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By Craig Mathias Evaluate Aug 09, 2016

The benefits of the 802.11ad standard shouldn't be overlooked

The other WLAN standard, 802.11ad, will bring even more flexibility and opportunities to enterprises, but the specification also comes with some challenges. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Aug 02, 2016

CompTIA expands industry standards coverage

Channel body extends support for those looking to excel in security and managed print services Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales News Jul 13, 2016

New Jersey CTO targets compliance, security standards

New Jersey's new chief technology officer has announced plans to boost data security by ramping up compliance monitoring in the state. In other GRC news, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Terry Hughes Evaluate Mar 18, 2016

A world with more IoT standards bodies than IoT standards

Separating IoT standards bodies from IoT standards isn't an easy task, and it's hard to say which will emerge as the de-facto one. Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Aug 16, 2016

PoS malware attacks highlights need for security standards in hotel industry

Ongoing data breaches through point of sale malware highlights the need for security standards and central support for franchisees in the hotel industry, say security experts Continue Reading


By Francesca Sales Evaluate May 26, 2016

How security standards help companies prioritize data protection

In part one of this blog post, John Pescatore, director at the nonprofit cybersecurity training provider SANS Institute, delved into the legal challenges companies face as they strive to secure ... Continue Reading


By Robert Gates News Aug 10, 2016

New open standard seeks home in the enterprise data center rack

If the Open Compute Project is too big and scary for your enterprise, a new open standard for data center hardware has emerged to appeal to data centers big and small. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate Aug 09, 2016

Do PCI compliance standards matter when merchants sell off-site?

Merchants that sell at off-site venues need to take extra care to follow PCI compliance standards. Expert Mike Chapple discusses how organizations can do this. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Manage Jul 31, 2016

New cloud standards will help ease contract negotiations

Cloud service agreements -- which spell out the obligations and responsibilities a cloud provider and a customer must adhere to -- are documents organizations with IT operations in the public cloud ... Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Evaluate May 13, 2016

Are biometric security systems regulated by compliance standards?

Biometric security systems come with many advantages, but do they also come with many regulations? Expert Mike Chapple discusses biometric authentication compliance. Continue Reading