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runtime: Runtime is when a program is running (or being executable).

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By Robert Richardson Manage Mar 02, 2015

Is runtime application self-protection a shortcut to secure software?

Editorial Director Robert Richardson says it's easy to question the RASP security model, as it joins the growing list of application security testing acronyms, but the self-monitoring approach may hold merit. Continue Reading


By Robert Crawford Evaluate Dec 03, 2013

Improving mainframe performance with runtime and compiler optimization

Reducing mainframe CPU usage should be a priority. Learn how to tune IBM LE options for better performance without source code changes. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Mar 05, 2012


Sep 22, 2013

Driving higher densities: Optimizing virtual Java runtimes in the cloud

Cloud computing introduces new layers of abstraction that create challenges for optimizing virtual Java runtimes. But IBM is finding new ways of driving higher densities on their servers. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Apr 03, 2014

Microsoft Build 2014: Start menu returns as Phone users get new runtime

Microsoft unveiled moves to bring its Windows operating system (OS) into the tablet era during its Build developer conference in San Francisco Continue Reading


By Robert Richardson News Apr 21, 2015

Waratek grabs RSA Innovation Sandbox honors

Runtime application self-protection startup Waratek wins coveted RSA Innovation award. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Apr 10, 2015

RASP is latest grasp at secure software delivery

Runtime application self-protection could provide more secure software applications after delivery, but you need to recognize its limitations. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 01, 2012

Windows Runtime and Metro style can make a sysadmin's life easier

If you're thinking about migrating to Windows 8, it's best to know the programming foundation Windows RT and how it can put an administrator's mind at ease. Continue Reading

News Sep 08, 2011

Ubuntu gets Firefox, xulrunner runtime update to thwart MITM attacks

Mozilla issues a hot fix to tackle fraudulent certificates released by DigiNotar. Continue Reading

By Nicole Laskowski News Feb 25, 2015

RASP helps apps protect themselves, but is it ready for the enterprise?

A new technology called runtime application self-protection is being touted as a next big thing in application security. But not everyone is singing its praises. Continue Reading