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Jared Still Pythian

Jared Still

Jared Still is a principal consultant at Pythian and a certified Oracle ACE. He specializes in helping Oracle users on in-depth technical projects. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Mar 15, 2016

Hybrid cloud still an unfulfilled goal for most

Storage vendors often talk about this being a transformation period in storage. EMC, whose executives use that term as much as anybody, conducted an analysis of its customers to see just where they ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Jan 06, 2016

Nimbus CEO: We're still alive

Nimbus Data has not “vanished,” as I wrote in a story about storage vendors facing challenges in 2016. The all-flash vendor has just been keeping “very quiet” for the past 18 months or so. Nimbus ... Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke May 04, 2016

SMEs still a target for BI channel specialists

There was plenty of talk last year about the BI opportunity in the SME space and the demand has continued into 2016 Continue Reading


By Nick Martin Evaluate Apr 27, 2016

Amid hype, definition of hybrid cloud still elusive

While there are many competing definitions, most agree that a true hybrid cloud is more than just running workloads both on and off premises. Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Evaluate Mar 30, 2016

SaaS technology still requires preparation

SaaS technology may be convenient for many reasons, but there are still some considerations enterprises need to remember. Expert Kurt Marko explains. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Mar 30, 2016

EE still generating most broadband complaints, but volumes fall

The overall volume of complaints about broadband services dropped during the last three months of 2015, says Ofcom Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater News Jan 19, 2016

Why are smart devices still so stupid?

Software application developers working with the kinds of embedded computing devices that we now class as citizens within the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) can be forgiven for getting somewhat ... Continue Reading


By David Linthicum Evaluate Mar 22, 2016

AWS container portability still lags behind Docker

The promise of portability has many IT shops experimenting with containers. But enterprises have yet to deploy complex containers, and migration remains difficult. Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho Evaluate Jan 13, 2016

Mobile desktop as a service still isn't viable

Vendors are working to make DaaS a better experience on mobile devices, but users still don't find cloud-hosted desktops workable for complicated tasks on smartphones and tablets. Continue Reading