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By Ed Tittel Manage Aug 08, 2016

Windows 10 Fresh Start

When purchasing a new OEM PC -- be it desktop, notebook, or tablet -- a Windows 10 fresh start may be just the thing! Continue Reading


Evaluate May 27, 2016

Enterprise digitization: How to scale, where to start

McKinsey & Company's Christopher Paquette explains how companies bring digitization efforts to scale and what it takes to get off to a good start. Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick News Sep 15, 2016

The all-new GDS under Kevin Cunnington starts here

So, the first phase of changing the Government Digital Service (GDS) is underway, and it’s clear there is a lot more to come. The Cabinet Office pitched the latest news as minister Ben Gummer’s ... Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani News Sep 06, 2016

Starting smart city initiatives? Reach out to everyone

What do smart city initiatives look like? Turning streetlamps on and off with Wi-Fi? Analyzing reams of traffic data to reroute how cars flow through city streets? Using video sensors to watch for ... Continue Reading


By Jack Madden Aug 22, 2016

Why get started on enterprise mobility, identity, and apps?

If your company is in the ad hoc stage of mobility, what’s going to make you take the next step and invest in EMM, identity, or apps? Here are a few ideas. Continue Reading


By SA Mathieson Aug 01, 2016

Hadoop starts to trumpet way through UK public sector

Big data technology Hadoop is starting to appear in patches of the UK public sector, including GCHQ, HMRC, the Home Office and the NHS Continue Reading


By Sean Martin Manage Jul 25, 2016

How to start building an enterprise application security program

Building an effective application security program can be daunting. Sean Martin talks with experts about the best first steps enterprises should take. Continue Reading


By George Crump Manage Jul 20, 2016

Recovering from ransomware starts with data protection strategy

While ransomware attacks may be nearly impossible to stop, there are important data protection measures your organization can take to recover effectively. Continue Reading


By Karl Flinders Apr 27, 2016

IT outsourcing starts year with a bang

The IT outsourcing sector got off to a strong start in 2016, with sales volumes and values up Continue Reading


By Rick Heiges Manage Jul 06, 2016

When to start sweating the small stuff for SQL Server upgrades

Not all SQL Server upgrades are created equal and not all require the same level of effort. Learn when to go all out and when to conserve your energy by classifying your upgrades. Continue Reading