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A standard is a generally agreed-upon technology, method or format for a given application. Official ...Read More

LTO-8 tape standard to provide insurance against disaster

By Jon Toigo 03 Nov 2017

LTO-8 tape, the next-generation Linear Tape-Open standard, arrives at a fortuitous moment for organizations of all sizes looking to store and protect more data than ever. Read More

Docker with Kubernetes forges new container standard

By Beth Pariseau 17 Oct 2017

Docker's support of Kubernetes alongside Swarm is a big shift for containers. IT pros see the benefits of this integration but question its effect on market competition. Read More

How JSR-375 simplifies and standardizes Java EE security

By Cameron McKenzie 02 Oct 2017

Java EE security has always been a mixed bag in terms of simplicity and standardization, but the new Java EE Security API, JSR-375, plans to change all of that. Read More

Standardize configuration management software for smoother DevOps

By Kurt Marko 02 Oct 2017

If your organization uses different configuration management software for development and operations, you're not alone. Even better, it's no engineering feat to migrate to one main tool. Read More

Sage Intacct's Reid on pending accounting standards changes

By Jim O'Donnell 26 Sep 2017

In this Q&A, Rob Reid, managing director of Sage Intacct, discusses the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standards and what companies need to do to meet looming deadlines. Read More

Why IT needs a standard application install package

By Tim Mangan 12 Sep 2017

IT pros lose time delivering apps differently to users based on the OS and OS versions they use. A standard app format would go a long way toward fixing this problem. Read More

Open standards will ease GDPR risk, says Kantara

By Warwick Ashford 10 Nov 2017

Open standards will help organisations comply with new EU data protection regulations, while ensuring interoperability and a good user experience, according to a global standardisation group Read More

Assemble tools to address IT compliance standards up the stack

By Paul Korzeniowski 21 Aug 2017

The right set of IT compliance tools helps IT operations admins keep pace with rapidly evolving -- and increasing -- security regulations. Read More

How to hang on to software testing standards during hard times

By Gerie Owen 17 Aug 2017

Software testing is a tough job, and it's made even tougher in a regulated industry where competitive pressures don't exist. Expert Gerie Owen on how to survive. Read More

When will networking embrace the 802.11ax standard?

By Lee Badman 08 Aug 2017

The pending 802.11ax standard offers 10 Gbps speeds up to 40% faster than Wave 2 802.11ac. Read More