There are a few situations that will trigger a UUID issue when using vSphere Replication 6 to copy VMs -- and one direct way to correct it. Continue Reading