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News Feb 04, 2004

It's all about service

Bad weather is no stranger to North-Western Europe during the cold, dark, stormy months of winter. Come to that, each of the seasons experience its own weather-based tribulations. This article ... Continue Reading


Aug 28, 2001

Domino as a service

Why we should run Domino as a service Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve Nov 16, 2012

Anything as a Service, Everything as a Service explained

As cloud providers diversify, Anything as a Service and Everything as a Service become interchangeable in the cloud landscape. Continue Reading


By John Riley Aug 16, 2000

Network services slammed over poor service

John Riley

Network services companies have come under fire from IT directors for poor service, lack of flexibility, slow...

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By Michael Mimoso News Jun 16, 2004

Verification service glows over Web services

Web services improved efficiency for the National Student Clearinghouse and users of its degree and enrollment verification services. Continue Reading


By Steve Craggs News Dec 05, 2005

Web services vs. business services

Avoid pitfalls of turning all your mainframe apps into Web services. Getting business services right is something best done at the start of a project rather than at the end. Continue Reading


Mar 14, 2008

Printer services

Change is afoot in the printer services market as managed services take hold and vendors nudge their way in. Find out how to stay competitive in this increasingly commoditized space. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 19, 2008

Web Services

This chapter, excerpted from Professional Ajax, introduces you to the evolution of Web services and associated technologies such as SOAP, WSDL, and REST. Continue Reading


Oct 30, 2001

Service with a smile?

They should, in theory, provide an open and understandable framework for service delivery. So why, asks Mike Hardwidge - in his... Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 18, 2005

Service management

Client computers come with several pre-enabled services which may represent security risks to your network. In this excerpt from The Definitive Guide to Securing Windows in the Enterprise, you will learn ... Continue Reading