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By Scott Feuless Get started Jan 10, 2008

Virtual sprawl

Learn why virtual sprawl is a problem in virtual environments and how it happens in this expert response from Scott Feuless. Continue Reading


Get started Dec 07, 2009

Virtual server sprawl study guide

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of virtual server sprawl, and get more resources on the causes of and solutions to VM sprawl. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 01, 2009

Five virtualization sprawl warning signs

Quickly provisioning virtual machines can create virtualization sprawl. Here are five VM sprawl warning signs that may signal bigger virtualization infrastructure problems. Continue Reading


By Scott Robinson Problem solve Aug 29, 2013

Combating SharePoint sprawl

SharePoint sprawl is a key reason why deployments go south. Combating sprawl and poor storage practices requires educating users. Continue Reading


Dec 03, 2009

Virtual machine sprawl prevention FAQs

Virtual machine sprawl can make a mess of your infrastructure. Learn what causes the problem and get tips on taming virtual machine sprawl in this podcast with expert Rick Vanover. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn News Nov 18, 2010

Closing the VM sprawl floodgates

VM sprawl is the result of irresponsible server provisioning, so you need to implement stringent resource-allocation policies. Continue Reading


By George Crump Problem solve Jun 24, 2008

Preventing VM sprawl with archiving

Creating archives of idle virtual machines (VMs), curbs VM sprawl and use resources efficiently. This tip outlines the benefits and the two steps involved in archiving. Continue Reading


By Hilary Cotter Problem solve Apr 18, 2006

Pitfalls of SQL Server sprawl

Get a thorough understanding of the SQL Server sprawl boom in this excerpt from Chapter 1 of our e-book, "Consolidate SQL Servers for availability, scalability and cost savings." Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Apr 13, 2012

Mommy, where does VM sprawl come from?

VM sprawl creeps up on a data center. Before you can tackle the issue, it helps to understand how VM sprawl occurs and what it can do to an IT shop. Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho News Oct 10, 2007

Virtualization users beware: Sprawl is real

Virtual machines are quick and easy to create, leading to virtual machine sprawl in many data centers. Continue Reading