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By Cliff Saran May 25, 2016

Microsoft confirms job cuts at Nokia smartphone business

Big job losses in Finland as Nadella has a rethink on Windows phones Continue Reading


By Ai Lei Tao Apr 25, 2016

Indonesian internet users turn to smartphones to go online

Organisations with a cyber footprint in Indonesia must understand most internet users in the country access online content and services on smartphones Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Feb 18, 2016

Mobile innovation shifts to smartphone services

As smartphone sales continue to stagnate, suppliers are looking to innovate in more novel ways Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 22, 2016

British Library's 'digital wallpaper' brings Shakespeare to the smartphone

The British Library is enabling people to download digital facsimiles of first edition Shakespeare plays to their devices using ‘digital wallpaper’ Continue Reading


By Peter Loshin News Jan 22, 2016

Will California ban smartphone encryption?

News roundup: California mulls a ban on encrypted smartphone sales; France backs away from encryption backdoors; EU and U.K. privacy regulations; key escrow fail and more. Continue Reading


By Brian Holak News May 27, 2016

Microsoft's cuts to smartphone division underscore new mobile imperative

What does Microsoft's curtailment of its smartphone division say about the company's mobile future? Also in Searchlight: Study links cell phones to cancer; Silicon Valley billionaire bankrolls lawsuits against ... Continue Reading


By Fred Churchville News Feb 26, 2016

B2B integration: Now on your smartphone?

"All of the hooks are there -- let's put it that way -- for mobile to play a greater role." Ann Grackin, ChainLink Research Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Feb 23, 2016

Do the feds need Apple to bypass smartphone encryption?

The FBI wants Apple to help it disable the smartphone encryption on a device connected to a terrorism case. Here's what to know about a government DIY job. Continue Reading


By Jamison Cush Evaluate May 10, 2016

LG G5 smartphone has lots of enterprise potential

The first mainstream smartphone with a modular design, the LG G5 is more than a standard Android flagship. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly News Aug 13, 2015

How clean is your smartphone?

For reasons unknown, furniture retailer Bright House has commissioned some boffins to investigate the cleanliness of a range of living room items, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.Their ... Continue Reading