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By Rajith Enchiparambil Evaluate Aug 27, 2015

Availability requires monitoring mailboxes

For a better understanding of Exchange Managed Availability, learn how to create and manage monitoring mailboxes, and how to fix a corrupted mailbox. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 30, 2015


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jun 01, 2015

Why a COTS package requires testing

Buying COTS systems doesn't necessarily mean security. Learn why COTS testing is needed. Continue Reading


By Mary E. Shacklett Evaluate Jul 24, 2015

Know your ERP requirements before buying

When considering an ERP system, make sure the training, scalability and performance of the vendor address your company's needs. Continue Reading


By Matt James Evaluate Sep 01, 2015

Mobile location-based services require customer trust

Mobile location-based services enable companies to enlist data for greater insight about their customers. But success in LBS isn't guaranteed. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Aug 25, 2015

Are cybersecurity certifications a key requirement for new hires?

Cybersecurity certifications are attractive qualifications in a candidate, but hiring managers should always look for other traits when hiring security professionals. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Aug 24, 2015

What are the compliance requirements for Web application firewalls?

Web application firewalls may be a way to better security, but organizations need to be aware of the compliance implications of WAFs. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Manage Aug 20, 2015

Implementing ICD-10 requires precision, expert says

In the second part of a two-part Q&A, an expert recommended testing, budgeting and accuracy as her tips for implementing ICD-10. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Problem Solve Jun 08, 2015

How to involve execs when writing business requirements

How do you engage high-level business executives in the process of writing business requirements? Continue Reading


By Erin Sullivan Evaluate Mar 31, 2015