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Manage Dec 01, 2016

Dedicated CISO job still open to debate

Almost 20 years after Citicorp decided to hire an executive-level security position dedicated to protecting its banking business, the responsibilities of the CISO job are still unclear to many business executives ... Continue Reading


By Beverley Head Nov 21, 2016

Future of Apple Pay Australia still unresolved

There are still uncertainties over Apple Pay among Australia’s big banks, but smaller finance firms are looking at ways to offer the payment service to their customers Continue Reading

Jared Still Pythian

Jared Still

Jared Still is a principal consultant at Pythian and a certified Oracle ACE. He specializes in helping Oracle users on in-depth technical projects. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Nov 15, 2016

Users are still worried about cloud security

Worries about cloud security and data privacy remain a stumbling block for cloud adoption Continue Reading


By Colin Steele Get Started Nov 11, 2016

Augmented reality technology still 'experimental' in the enterprise

Augmented reality isn't all fun and games. It has the potential to change how we interact with the world around us, and its next stop is the business world. Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Nov 07, 2016

Channel people still play a vital role

Hearing that channel firms are growing is welcome news for Billy MacInnes and he wonders just what is driving that success Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Oct 27, 2016

Users still kicking the tires on IBM's cognitive applications

There's a huge amount of excitement around IBM's cognitive computing tools, but users are still looking for ways to implement them in their businesses. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Oct 20, 2016

Facebook Wedge switch still a curiosity in the enterprise

The latest version of the Facebook Wedge switch raises the hardware's throughput to 100 Gbps. But the networking gear remains a non-enterprise technology. Continue Reading


By Lauren Horwitz Evaluate Oct 14, 2016

Salesforce Einstein still on its way to personalization perfection

The artificial intelligence platform Einstein can help organizations mine data for leads and direct targeted marketing at customers. But there are some things it can't do yet. Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick News Oct 13, 2016

GDS: Will the strategy still be delivery?

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is an uncertain place at the moment – or so the rumour mill says. The team are carrying on with their pre-existing strategy – one that was written last year to ... Continue Reading