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By Jason Buffington News Dec 05, 2016

Align data protection requirements and compliance

While many compliance mandates discuss the importance of data protection guidelines, not all are as prescriptive as you'd think or like them to be. Continue Reading


By Irwin Lazar Manage Nov 11, 2016

How to calculate video conferencing bandwidth requirements

Image motion, frame rates and screen resolution often dictate video conferencing bandwidth requirements. The number of endpoints and concurrent calls are also key factors. Continue Reading


By Tsahi Levent-Levi Get Started Dec 09, 2016

API planning for enterprises requires ample due diligence

When integrating APIs into your business applications, be sure to forecast your communications traffic, rank your business performance metrics and try out potential vendors. Continue Reading


News Dec 05, 2016

Hyper-convergence meets private cloud platform requirements

Infrastructure choice and integration are fundamental to capitalizing on all that a private cloud environment has to offer your organization. Continue Reading


By Rob Bamforth Dec 05, 2016

End user devices require careful orchestration

Options for access to IT have soared since the desktop PC’s heyday, and organisations must conduct a balancing act Continue Reading


By Joel Shore News Nov 21, 2016

Shouldn't going mobile require a cloud-aware mobile database?

With the need to continuously sync data across multiple devices and locations in real time, specialized database technology for the age of mobile and cloud computing is required. Continue Reading


By Ed Moyle Evaluate Sep 07, 2016

Why the DROWN vulnerability requires constant vigilance

The DROWN vulnerability affected hundreds of SaaS applications, and they're not all completely fixed yet. Expert Ed Moyle discusses the SSLv2 vulnerability and how to manage it. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Manage Nov 11, 2016

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans require updating

Updating business continuity and disaster recovery plans can seem daunting, but it becomes easier when you delegate tasks and focus on the most important parts. Continue Reading


By Michael Gregg Manage Nov 07, 2016

Gadget security requires renewed embrace of policies, authentication

Network administrators must increasingly contend with the challenges fueled by gadget security within their operations. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Get Started Nov 02, 2016

Use elicitation techniques to discover software requirements

Discovering project requirements can be challenging. An expert offers elicitation techniques you can use to discover business and software requirements. Continue Reading