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By George Lawton Manage Mar 26, 2015

Do BRM standards really matter?

Learn about new standards for implementing decision management and why it can impact purchasing BRM standards products. Continue Reading


Feb 17, 2015

Setting standards for better cloud security

There have been significant improvements in basic security capabilities for cloud deployments over the past two years—a good thing, given that 45% of organizations are using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). And ... Continue Reading


By George Lawton Feb 02, 2015


By Bryan Barringer Get Started Mar 30, 2015

Setting standards for in-house app development and delivery

As with anything, mobile application development goes best when IT comes in with a well-thought-out plan. Learn how to optimize your app dev and delivery process. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Mar 27, 2015

Standard Chartered brings in CIO with digital transformation expertise

Standard Chartered bank has named former Daimler CIO Michael Gorriz as its IT head as its digital transformation gathers pace Continue Reading


By David Strom Mar 23, 2015


Nov 03, 2014

Enterprises push for open standards

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we find out about a new push led by Shell and BP to get IT vendors to agree interoperability standards for the digital age. We learn how one company is using agile development to ... Continue Reading


By Steven Weil Evaluate Mar 02, 2015

How to use AWS to meet compliance standards' requirements

Looking to make compliance an easier task? Expert Steven Weil explains how to use AWS to help meet compliance standards' requirements. Continue Reading


By Meredith Courtemanche Get Started Feb 24, 2015

Words to go: Data center design standards bodies

Need a handy reference sheet of the various data center standards organizations? Keep this list by your desk as a reference. Continue Reading


By Bob Plankers News Feb 17, 2015

How can vendors live up to user's software quality standards?

When it comes to enterprise software, quality is key. The software development process is lengthy, but vendors have a lot to consider when churning out newer versions. Continue Reading