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Conversations: Crystal Reports XI - Duplicating Detail

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By Neil Hobson Manage Oct 20, 2016

Office 365 reporting tool offers insights, analytics

Microsoft's Office 365 reporting tool gives administrators flexibility with how reports are generated and ways to monitor the consumption of the cloud platform. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Manage Oct 03, 2016

Report: Encrypted SSL traffic poses threat to enterprises

New research shows lack of SSL/TLS inspection increases the risk encrypted traffic poses to enterprises as malicious actors take advantage of blind spots. Continue Reading


By Jeremy Bergsman Evaluate Sep 30, 2016

Changes in CISO responsibilities call for new reporting structure

CISO responsibilities are both expanding and shifting to other departments. CEB's Jeremy Bergsman sorts out the future state of IS, privacy and the risk ecosystem. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 23, 2016

FBI ransomware alert: Don't pay; report, defend against attacks

A new FBI ransomware alert urges victims to report incidents to federal law enforcement, gives defense tips and urges victims to avoid paying a ransom, if possible. Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 19, 2016

Special Report: Artificial intelligence apps come of age

Artificial intelligence has taken root in business apps -- but while it has already affected customer expectations and app development, the AI revolution has only just begun. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 14, 2016

Cloud ransomware continues to rise, Netskope reports

Netskope cloud report reveals growth in threat from cloud ransomware as infected enterprises average 26 files carrying malware, over half of infected files shared publicly. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Sep 12, 2016

Cloud POS provider Lightspeed reports security incident

Cloud POS provider Lightspeed reports a 'security incident,' reminds customers to change passwords and developers to implement OAuth 2.0 for improved authentication. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Sep 07, 2016

What does the GAO's SEC cybersecurity report mean for regulation?

The GAO reported on SEC cybersecurity weaknesses, even though the SEC regulates cybersecurity. Expert Mike Chapple discusses the effects of this report. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Richards Problem Solve Sep 01, 2016

Global report: Cybersecurity skills shortage threatens security

The shortage in the security skills pipeline is creating vulnerabilities worldwide, according to one report. Executives say "gaming" can help companies develop a better workforce. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Aug 31, 2016

What does this year's Android Security Report mean for enterprises?

Google's second Android Security Report revealed changes and upgrades made to the OS. Expert Michael Cobb covers the important takeaways for enterprises. Continue Reading