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By David Sherry Get Started Sep 10, 2015

Learn from the past: Ensure a secure future of information security

To ensure the future of information security, enterprises must learn from the past, launch proper training and install the right technologies. Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Get Started Sep 30, 2015

An introduction to cloud container security

While the benefits of cloud containers are readily apparent, there aren't clear guidelines on how to secure the technology. Expert Rob Shapland offers pointers on how to stay safe. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 25, 2015

Data security in a cyberthreat landscape

President Obama couldn't have put the current state of cybersecurity better: "Whether it's phishing or botnets, spyware or malware, and now ransomware, these attacks are getting more and more sophisticated every ... Continue Reading


Sep 22, 2015

Security roundtable: The current landscape

In part one of the MicroScope security roundtable we cover what is currently happening in the market as well as start the discussion about future areas of growth Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Manage Sep 14, 2015

Microsegmentation strategies for smarter security

Microsegmentation and zones of zero trust are security strategies inherent in software-defined networking. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how to get started. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko ,Dan Sullivan Manage Aug 24, 2015

Techniques to create a more secure AWS

Acceptance of the public cloud depends on users being comfortable with a provider’s security practices. Amazon Web Services, in particular, has been aggressive about enhancing its security offerings. Even so, users... Continue Reading


By Madelyn Bacon News Jul 29, 2015

Security operations centers could be key to better security

Video: Security operations centers are critical to continuous network monitoring and detecting data breaches. Eric Cole discusses SOCs and the role security automation plays in them. Continue Reading


Oct 05, 2015

Security Think Tank: Addressing the gap between security data and intelligence

What is the best practice for collecting and using threat indicators from security incidents to improve defences against future cyber attacks? Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 05, 2015

Building an Information Security Awareness Program

In this excerpt of Building an Information Security Awareness Program, authors Bill Gardner and Valerie Thomas discuss why lecturing is an ineffective method of security awareness programs and offer alternative ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Manage Sep 28, 2015

How to introduce data security management into the cloud

Enterprises are adopting mobile and cloud computing rapidly -- raising concerns about data security management. George Lawton explores how IT can address those challenges. Continue Reading