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How should enterprise firewall settings be reviewed?

By Judith Myerson 11 Jan 2018

Getting firewall settings right is one of the most basic ways to protect enterprise data from accidental exposures. Expert Judith Myerson discusses how to review firewall policies. Read More

A review of the trends in HR software during 2017

By Shaun Sutner 27 Dec 2017

The top trends in HR technology of 2017 were AI and machine learning-based applications from key vendors, new talent acquisition tools and HR moves by Google, LinkedIn and Uber. Read More

Many reasons to keep a formal performance review process

By Eric St-Jean 29 Dec 2017

The boon in continuous performance management and employee engagement software doesn't justify replacing reviews with informal feedback mechanisms. Here are some reminders why. Read More

Review these mobile app development security best practices

By Robert Sheldon 28 Dec 2017

When it comes to mobile app development, security is crucial. The second half of an app security checklist covers factors such as back-end systems and third-party services. Read More

How do source code reviews of security products work?

By Michael Cobb 29 Nov 2017

Tensions between the U.S. and Russia have led to source code reviews on security products, but the process isn't new. Expert Michael Cobb explains what to know about these reviews. Read More

DCMS to spearhead review of UK telecoms sector

By Alex Scroxton 29 Nov 2017

The government is to embark on a landmark review of the UK’s telecoms markets to investigate how it can better support investment in future connectivity Read More

UAE tech growth prompts firms to review internal IT security

By Alicia Buller 10 Jan 2018

As IT becomes more prominent in the UAE economy, more and more internal connections between people and systems are created, all of which need to be secured Read More

2017 in review: Top stories highlight IT industry trends

By Spencer Smith 02 Jan 2018

Before embarking on a new year of reporting on IT industry trends in the channel, we wanted to take a moment to review some of our 2017 coverage that struck a chord with readers. Not surprisingly, ... Read More

A review of electronic prior authorization technology

By Michelle Mattson-Hamilton 09 Jun 2017

Migrating to electronic prior authorization software offers a chance to improve revenue cycle operations and reduce complexity, which can be a win for all involved. Read More

Federal vulnerability review under new VEP still has questions

By Michael Heller 16 Nov 2017

Experts are still unsure about the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, but admit the new VEP Charter could be a good step toward improving federal vulnerability review. Read More