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By George Crump Evaluate Jun 21, 2016

What is enterprise backup software?

Storage expert George Crump takes a look at the evolution and functions of backup software for the enterprise, including data movement, data management and job management. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel ,Phillip Gervasi ,Alan R. Earls Evaluate May 16, 2016

Hardware vs. Software: The role of hardware in a software age

In this software age, is there any role left for hardware? In our three-part guide, our experts' response is a resounding, "yes." It may feel like this is the era of Continue Reading


Jun 01, 2016


By Adrian Bridgwater News May 10, 2016

Wercker plumbs the software pipeline

Wercker is a container-centric developer automation platform for cloud-native applications and microservices. The central technology proposition here is 'technology that goes beyond mere build ... Continue Reading


Get Started Mar 25, 2016

Guide: How to hire software developers

Looking to hire software developers? Find out the latest hiring trends, employment needs, software development training opportunities and skill levels in this guide. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns Evaluate Jul 22, 2016

Job losses from artificial intelligence software seen as unlikely

There's been a lot of discussion about how likely artificial intelligence applications are to destroy jobs, but one expert says the impact will be small and beneficial. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jul 21, 2016

Veeam Software still outpacing data protection market

Veeam Software continued impressive growth last quarter, increasing bookings revenue 38% over last year in a market that is barely growing one percent. Veeam Software remains a private company, but ... Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News May 20, 2016

Cisco sales down in switching; up in software, services

Cisco sales last quarter revealed weakness in its switching and router business, as revenue from software subscriptions and cloud-based services increased. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate Jul 20, 2016

Which software testing training route is the best to take?

Finally there are funds available for training, but where should software testers invest? Expert tester Gerie Owen offers her advice on getting the most out of the opportunity. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Get Started Jul 19, 2016

Software testing jobs for freshers -- too good to be true?

Software testers just can't get respect, especially if they're fresh out of college and working at a startup. Testing expert Gerie Owen offers career-saving advice. Continue Reading