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By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Nov 12, 2015

What's required for VMware Virtual Volumes?

Before you deploy VVOLs to help address storage management issues, there may be some upgrades you need to take care of -- including to vSphere. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 10, 2015

How to calculate Exchange 2013 requirements

Inadequate server resources can impair performance and growth. Here's how to calculate megacycles of work and memory requirements for Exchange 2013. Continue Reading


By Rajith Enchiparambil Evaluate Aug 27, 2015

Availability requires monitoring mailboxes

For a better understanding of Exchange Managed Availability, learn how to create and manage monitoring mailboxes, and how to fix a corrupted mailbox. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 23, 2015

Consumer security risks require a business response

Norton's exposure of consumer security risks has stirred some debate about what it means for the channel and the business community Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Manage Nov 17, 2015

Container monitoring requires a new breed of IT tool

Organizations that deploy microservices and containers may need to look beyond the usual suspects for app performance monitoring tools. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 30, 2015


By Ed Burns News Oct 30, 2015

Adoption of self-service BI tools requires convincing

Getting business users to move away from spreadsheets toward dashboards can be challenging, but pays off in the end when departments collaborate more. Continue Reading


By Kristin Knapp News Oct 29, 2015

Cloud security requires shared responsibility model

Both cloud providers and their users are responsible for data security in the cloud. Unfortunately, it's not always easy determining who's accountable for what. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jun 01, 2015

Why a COTS package requires testing

Buying COTS systems doesn't necessarily mean security. Learn why COTS testing is needed. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Get Started Oct 13, 2015

Is data center cleaning a compliance requirement?

Data center cleaning may not be mandated, but it's still a good idea to do. Some best practices include using HEPA technology and specific cleaning products. Continue Reading