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SaaS: SaaS stands for at least three different "as-a-service" offerings.

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By Irwin Lazar Problem Solve Aug 14, 2015

How to thwart the risks presented by SaaS products

Employees love the ease of downloading apps. But IT needs to be vigilant in providing workers with what they want while maintaining security over SaaS products. Continue Reading


Jul 27, 2015

SaaS criteria to track for business outcomes

Organisations should evolve their SaaS selection criteria to focus on newer metrics that are better indicators of supplier performance Continue Reading


News Jul 15, 2015

SaaS model still a cloud conversation-starter

Software as a service isn't new to the cloud world, but that doesn't mean no one is talking about it. So what's the Twittersphere saying about SaaS? Continue Reading


By Adam Hughes News Jul 15, 2015

Squeezing the most out of your organizations' SaaS apps

Despite the popularity of SaaS, questions around the technology remain. To get some answers, Modern Infrastructure spoke with Cloud Sherpas' CTO. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 30, 2015

How to implement a successful SaaS business model

Software as a service can yield huge profit margins, but it also requires careful planning. Get expert tips on how to develop your SaaS business model with this guide. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Jun 12, 2015

SaaS ALM for mobile apps: Trends and tools

Learn why you should consider SaaS ALM strategies when designing mobile, Agile and cloud applications. Continue Reading


By Ofir Nachmani Get Started May 28, 2015

Should you shop for a SaaS tool in the AWS Marketplace?

With a wealth of options available in the AWS Marketplace and from independent vendors, enterprises have a tall task in selecting the right SaaS tool. Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Aug 10, 2015

CIOs say SaaS compliance is a two-way street

We’ll ensure we don’t break contract terms, but providers must better meet our needs in terms of simplicity and flexibility, say IT bosses Continue Reading


By Dan Ring News Jul 24, 2015

CareerBuilder adds HR SaaS tools for talent acquisition

Beyond and Snagajob also are expanding into HR SaaS to boost sales, but Indeed has no similar plans. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Jul 15, 2015

SaaS analytics helps net $23m in revenue cycle payments

Orlando Health found a way to create a more efficient and accurate revenue cycle, while saving money. The key? A data analytics platform. Continue Reading