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A server is a computer program that provides services to other computer programs (and their users) in ...Read More

What is the future of Windows Server?

By Tim Anderson 04 Oct 2017

At its annual Ignite event, Microsoft presented a number of features that give an insight into its strategy Read More

Choose between hyper-converged servers and conventional

By Jim O'Reilly 16 Nov 2017

HCI presents a compelling case for admins choosing virtual server systems because of its inexpensive price point, improved throughput, latency reduction and bandwidth expansion. Read More

The 'death' of Windows Nano Server

By Mike Nelson 08 Sep 2017

Microsoft recently made Nano Server a “containers-only” platform. MVP Mike Nelson explains why they’re missing an opportunity. Read More

Consolidate servers with these performance enhancements

By Jim O'Reilly 11 Aug 2017

Higher solid-state drive capacity and CPU core counts are just a couple of the factors leading to the next wave of server consolidation. So, footprint plan accordingly. Read More

Microsoft Nano Server overhaul a disappointment to some

By Jonathan Hassell 25 Sep 2017

Microsoft's course reversal on Nano Server in Windows Server 2016 will make some Windows administrators hesitant to come along for the ride in the next server-related innovation. Read More

Mitigate Windows Server 2016 licensing cost concerns

By Brian Kirsch 21 Nov 2017

Microsoft's Windows Server 2016 licensing change could put a serious strain on IT budgets. Though it carries performance risks, IT admins can defray costs with a split environment. Read More

How to choose a server based on your data center's needs

By Stephen J. Bigelow 21 Nov 2017

In an effort to optimize performance in the enterprise, IT should evaluate top priorities to determine how to choose a server and create the most efficient workloads. Read More

How to add HTTP security headers to various types of servers

By Judith Myerson 21 Nov 2017

Expert Judith Myerson outlines the different types of HTTP security headers and how to add them to different servers, including Apache, Ngnix and Microsoft IIS Manager. Read More

Microsoft boosts SQL Server machine learning services

By Jack Vaughan 09 Nov 2017

Python and R are among the tools in the SQL Server machine learning toolkit. Native T-SQL scoring is also on the agenda, as uncovered at PASS Summit 2017. Read More

Microsoft puts a new face on remote server management

By Tom Walat 31 Oct 2017

Microsoft's Project Honolulu puts the GUI back in the spotlight for systems administrators who felt left behind by the company's focus on advanced initiatives. Read More