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storage: In a computer, storage is the place where data is held in an electromagnetic or optical form for access ...

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Jan 28, 2008

More than storage

When you first hear the words ‘big red box’ you might automatically think of storage in the sense of something brightly coloured you put your belongings in. The connection between that image and the products ... Continue Reading


By Rick Cook Problem Solve Nov 02, 2001

Virtualize storage

Tips on setting up virtual storage. Continue Reading


Jul 23, 2004

Storage roundup

A round up of storage news this week. Continue Reading


Mar 03, 2008

Storage consolidation: Storage virtualization overview

Storage virtualization is an important element of storage consolidation efforts. Learn how storage virtualization allows higher levels of storage utilization. However, storage virtualization adds a layer of ... Continue Reading


May 08, 2007

What's the relationship between storage capacity, storage utilization and storage performance?

There's a lot of focus on storage capacity rather than storage performance. One of the marketing pitches behind storage virtualization is to increase storage utilization so that you don't need to buy so many drives. Continue Reading


Apr 19, 2007

Storage consolidation: Storage virtualisation overview

Storage virtualisation has emerged as an answer to the dilemma of unused storage loss. This overview examines some of the key issues involved with storage virtualisation. Continue Reading


Nov 04, 2004

StorageTek boosts storage with CAS

Storage Technology (StorageTek) announced it will add content-addressable store technology (CAS) to its range of storage... Continue Reading


Manage Oct 17, 2006

Storage virtualization for remote storage management

A global storage virtualization solution was employed by Carlson Companies to meet remote storage management needs, as described in this excerpt from Storage Virtualization: Technologies for Simplifying Data ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo Oct 13, 2008

Storage news from Storage Networking World

A wrap-up of announcements from SNW Fall related to storage systems, storage networking, NAS, SAN management, storage security, disaster recovery and email archiving. Continue Reading


Apr 05, 2005

Storage University

If you are new to the storage industry or looking to brush up on the basics, look no further than Storage University. has compiled three easy-to-follow tutorials on storage area networks (SANs), ... Continue Reading