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By Steve Robins Manage Apr 27, 2016

Mobile marketing strategy isn't a bolt-on to existing strategy

Too often, companies falter in their marketing strategies by tacking mobility onto what they already do. Instead, you should create 'mobile moments.' Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Apr 26, 2016

Backlash against a bimodal IT strategy

A new report from Forrester cautions CIOs against bimodal IT, contending the two-tiered approach could create more problems than it solves. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Mar 04, 2016

Strategy delivering for Tech Data

A strategy to focus on growth markets and keep an eye on costs has been heralded as delivering the right sort of results for Tech Data Continue Reading


By Chris Maxcer News Mar 29, 2016

SAP's cloud strategy focuses on HANA

SAP is building an extensive array of cloud services that cater to all kinds of user needs. Customers with specific needs might be grateful for the options, but some may find the variety daunting to navigate. This ... Continue Reading


By Carol Sliwa News Mar 24, 2016

Nexsan storage at the center of Imation's strategy

Imation completed a major restructuring that focuses the company on the Nexsan storage portfolio in addition to sync-and-share technology acquired last year from Connected Data. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Manage Mar 14, 2016

What strategies are there for moving from Waterfall to Agile?

It can be hard to showcase or even develop Agile skills when Waterfall is strongly embedded into your company. Expert Gerie Owen offers advice to help change that. Continue Reading


By Tom Nolle Evaluate Mar 11, 2016

Choosing your application development strategy

Which is more effective: the top-down or bottom-up application strategy? Tom Nolle explains why choosing one requires an in-depth understanding of application requirements. Continue Reading


By George Crump ,Brien Posey Evaluate Dec 30, 2015

The evolution of data replication strategies

Replication is showing up in many organizations' data protection strategies today. This is because replication, along with snapshot, can provide a form of continuous data protection. However, there are a wide ... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Apr 29, 2016

What data reduction strategies improve flash performance?

Data reduction techniques are important for increasing capacity on SSDs. Compression and deduplication are the most well-known, but other techniques can fill similar roles. Continue Reading


By Ernan Roman Manage Apr 28, 2016

Five common pitfalls in content marketing strategies

Companies still need to be convinced that content marketing strategies are must-haves in the marketing toolkit. Continue Reading