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Jun 06, 2013

Decommissioning and SDLC: Learning lessons from the mobile ALM process

When a mobile application is decommissioned, it's time to step back and learn some lessons from the SDLC and ALM process Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Problem Solve Mar 27, 2013

SDLC process: What will ALM of the future do?

Future application lifecycle management suites must support the increasingly complex SDLC process -- where constant software updates will be the norm. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 19, 2011

Secure SDLC best practices

While focus on technicalities is a given during the SDLC, this tip explains how to secure the SDLC, from the analysis phase right through to deployment. Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Evaluate Nov 08, 2011

Application testing in the cloud: SDLC considerations

Applications are increasingly moving to the cloud, posing platform challenges for developers and testers. ALM expert Kevin Parker offers useful advice for selecting a cloud vendor, setting up SLAs and making use of... Continue Reading


By Mike Jones Problem Solve Nov 11, 2010

How does ALM differ from SDLC?

In this expert response, Mike Jones explains that SDLC is a subset of ALM with ALM covering the processes for all products in a portfoli. He also gives some specific recommendations of when you might want to use a ... Continue Reading


Mar 18, 2013

Merging Mobile ALM with Traditional Enterprise SDLC Processes Effectively

Mobile application lifecycle management (Mobile ALM) and traditional software development lifecycle processes are clashing as organizations bring mobile and traditional development together. Here were offer some ... Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Evaluate Mar 12, 2012

Automation in your SDLC: Identifying vital ALM tools

Process-centric tools and dashboards are among the ALM trends identified by expert Kevin Parker. Here he discusses how these trends are now indispensable to automation in the SDLC. Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Evaluate Mar 09, 2012

Test management tools: Supporting your SDLC

Expert Kevin Parker delves into the importance of choosing test management tools that integrate with and support your organization’s SDLC. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Problem Solve Feb 07, 2013

How to negate business logic attack risk: Improve security in the SDLC

Expert Nick Lewis details the threat posed by business logic attacks and how stressing the importance of security in the SDLC can reduce that threat. Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Sep 20, 2011

SQL injection scanning processes for corporate SDLC methodology

SQL injection vulnerabilities are some of the most exploited flaws. In this expert response, Nick Lewis explains how to eradicate such flaws from your Web apps. Continue Reading