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By Alex Scroxton Dec 06, 2016

Aberdeenshire delivers wireless across schools and libraries

Aberdeenshire Council has built an estate-wide wireless network covering its schools, libraries and corporate buildings Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 30, 2016

CIF: Skills gap not just an issue for school leavers

The Cloud Industry Forum has talked up the need for on the job training to help those currently in work gain more relevant skills Continue Reading


By Angelica Mari Nov 09, 2016

CIO interview: Mark Bramwell, Said Business School

Oxford University’s Said Business School’s drive towards digital comes with both challenges and benefits, according to CIO Mark Bramwell Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Oct 19, 2016

Cloud backup saves data after fire destroys school

Data from The Academy secondary school in the seaside town of Selsey was restored just hours after a fire destroyed most of the premises, thanks to a cloud backup agreement set up a year earlier Continue Reading


Manage Sep 01, 2016

What a developer learned about API usability and design in high school

In API design projects, one engineer boosts API usability with a lesson he learned in high school. Learn what that lesson was and how it helps him craft a quality API. Continue Reading


By Scott Wallask News Apr 15, 2016

An hour of coding in school could trump intuition

After my kids took a short programming course, I wondered about the future of human instinct. Do coding, analytics and other high-tech teachings numb intuition? Continue Reading


By Alissa Irei News Oct 03, 2016

Learn SDN in school, experts urge today's networking students

Despite old school ways, academic tides slowly turn in SDN's favor -- as textbooks and instructors recognize network programming is here to stay. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Jun 16, 2016

Time to talk to schools about the need for mobile printing

Schools are using printer estates that are struggling to provide students with a decent experience Annodata has warned Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Jun 14, 2016

Catalogic Software teaches schools to manage copy sprawl

Catalogic Software's ECX Instant Copy Data Management stabilizes NetApp backup and replication for Fairfax public schools, and offers better search for their 100 million files. Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News May 24, 2016

Lieu, Hurd school House colleagues on cyberhygiene, defense

Former computer science majors Lieu and Hurd wrote to their U.S. House of Representatives colleagues, urging improved awareness of cyber risks and cyberhygiene. Continue Reading