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Problem Solve Apr 19, 2011

Secure SDLC best practices

While focus on technicalities is a given during the SDLC, this tip explains how to secure the SDLC, from the analysis phase right through to deployment. Continue Reading


By Mike Jones Problem Solve Nov 11, 2010

How does ALM differ from SDLC?

In this expert response, Mike Jones explains that SDLC is a subset of ALM with ALM covering the processes for all products in a portfoli. He also gives some specific recommendations of when you might want to use a ... Continue Reading


Manage May 29, 2007

Ways to integrate security into the SDLC

To successfully integrate security into the software development life cycle (SDLC) you need to make sure you factor time for security into the project plan. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 24, 2007

Software metrics and the SDLC

Proper measurement of software metrics is essential to an effective software development life cycle. Expert Bas de Baar explains how to approach software metrics in your SDLC. Continue Reading


By Mike Kelly Problem Solve May 28, 2008

When to begin testing in the SDLC

Testing is one of the most important components of the software development lifecycle, but when to begin testing depends on a number of factors. Expert Mike Kelly discusses how certain issues affect the timing of ... Continue Reading


By Jennette Mullaney News Nov 16, 2006

SDLC lacks application security practices

The SDLC (software development life cycle) must be revamped to accommodate application security. Find out how to incorporate security into the SDLC with techniques from Ryan Berg. Continue Reading


Manage Sep 22, 2008

Static analysis at the end of the SDLC doesn't work

Use security static analysis in concert with other analysis capabilities early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to remedy problems faster and help programmers code better. Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Evaluate Mar 09, 2012

Test management tools: Supporting your SDLC

Expert Kevin Parker delves into the importance of choosing test management tools that integrate with and support your organization’s SDLC. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Problem Solve Oct 05, 2009

Problems caused by skipping analysis stage of SDLC

A requirements expert explains the possible pitfalls of skipping the analysis phase in the software life cycle development (SDLC). Continue Reading


By Kevin Parker Evaluate Mar 12, 2012

Automation in your SDLC: Identifying vital ALM tools

Process-centric tools and dashboards are among the ALM trends identified by expert Kevin Parker. Here he discusses how these trends are now indispensable to automation in the SDLC. Continue Reading