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Conversations: Creating backup using Hyper-V snapshot

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By Mike Preston Mar 24, 2015


News Mar 31, 2015

Move away from the LUN for storage snapshots

Howard Marks discusses creating storage snapshots, the move to virtual workloads and the death of the LUN. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 11, 2015

How to automate AWS EBS snapshot recovery

Automating Elastic Block Store snapshot recovery frees up admins' time, allowing them to focus on other value-add tasks like development. Continue Reading


By Mike Preston Mar 24, 2015


By George Crump Evaluate Feb 24, 2015

How can snapshot technology best be used for backup?

George Crump explains how snapshots can be used for backups in certain circumstances and why the role of traditional backup software is changing. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 11, 2015

How to save an Amazon EBS snapshot to S3

I'd like to back up an Elastic Block Store volume to AWS S3. What do I have to do and what are the associated costs? Continue Reading


Sep 19, 2014

Research snapshot – BYOD in the UK

BYOD is fast becoming a normal part of daily business life in the UK, this snapshot survey of 100 UK businesses by Vanson Bourne reveals. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Nov 26, 2014

Application awareness comes to hypervisor snapshots

Brien Posey discusses why hypervisor-based snapshots can cause problems when they're applied to application servers and how application awareness can mitigate the issue. Continue Reading


By Brian Kirsch Evaluate Jan 05, 2015

Simple rules to avoid VM snapshot problems

You can avoid a lot of trouble if you simply use virtual machine snapshots as they're intended. A VM snapshot is not a backup. Continue Reading


By Greg Schulz Evaluate Aug 25, 2014

What is the difference between a storage snapshot and a clone?

Cloning and snapshotting can both be good approaches to disaster recovery. Learn what environments are best suited to each. Continue Reading