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By Jim O'Reilly Manage Aug 25, 2016

Upgrade considerations for a blade server vs. rack server

Blade servers and rack servers aren't designed the same, which means the refresh process varies for each. Explore the different upgrade considerations for memory, storage and more. Continue Reading


By Michael Otey Evaluate Aug 25, 2016


By Michael Otey Evaluate Aug 25, 2016


Evaluate Sep 20, 2016

Stand-alone servers are alone no more

Hyper-converged infrastructure has shaken up the server market, and stand-alone servers are certainly on "Treacherous Ground." The stand-alone server has been replaced by integrated appliances faster than it took ... Continue Reading


By Michael Otey Manage Aug 04, 2016

SQL Server Installation Center steps for SQL Server 2016 upgrades

Consultant Michael Otey provides a step-by-step guide to upgrading from SQL Server 2014 to the 2016 release using the SQL Server Installation Center and Microsoft's upgrade wizard. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Brien Posey ,Dennis Martin Get Started Aug 03, 2016

Server-side caching defined and clarified

Server-side caching, or flash storage installed in the server itself, is deployed to accelerate application performance. Placing the flash as close to the application as possible reduces latency and improves ... Continue Reading


By Paul Korzeniowski Manage Aug 01, 2016

How to create a global Exchange Server setup

Organizations should tackle these technical, financial and managerial issues to ensure email flows efficiently among global Exchange servers. Continue Reading


By Michael Otey Evaluate Sep 29, 2016

What you need to know about Windows Server 2016 containers

Deciding which container route to take while using microservices can be tricky. Expert Mike Otey explains what the differences are and how to best take advantage of the options. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Reilly Manage Sep 28, 2016

When moving servers to a colocation facility, planning is key

Moving servers off premises to a colocation facility can be a daunting task. Use these best practices to minimize downtime to ensure a seamless transition. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Sep 21, 2016

What are the latest Windows Server disaster recovery capabilities?

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 offers more advanced disaster recovery resources than the 2012 R2 edition. Features include deduplication, replication and availability. Continue Reading