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By Kevin Beaver Get Started Mar 24, 2015

Software security testing: Where to start

For those of us new to software security testing, it can be an intimidating field of study. Where do the veterans suggest we begin? Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Get Started Apr 13, 2015

Windows 10 navigation goes back to the Start

Everyone remembers the debacle that was Windows-sans-Start, but Windows 10 navigation puts the Start menu back in play, with some tweaks. Continue Reading


By Roger du Mars Get Started Apr 13, 2015

Predictive analytics in manufacturing starts to take hold

Manufacturers are realizing that long-term sustainability requires the ability to exploit machine-learning algorithms by employing predictive analytics. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Get Started Jan 14, 2015

Get started with requirements on embedded devices

Learn where to start with requirements for software on embedded devices such as the FitBit. Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Get Started Mar 05, 2015

Healthcare BI success starts with educating employees

Setting performance goals for employees using business intelligence tools in healthcare is necessary to get them to believe in the new technology. Continue Reading


By Sean McGrath Mar 03, 2015

Google hints at starting its own mobile network

Frustrated by the lack of innovation in the mobile broadband space. the search giant has hinted that it might show the big boys how its done... Google-style Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Get Started Feb 25, 2015

Assess devices, users to get started on a mobility program

The need for a mobility program may be apparent, and BYOD is a necessary step in the progress from centralized control to focusing on apps and data. Continue Reading


By Luke Marson Get Started Feb 23, 2015

SAP SuccessFactors admin tasks -- where should you start?

Several administrative and maintenance activities will help prevent problems with a SuccessFactors implementation -- here's how to perform the most common tasks. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Feb 16, 2015

DWP starts national Universal Credit IT rollout

The next phase of the national IT rollout for the controversial Universal Credit programme has started Continue Reading


By John Burke Evaluate Sep 12, 2014

The appeal of SDN in the WAN, and where to start

SDN's networking role has not always been clear, there are now some compelling use cases. Because SDN can make the WAN more functional and less expensive, networking pros should keep their eyes on SDN developments. Continue Reading