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server: In information technology, a server is a computer program that provides services to other computer ...

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By David Linthicum Evaluate Dec 27, 2006

Web servers and application servers

David Lithicum discusses the differences between a Web server and an application server. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 30, 2003

How to install an additional server as a first server

This tip describes how to install an additional server as a first server. Continue Reading


By Michael Lazar Problem Solve Oct 31, 2005

How to rename a server

This user wants to know how to rename a server. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 04, 2006

Linking SQL Server to Oracle server

How can I link SQL Server from its manager environment to an Oracle server? My idea is to get information stored in the Oracle server through SQL Server. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 23, 2002

Server performance

Pay attention to hardware IRQ's for peak server performance. Continue Reading


By Matthew Schroeder Problem Solve Oct 30, 2009

Securing the server and database in SQL Server

Hardening SQL Server at the database and server levels is crucial to a secure environment. Learn why in part two of our SQL Server security series. Continue Reading


By Matt Stansberry News Oct 18, 2005

Server Specs: Blade server roundup

Blade server news from Egenera, HP, IBM and Mercury. Continue Reading


Mar 18, 2007

Server virtualization and blades server benefits

Author Barb Goldworm describes the main benefits of employing blade servers and virtualization for server channel professionals. Continue Reading


Jan 02, 2008

Advanced server virtualization: Server consolidation

Server consolidation through server virtualization will help organizations save money in the datac enter. This excerpt from "Advanced Server Virtualization:VMware and Microsoft Platforms in the Virtual Data Center"... Continue Reading

By Margaret Rouse Jul 07, 2008

Quiz: Servers

Test yourself. A tech vocabulary quiz about server teminology. Continue Reading