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Manage Nov 29, 2016

Farmers Insurance turns to self-service capabilities with Salesforce

Farmers Insurance transforms its digital platform with Salesforce Service Cloud. With enhanced self-service capabilities, Farmer's tries to target a new level of customer experience. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Nov 23, 2016

Business should work with IT to get self-service BI governance right

Self-service analytics is all about getting IT roadblocks out of the way of the business, but traditional tech teams can still play a useful role in defining and implementing BI data governance best practices. Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Dec 21, 2015

The secrets of self-service success

As more organisations explore self-service IT systems, we look at what it takes to use the technology effectively Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho Evaluate Aug 05, 2016

Business intelligence app integration, self-service deemed must-haves

Businesses must either disrupt or be disrupted. One way to do the former is to integrate sales intelligence apps and make them self-service. Sound difficult? It doesn't have to be. Continue Reading


By Scott Sachs Manage Apr 27, 2016

Why is customer self-service critical for contact centers?

Contact centers have embraced and improved self-service options like conversational voice response systems and mobile websites -- but there are still some challenges with the tech. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Manage Jul 19, 2016

Self-service push drives new data analytics project processes

SAS consultant and author Jill Dyché discusses how self-service BI and business control of systems affect IT teams and details a novel approach to IT buying that may ease push-pull issues. Continue Reading


By Brian McKenna News Apr 04, 2016

Data workers and the necessity for the self-service analytics revolution

This is a guest blogpost by George Mathew, president & COO, Alteryx In recent years, we've seen a trend line for data volumes and velocity to go up, and to the right. This continued growth has ... Continue Reading


By Robert Bamforth Dec 07, 2015

How to free your business and staff with self-service

Introducing self-service IT can improve efficiency and hand control to the employee – so long as it’s done right Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Dec 02, 2015

MicroStrategy 10 promotes self-service analytics

The MicroStrategy 10 analytics and BI platform lets users tap into data from a variety of sources to create and distribute customized reports. Plug-ins can extend functionality. Continue Reading


By Allen Bernard Evaluate Nov 24, 2015

Logi Analytics provides self-service analytics

Logi Vision and Logi Info self-service analytics products enable users to perform reporting and dashboarding, scorecarding, search, ad hoc queries, OLAP and data discovery. Continue Reading