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SaaS: SaaS stands for at least three different "as-a-service" offerings.

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By Alissa Irei News Dec 01, 2016

SaaS-collaboration integrations: Let's talk, cloud to cloud

It's time for clouds to get social. SaaS-collaboration integrations can ease multicloud woes in the enterprise and may ultimately boost the bottom line. Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Jul 13, 2016

Pulsant: how to be a SaaS developer

Cloud hosting solutions company Pulsant gets down to the nitty gritty more than some firms. Rather than spending an excess of time meandering around the oh-so worn out subject of ‘business ... Continue Reading


By Sandra Gittlen News Dec 01, 2016

UCaaS-to-SaaS integrations lend competitive advantage in enterprise

SaaS integrations that connect UCaaS platforms with business-critical systems such as Salesforce can dramatically improve the efficiency of existing workflows in the enterprise. Continue Reading


News Dec 01, 2016

Integrate UC platform with business-critical SaaS for competitive edge

By one current estimate, the average business operates across six different clouds. With many software-as-a-service platforms still unable to communicate with each other, enterprise workers must straddle the space ... Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Nov 23, 2016

HyperGrid swears off hardware, favors HyperCloud SaaS

Hypergrid put the finishing touch on its shift from storage hardware to SaaS-based delivery with the introduction of HyperCloud. The company formerly known as Gridstore said HyperCloud helps ... Continue Reading


Aug 31, 2016

CW ASEAN: Small businesses dive into SaaS

In this month’s CW ASEAN, we look at why companies in Southeast Asia are embracing cloud. Increasingly, companies in the region are using the cloud by putting their applications there. Why is the cloud so ... Continue Reading


By John Moore News Oct 26, 2016

SaaS consulting shakeout: Appirio deal signals end of era

Wipro's pending purchase of Appirio, a cloud services firm, would further reduce the number of independent cloud consultancies in a rapidly consolidating market. Continue Reading


By Ai Lei Tao Aug 04, 2016

Why Asean SMBs increasingly opt for SaaS

Region is seeing a rapid take-up of cloud-based business software driven by SMBs and large firms expanding in Southeast Asia Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 20, 2016


By Chris Evans Manage Sep 27, 2016

How can IT administrators improve a SaaS backup plan?

Migrating to software as a service can benefit an organization, but there are some questions administrators need to ask when considering a cloud-to-cloud backup. Continue Reading