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Sponsored May 19, 2015

Strategies for Securing Your Enterprise

As risks grow, IT must develop new strategies to identify and disrupt threat sources. Discover how to mitigate security risks and extend your capabilities as your business evolves. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 30, 2015
Sponsored May 26, 2015

Strategies for Success with the New Style of IT

New technology has created new expectations among today's customers, and they demand an optimized experience. Learn how to better understand and engage your customers. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News May 26, 2015

CEO pushes for data-driven strategy

Everyone knows executive support for analytics initiatives is important, but CEOs are starting to get behind analytics like never before. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Evaluate May 19, 2015

Should enterprise ALM strategies be standardized?

Find out how enterprise ALM should relate to independent project management strategies. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News May 05, 2015

Slowly building the preferred SDN strategy

Companies should adopt an SDN strategy that introduces software in manageable portions to avoid network disruptions. Continue Reading


By Mark Vaughn Evaluate Mar 04, 2015

A virtual-first strategy for applications

Advancements in the technology have made it possible to virtualize even large applications. Is it a good idea to virtualize a mission-critical application? How is it done? And what are the implications for ... Continue Reading


Feb 26, 2015

Strategies for the age of digital disruption

Disruption can happen at any time, in any sector, and its effect on traditional organisations can be fundamental. Capgemini offers some strategic advice. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Feb 02, 2015

The complexities of a diversified cloud strategy

Experts urge using a diversified cloud strategy to offset cloud vendor instability, but the sophisticated management skills this approach requires may make it unfeasible for some IT organizations. Continue Reading


Evaluate May 29, 2015

Enterprise networking strategy to support mobile device use

Users are infiltrating the wireless network with their mobile devices -- and using them everywhere. CIOs need to decide on a network strategy to support them. Continue Reading