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Security still not getting through to the boardroom

By Simon Quicke 25 Jul 2017

The attitude towards cyber security still differs between the IT department and the rest of the boardroom and that is an issue the channel will need to be aware of and ideally help tackle Read More

Government, business cybersecurity cooperation still faces roadblocks

By Mekhala Roy 14 Nov 2017

Panelists speaking at a session titled Right Hand, Left Hand: Transparency, Communication and Conflict at the recent Cambridge Cyber Summit agreed that the government and private industry must ... Read More

Aligning IT with business still a struggle for enterprises

By Jean DerGurahian 01 Nov 2017

The idea of aligning IT with business needs has been around as long as tech itself. But enterprises still struggle with siloed hardware, security and cloud applications. Read More

AI adoption still nascent, says SAS survey

By Brian McKenna 17 Oct 2017

At its 2017 conference in Amsterdam, analytics software supplier discloses research into enterprise readiness for artificial intelligence, and identifies blockages Read More

SonicWall still enjoying widespread channel interest

By Simon Quicke 21 Sep 2017

The security vendor has found that ever since going independent the channel has been very keen to work with the firm and it is still open to working with more partners Read More

Poor passwords still putting UK firms at risk

By Warwick Ashford 19 Sep 2017

Poor password practices are still putting UK citizens and the companies they work for at risk, a survey reveals Read More

Voice biometrics still relatively unheard

By Karl Flinders 22 Jun 2017

Authentication system could help reduce UK fraud by making it hard for fraudsters to glean information from contact centres Read More

Federal vulnerability review under new VEP still has questions

By Michael Heller 16 Nov 2017

Experts are still unsure about the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, but admit the new VEP Charter could be a good step toward improving federal vulnerability review. Read More

The multi-cloud myth: Why workload portability is still a pipe dream

By Daniel Robinson 14 Nov 2017

While IT providers are fond of suggesting moving workloads between clouds is as easy as dragging and dropping apps between environments, the reality can be far more complex Read More

IT education in schools is still not working - and that's a huge problem for the digital economy

By Bryan Glick 10 Nov 2017

There is a real danger that technology education in schools will wither and die, with all the risks that brings to the UK’s digital skills, research and innovation capabilities. There was great ... Read More