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A smartphone is a cellular telephone with an integrated computer and other features not originally ...Read More

Why smartphone technology won't ever replace PCs

By Ramin Edmond 31 Jul 2017

Since the release of the iPhone in 2007, smartphone technology has become so advanced that the devices really are mini computers. But that doesn't mean they'll replace actual PCs. Innovations to ... Read More

How can memory corruption attacks threaten smartphones?

By Michael Cobb 13 Sep 2017

Smartphone users could be at risk of memory corruption attacks because of a baseband vulnerability. Expert Michael Cobb explains the attack and how concerned users should be. Read More

The iPhone and other top smartphones for business

By Cliff Saran 29 Jun 2017

The iPhone from Apple is 10 years old. It began a revolution in smartphones. We look at the top devices that predated the iPhone and some new innovations Read More

Samsung profits dip as users hold onto smartphones longer

By Kelly M. Stewart 16 Nov 2017

Samsung profits for its mobile business slid backwards in quarter three sales. Samsung is using this opportunity to boost investments in high-end products. Read More

Authorities can't force smartphone access in iOS 11

By Michael Heller 17 Aug 2017

IOS 11 will allow users to avoid authorities attempting to force smartphone access by temporarily disabling biometric unlocking of mobile devices. Read More

Smartphones sound the death knell for outbound marketing strategies

By Dan Muse 28 Jul 2017

Telemarketing might not be dead, but the near-complete saturation of smartphones in the consumer market has landed some death blows to outbound marketing strategies. Read More

How UC mobile apps could vanish from smartphone screens

By Dave Michels 20 Jun 2017

UC mobility has lacked adoption, but the solution could be invisibility, as software tools and mobile carriers can now hide UC calling features within smartphones. Read More

Greenpeace calls for sustainable smartphone manufacturing

By Cliff Saran 27 Feb 2017

Electronic waste and the carbon emissions from manufacturing are among the areas smartphone makers must address, says environmental organisation Read More

Flash memory and OLED shortages will hit smartphone sales

By Alex Scroxton 22 Aug 2017

Analysts at Gartner have warned that a components shortage will affect sales of high-end smartphones Read More

Hands-on: BlackBerry KEYone Android smartphone

By David McClelland 27 Apr 2017

Is this the phone loyal BlackBerry fans have been longing for? Inspect-a-Gadget goes hands-on with the BlackBerry KEYone, a super-secure Android smartphone with a trademark physical keyboard. Read More