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By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Sep 10, 2015

How to calculate Exchange 2013 requirements

Inadequate server resources can impair performance and growth. Here's how to calculate megacycles of work and memory requirements for Exchange 2013. Continue Reading


By Rajith Enchiparambil Evaluate Aug 27, 2015

Availability requires monitoring mailboxes

For a better understanding of Exchange Managed Availability, learn how to create and manage monitoring mailboxes, and how to fix a corrupted mailbox. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 30, 2015


By Mike Chapple Get Started Oct 13, 2015

Is data center cleaning a compliance requirement?

Data center cleaning may not be mandated, but it's still a good idea to do. Some best practices include using HEPA technology and specific cleaning products. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jun 01, 2015

Why a COTS package requires testing

Buying COTS systems doesn't necessarily mean security. Learn why COTS testing is needed. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Manage Sep 30, 2015

Big data analytics architecture requires integration push

Organizations looking to analyze big data typically have to pull it together from various systems, making data integration a fundamental component of a big data analytics platform. Continue Reading


By Mary E. Shacklett Evaluate Jul 24, 2015

Know your ERP requirements before buying

When considering an ERP system, make sure the training, scalability and performance of the vendor address your company's needs. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Evaluate Sep 18, 2015

Consider identity federation for mobile cloud app requirements

While traditional IT perimeter security worked well for decades, today's mobile cloud apps demand a different approach: identity federation. Continue Reading


By Jeffrey Ritter Get Started Sep 15, 2015

For reliable digital evidence, information governance strategy required

Computers are increasingly called as witnesses in court cases, forcing companies to ensure information governance processes are able to produce reliable digital evidence. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Sep 02, 2015

What QSAs need to know about new PCI requirements

The PCI SSC changed the requirements for QSAs. Here's what current and future Qualified Security Assessors need to know about the PCI update. Continue Reading