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storage: In a computer, storage is the place where data is held in an electromagnetic or optical form for access ...

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By Marc Staimer Evaluate Mar 17, 2016

Object storage vs. file storage for cloud applications

Object storage systems have several advantages over file systems when it comes to storing cloud applications, including data protection, cost and scalability. Continue Reading


By Chris Evans May 23, 2016

Amazon S3 storage 101: Object storage in the cloud

Amazon S3 has emerged as a de facto standard for accessing data in the cloud. We run the rule over S3, its key attributes and what you need to know to use it with your applications Continue Reading


By Eddie Lockhart Evaluate May 25, 2016


May 05, 2016

Cloud computing storage key management

Jagat Paudel addresses key management in cloud computing storage in this thesis from our Royal Holloway security series. Advances in technology in a commercial market have changed the shape of the traditional ... Continue Reading


By Mike Matchett Problem Solve May 02, 2016

Get the most from cloud-based storage services

Enterprise data storage managers are in position to help their companies get more from cloud storage services. Continue Reading


By Scott Sinclair Manage May 02, 2016

When simple enterprise storage systems aren't so simple

Enterprise storage system simplicity starts with the tangible benefits that data storage efficiency can deliver. Continue Reading


By David Carty Get Started Apr 28, 2016

Words to go: AWS data storage

If you're confused about which data storage option is ideal for your enterprise, refer to our reference sheet on AWS tools and services. Each service features strengths and weaknesses worth considering. Continue Reading


Mar 01, 2016


By Joel Shore News Apr 25, 2016

Virtualized applications and storage don't always mesh

Legacy storage technology wasn't designed to support multiple virtualized applications competing for simultaneous I/O. Tintri's Dan Florea explains how to get from mess to mesh. Continue Reading


By Alex Barrett Evaluate Apr 20, 2016

Planning for storage volume in the containerized world

Containers are everywhere. But do they meet organizations' storage needs? Continue Reading