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Cloud-based environment: The new normal for IT shops

By Mike Matchett 19 Oct 2017

The sky is the limit as new cloud management tools and evolutions in storage help make hybrid and multicloud IT a viable option for organizations with on-prem data centers. Read More

What IT automation trends mean for the future of the shop

By John Moore 12 Sep 2017

Smart technology is creating citizen technologists who can now function in a traditional IT department, even though they're not trained. Here's what that means for the future. Read More

Dutch startup wants to revolutionise online food shopping

05 Sep 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out how Dutch startup Picnic hopes to revolutionise the online food shopping market using artificial intelligence and data analytics. We take a look at the latest updates to ... Read More

Enterprise shops look to AIOps for IT root cause analysis

By Beth Pariseau 10 Nov 2017

IT ops pros look to AIOps tools to help find the smoking gun in failing IT stacks, but some call automated root cause analysis more dream than reality. Read More

Almost 70% of customers willing to use fingerprint biometrics to shop

By Clare McDonald 24 Oct 2017

Consumers are becoming more comfortable using biometrics to pay when shopping, with fingerprint payments proving the most popular biometric identification method Read More

With Distelli, Puppet container management makes play for DevOps shops

By Beth Pariseau 20 Sep 2017

As CI/CD pipelines go mainstream in the DevOps boat, Puppet shops will have a new option from a familiar vendor. Read More

Atlassian chat tool revamp faces long odds in ChatOps shops

By Beth Pariseau 15 Sep 2017

Atlassian's successor to HipChat Cloud has plenty of work ahead of it to attract converts and migrate their data from de facto ChatOps market leader Slack. Read More

Windows DevOps shops quickly gain on Linux counterparts

By Beth Pariseau 07 Sep 2017

Early adopters of DevOps embrace open source software, but enterprise Microsoft shops have made strides in 2017, as have Microsoft's DevOps products. Read More

Ocado launches voice-driven shopping app for Amazon Alexa

By Clare McDonald 30 Aug 2017

Online supermarket’s Amazon Echo application aims to give consumers a simple, seamless retail experience Read More

Prospective Citrix Cloud shops eye hybrid approach

By Ramin Edmond 26 May 2017

Citrix Cloud's management plane has broad appeal, but organizations still aren't sure about moving XenApp and XenDesktop out of their own data centers. Read More