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Setting up a service automation framework

By Jan-Willem Middelburg 31 Oct 2017

In this third tip in a series on service automation, the global CIO searches for and finds a service automation framework. Read More

Westcon launches video conferencing service

By Simon Quicke 05 Dec 2017

The distributor has identified growth in the cloud video conferencing market and opted to launch its own service into the area Read More

Cloud communication services are not for everyone

By Irwin Lazar 27 Nov 2017

Large enterprises, in particular, have been wary of adopting cloud-based communications for a variety of reasons. But that sentiment might be changing. Read More

Seeking services with a clear digital focus

By Somak Roy 13 Nov 2017

We take a look at the pros and cons of using mid-sized nearshore IT service providers to support digital transformation Read More

When to consider SD-WAN managed services

By John Burke 10 Nov 2017

SD-WAN offers promising benefits, like the ability to use multiple ISP links. But managing those links can prove challenging. That's where SD-WAN managed services can help. Read More

Office 365 at your service

By Simon Bisson 04 Sep 2017

An overview of Microsoft’s subscription-based software offering Read More

Azure Backup service adds layer of data protection

By Jonathan Hassell 14 Dec 2017

For enterprise data protection needs, Microsoft's Azure Backup offering might suit organizations that need a unified approach to protect assets both on premises and in the cloud. Read More

Cloud disaster recovery service: Public or private?

By Stuart Burns 13 Dec 2017

There is a wide range of cloud DR services. Whether you choose public or private cloud, or a little of both, you need to weigh the risk and cost of each option. Read More

AWS security services expand, but still room for improvement

By Trevor Jones 12 Dec 2017

AWS security tools got a boost from GuardDuty and IoT Device Defender, but the vendor still has work to do to provide a full security portfolio to meet enterprise needs. Read More

The advantages of service mesh for containers, microservices

By George Lawton 04 Oct 2017

Find out about the challenges and opportunities around creating a new application development stack for containers with the help of service meshes. Read More