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News May 21, 2004

Quadrant Software announces partnership with Cforia Software

Quadrant Software announces partnership with Cforia Software Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Feb 12, 2009


News Mar 05, 2006

No Software Assurance? No software

Last September, Microsoft said that Vista Enterprise would be available to only those shops that have Software Assurance. The company wasn't kidding. Continue Reading


News Jan 08, 2002

Target: Antivirus software

Target: Antivirus software Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Problem solve Jun 30, 2004

Finding Windows practice software

Finding Windows practice software Continue Reading


May 25, 2004

Software glitch hits Akamai

Software glitch hits Akamai Continue Reading


By Mark Schlack Oct 13, 2003


By Cliff Saran Oct 24, 2011

Quest Software acquires Changebase

Quest Software has acquired Changebase, the privately held software provider of Aok, a software compatibility tool. Continue Reading


Jun 08, 2009

Hamish Reid, software engineer, Perforce Software

Software engineer Hamish Reid demonstrated current Perforce Software configuration management tools at JavaOne, but he also talked about upcoming Java-friendlier releases of tools in the Perforce Software ... Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News Jan 17, 2007

Fortify Software to acquire Secure Software

The acquisition of Secure Software will allow Fortify to expand into the requirements and design phases of the software development lifecycle, the company said. Continue Reading