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By Michael Cobb Evaluate Jun 08, 2015

Why are software bundles an enterprise software security issue?

Third-party software bundling is not uncommon, but can present many issues to enterprise software security. Expert Michael Cobb discusses. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Simon Robinson ,Jon Toigo Get Started Jun 18, 2015

Why software-defined storage matters

Software-defined storage is rapidly gaining popularity, thanks in large part to its potential for reducing storage costs. While storage virtualization is focused on abstracting storage capacity and performance, ... Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jul 24, 2015

Do organizations need ALM software?

When you find your company experiencing application development and deployment predicaments, ALM software may be the fix. Continue Reading


May 30, 2015

A Guide to Software Defined Networks

Considering a Software Defined Network (SDN)? Find out everything you need to know in this guide. Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Manage May 12, 2015

How to sell desktop virtualization software

In this installment of Tech Buyer Snapshot, we offer tips to help you refine your client discussions around desktop virtualization software. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 30, 2015

ECM software in crisis -- or at a crossroads?

Managing and storing enterprise content with ECM software has become more complex than ever. View common ECM disruptors and pitfalls in this slideshow. Continue Reading


By Robin F. Goldsmith Get Started Jun 24, 2015

Four tips for effective software testing

No matter the type of software testing, it can be challenging. Here are four fundamental factors that can lead to effective software testing. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Lent Manage Jun 22, 2015

Agile techniques work for more than software development

Talk about success for Agile techniques -- it's not just for software development. An expert applies Agile techniques to family management. Continue Reading


Get Started Jun 22, 2015

The expert guide to enterprise backup software

Get tips on backup software -- where it works best and how to purchase the best product for your environment. Continue Reading


By Shawn Shell Problem Solve Jun 17, 2015

What derails enterprise collaboration software initiatives?

Enterprise collaboration software can boost efficiency, but only if employees embrace the technology. Deployment planning that targets practical issues can help. Continue Reading