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By Kristin Knapp News Dec 02, 2016

Multicloud computing bliss not yet a reality for all IT shops

Experts predict multicloud computing will be a top enterprise trend in 2017, but some cloud users question whether the touted benefits are worth the jump over significant IT management hurdles. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Nov 30, 2016

Shopping for survey research services? Look to the election for lessons

Organizations that want to outsource survey research can learn something from the signals pollsters missed in the 2016 election, says Harvard's Gary King. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond News Nov 04, 2016

Improved Skype for Business support helps VDI shops

Until recently, IT shops experienced high bandwidth consumption and poor performance when it came to UC tools on VDI. That's changed with enhanced Skype for Business support from Citrix and VMware. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Dec 01, 2016

Discover the top sources of shadow IT risk for VDI shops

The presence of shadow IT is a challenge for VDI shops. Users can circumvent IT with unauthorized applications and cloud-hosted virtual desktops. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche News Dec 01, 2016

CMDB best practices remain out of reach for many IT shops: Free chapter

Most IT pros know what a CMDB is, but mastering the database and asset management is difficult -- though not impossible. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jun 08, 2016

Londoners go mobile shopping on the Tube

Commuters on the London Underground are spending their time in the tunnels shopping on their mobile devices, says payments provider Pay by Bank Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Oct 31, 2016

Three benefits Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway delivers to VDI shops

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway helps VDI shops by providing one point of network entry, enabling single sign-on and delivering a consistent user experience. Continue Reading


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 20, 2016


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 20, 2016


By Beth Pariseau Get Started Oct 20, 2016