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Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related ...Read More

Nutanix software-defines itself

By Dave Raffo 04 Dec 2017

Nutanix is hard selling the value of its software. While the hyper-converged vendor stopped short of re-naming itself Nutanix Software, CEO Dheeraj Pandey used its earnings call last week to ... Read More

The big business functions of EMM software

By Matthew David 11 Jan 2018

Solid EMM software will manage and monitor a company's mobile device activity. Understand why organizations need EMM software and what constitutes a successful plan. Read More

What you'll build with software-defined architecture

16 Nov 2017

It's been two years since Gartner declared that the future of the data center was software-defined. And while we're still a ways from that reality, there's plenty of reason to think IT is indeed moving toward the ... Read More

How should undocumented features in software be addressed?

By Kevin Beaver 03 Jan 2018

Kaspersky Lab recently discovered an undocumented feature in Microsoft Word. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the risks and what to do if you come across one of these software flaws. Read More

Illegal software whistleblowing benefits the channel

By Simon Quicke 03 Jan 2018

Figures from the BSA indicate that a fair number of UK employees at SMEs are happy to blow the whistle over the use of illegal software Read More

The ethics of software development

07 Nov 2017

In this week’s Computer Weekly, with big names such as Uber and Volkswagen being called out for using software to cheat the system, we look at professionalism and ethics in software development. We assess the ... Read More

A review of the trends in HR software during 2017

By Shaun Sutner 27 Dec 2017

The top trends in HR technology of 2017 were AI and machine learning-based applications from key vendors, new talent acquisition tools and HR moves by Google, LinkedIn and Uber. Read More

Strategies to master the software testing process

11 Dec 2017

This portion of the Software Development Training Center delves into the first steps necessary when making considerable transitions in a software testing process. Read More

Take the pain out of software developer hiring

By Valerie Silverthorne 04 Dec 2017

Hiring software developers is hard enough, but finding the right ones for the job is even harder. Here's what you need to consider to future-proof your development team. Read More

CEO: How SOTI software shoots to stand out

By Erin Darling 22 Nov 2017

SOTI CEO Carl Rodrigues discusses where he sees his company fitting into the EMM market and how it competes with bigger players. Moving beyond EMM is one way to do so. Read More