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By Cliff Saran Sep 20, 2012

Smashing smartphones

How strong are modern smartphones. Data recovery specialist Kroll Ontrack set out to destroy them Continue Reading

By Caroline Gabriel News Apr 16, 2009

Will smartphones replace deskphones?

Learn about the future of deskphones as smartphones increase in popularity. Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Sep 06, 2005

Smartphones or handheld computers?

The figures for smartphone shipments versus those of handheld computers suggest smartphones are set to dominate the market for portable devices, but IT managers still have a choice to make when kitting out mobile ... Continue Reading


Dec 01, 2003

Sendo unveils smartphone

UK mobile phone developer Sendo has become the latest company to announce a one-piece smartphone designed to meet all of a... Continue Reading


By Arif Mohamed May 23, 2006

Nokia aids smartphone management

Nokia is building corporate policy support into its mobile management software to make it easier for companies to manage their smartphones. Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Apr 07, 2005

Trojan aimed at smartphones

Mobile device security firm F-Secure has discovered a Trojan virus that crashes users’ smartphones and causes them to lose their... Continue Reading


Dec 20, 2004

Pointsec supports Windows Mobile Smartphone

Pointsec, a provider of security software for laptop and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones, has released Pointsec for Smartphone,... Continue Reading


By Dave Shackleford Problem Solve Jun 15, 2010

Choosing smartphone encryption software for mobile smartphone security

If your enterprise users have smartphones, then your enterprise may need smartphone encryption. In this tip, expert Dave Shackleford describes what to look for in smartphone encryption software, from cost to ... Continue Reading


By Kathleen Hall Dec 20, 2010


Dec 12, 2007

Helio Ocean adds smartphone features

Though not technically a smartphone, the Helio Ocean continues to add new features that allow it to function as a smartphone alternative. Continue Reading