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By Cliff Saran Apr 22, 2015

Why self-service and automation will power mass adoption of BI

Tibco’s analytics head, Brian Gentile, believes business intelligence needs to adapt for mass-market adoption Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Apr 17, 2015

Customer self-service a must-have for Oracle Collaborate attendees

Companies now see online self-service options as a must-have for customer experience strategy. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Mar 25, 2015

Self-service analytics needs strong data architecture foundation

The adoption of self-service BI and analytics tools continues to grow. But understanding how to support their use is a must -- and that starts with a solid architecture for analytics. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Mar 20, 2015

Relief groups get big helping hand from self-service BI tools

Fundraising for charitable organizations can be extremely competitive, so some nonprofits are turning to self-service BI to help gain an edge in attracting donors and improving operations. Continue Reading


By David A. Teich Manage Mar 13, 2015

Self-service BI tools don't push IT teams to the sidelines

Self-service BI tools aren't self-sufficient -- data governance concerns and the complexity of data visualization mean IT teams must remain in the mix. Continue Reading


Feb 11, 2015

A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to enterprise app stores and self-service IT

Computer Weekly assesses how businesses can go about setting up an enterprise app store and integrating it with IT service management in this 11-page buyer's guide. Continue Reading


By Tim Ehrens Evaluate Feb 03, 2015

Can online self-service make contact centers more efficient?

Companies can use online self-service tools to ease the burden on contact center agents. But phone calls are still critical to multichannel service. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna Feb 02, 2015

Self-service BI, data integration top information management issues

Self-service business intelligence and data integration top information management challenges for IT and finance professionals Continue Reading


By Rick van der Lans Evaluate Oct 29, 2014

Self-service software missing from operational BI picture

Consultant Rick van der Lans says most self-service business intelligence tools fall short at the operational level, leaving some key business users locked out of the self-service BI process. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz News Oct 03, 2014

Is self-service sales hacking the traditional model?

Collaboration software company Atlassian acquired 40,000 customers -- with no sales team. It uses self-service to hack into the traditional sales model. Continue Reading