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Sametime: Sametime is software from Lotus for group collaboration over the Internet.

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Manage Feb 13, 2002


Aug 08, 2002

Launch Sametime connect

This tip describes the keyboard shortcut used to launch Sametime Connect. Continue Reading


By Jon Panker News Dec 18, 2002

Give Sametime its due expert Steven Gerhardt thinks some organizations don't give Sametime its due. Sure, it's a corporate instant messaging tool. But after spearheading four Sametime installations, Gerhardt, vice ... Continue Reading


Manage Sep 30, 2004

Multiple connections through Sametime Connect

This tip shows you how, if you support multiple Sametime servers, to connect to two or more servers at the same time using the Sametime Connect Client. Continue Reading


Problem solve Feb 16, 2006

FAQ: Sametime administration and troubleshooting

Does Sametime have you stumped? Before posing a question to our experts, check out our collection of frequently asked questions on Sametime administration and troubleshooting. Whether you're trying... Continue Reading


By Mathew Newman Problem solve Mar 20, 2007

Saving and archiving Lotus Sametime Web conferences's Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to use Lotus Sametime's native functionality for saving and archiving Sametime Web conferences. He also briefly discusses what a ... Continue Reading


By Mark Baard News Dec 13, 2002

Competitors tread on Sametime's turf

Long the only game in town, Sametime now has some serious enterprise IM competition. So how does Lotus' tool stack up against offerings from Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo? Continue Reading


By Mathew Newman Problem solve Mar 22, 2007

Meeting windows won't appear on Sametime 7 with Sametime Connect 3 client

When connecting to a Lotus Sametime 7 server with the Sametime Connect 3 client, meeting windows may not appear.'s Sametime administration expert Mathew Newman explains how to fix this Lotus ... Continue Reading


Sep 17, 2001

Lotus releases Sametime 2.5 upgrade

Lotus Software Group - the IBM subsidiary formerly known as Lotus Development - released an upgrade of Sametime, its instant... Continue Reading


Dec 07, 2006

IBM expands interoperability in Sametime IM tool

Sametime IM users will be able to exchange messages and add contacts with AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. Continue Reading