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By Matthew David Manage Jan 28, 2016

Adopting a 4-tier architecture for mobile solutions

Developers have depended on the 3-tier architecture for Web applications, but now mobile demands a new, 4-tier architecture. Matthew David discusses what to know about 4-tier. Continue Reading


By Jennifer Anaya Get Started Jan 22, 2016

Develop a branded house strategy for IT solution providers

Adopting a branded house strategy during business expansions will help companies maintain a clear and concise brand promise, according to marketing expert Jennifer Anaya. Continue Reading


Sep 01, 2015


By Cliff Saran Dec 04, 2015

Airwave sells up to Motorola Solutions for £700m

Airwave, which operates the UK's emergency services network, is being sold to Motorola Solutions, which provides the underlying tech for the network Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Get Started Apr 27, 2015


By Simon Quicke Dec 09, 2015

Dodds looking to shout louder about Ultima Business Solution's growth prospects

Less than two months into the role as CEO of Ultima Business Solutions and Scott Dodds is already keen to talk up its growth prospects for 2016 and beyond Continue Reading


By Jim Merrifield Manage Sep 01, 2015

Paperless office solutions extend far beyond scanning

Creating a paperless office has been a strategic goal for companies for some time. But a myopic focus on scanning prevents it from becoming a reality. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 20, 2015

Cloud solutions and delivery set for Q4 growth

Resellers wondering where the growth will come from in the fourth quarter need to be providing a solution rather than just hoping one product will work wonders Continue Reading


By Spencer Smith Manage May 12, 2015


By Garry Kranz News Oct 16, 2015

OCZ Storage Solutions previews Saber 1000 for SATA SSDs

Hardware vendor OCZ Storage Solutions said Saber HMS APIs let a host server coordinate when CPU-intensive processes take place, with the aim of reducing resource contention. Continue Reading