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By Barney Beal News Jan 16, 2007

Oracle beefs up self-service

As CRM and self-service continue to converge, Oracle has enhanced Siebel self-service tools based on billing technology from Edocs. Continue Reading


By Christina Torode News Mar 27, 2012

The ROI of self-service BI

Self-service BI could very well be the answer to the perennial question, "What's the ROI of business intelligence?" Continue Reading


Manage Jul 09, 2008

Learn all about self-service storage

Self-service storage allows the storage administrator to take advantage of all the capabilities of virtualized storage and respond to user needs for storage volumes more rapidly than ever. Continue Reading


News Jun 16, 2009

Building a business case for self-service

Get tips for using self-service technology effectively in this podcast. Best practices for building a business case for self-service and getting upper-management support for a self-service technology initiative are... Continue Reading


By Kerry Glance News Apr 01, 2004

Talkin' about the self-service revolution

The past year was eventful for customer service application provider Kanisa Inc. In late spring of 2003, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company beefed up its self-service offerings Continue Reading


By Barney Beal News May 18, 2005

Self-service scored in recent ranking

A new ranking system attempts to sort out the leaders in the self-service market. Continue Reading


Get Started May 01, 2007

Customer self-service vendors in the news

This section of the Customer Self Service Learning Guide collects the headlines from customer self-service vendors in the news. Read the latest on where the customer self-service software market is headed. Continue Reading


Get Started May 01, 2007

Overview of customer self-service vendors

Use this section of the Customer Self Service Learning Guide to find an overview of vendors in the self-service software market. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Apr 19, 2005

Siebel extends self-service software

Siebel Systems has released new versions of its software for customer self-service and e-billing. Continue Reading


Dec 02, 2003

Thought for the day: Prosper from self-service

Self-service is transforming commercial relationships, and will, one day, become the norm, says John Hughes. Continue Reading