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By David Strom Mar 23, 2015


By Clare McDonald Mar 03, 2015

More than a billion smartphones sold in 2014

More than a billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2014, according to research firm Gartner Continue Reading


By Nick Lewis Evaluate Mar 27, 2015

Can a smartphone gyroscope be an eavesdropping tool?

Smartphones with gyroscopes can be exploited to serve as an eavesdropping tool. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to mitigate smartphone gyroscope risk. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Dec 23, 2014

Banking on computers in decline as smartphones take over

Mobile is the most dominant form of banking in the world, according to a study of 80,000 people across 22 countries Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Feb 17, 2015

Smartphone costs drop as market reaches saturation point

Latest market stats from analysts GfK show more than a billion smartphones shipped in 2014, but costs are now dropping as the market matures Continue Reading


By Linda Endersby Feb 17, 2015

Demand for big screen smartphones grows in 2014

Data from Gfk shows that demand for large screen smartphones was a significant catalyst for growth in 2014 Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Feb 05, 2015

Smartphone payments to exceed card payments by 2020

More payments will be made using smartphones in the UK than those made by cards by 2020 according to 33% of Brits Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jan 29, 2015

Samsung fourth quarter hit by smartphone competition

Samsung Electronics reported its first annual earnings decline in three years in the face of increased competition in the smartphone market Continue Reading


By Alastair Cooke Evaluate Jan 08, 2015

Tablets and smartphones can be thin clients, too

The experience of using a mobile device as a thin client has improved and it's no longer out of the question, but some pain points remain, such as connectivity and text entry. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jan 07, 2015

CES 2015: Should we redefine the boundaries of smartphone markets?

The labels "mature" and "emerging" markets may no longer be relevant to describe smartphone sales, according to an analyst Continue Reading