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Why is a cloud backup strategy necessary?

By John Edwards 16 Jan 2018

When backing up to the cloud, it's important to take precautions against data loss. See how approaches like redundancy can bolster your backup strategy. Read More

Why device upgrade strategies fail

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 22 Nov 2017

The industry is built on 30-year-old code, writes one analyst, and that is one reason why device upgrade strategies often fall short. Read More

Strategies to master the software testing process

11 Dec 2017

This portion of the Software Development Training Center delves into the first steps necessary when making considerable transitions in a software testing process. Read More

Acquisitions strategy driving Claranet growth

By Simon Quicke 23 Nov 2017

The managed service player has been able to report strong revenue growth for its fiscal year Read More

Docker Enterprise Edition prospects mull vendor strategy

By Beth Pariseau 17 Jan 2018

Uncertain about Docker's future business growth, some enterprise IT pros are on the fence about whether to invest in its container orchestration tools. Read More

Why the UK’s Industrial Strategy needs the channel

15 Jan 2018

Ben Boswell, VP Europe for World Wide Technology, discusses the role of channel players in boosting innovation in the UK, particularly post-Brexit Read More

Campus network architecture strategies to blossom in 2018

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 11 Jan 2018

This week, bloggers focus on the growing relevancy of campus network architecture planning, BGP route selection and the next generation of cloud-vendor partnerships. Read More

Microsoft advances Azure hybrid strategy with Avere deal

By Trevor Jones 08 Jan 2018

Microsoft's acquisition of Avere Systems addresses a shortcoming in Azure storage services and could help steal some business from AWS and GCP. Read More

Cisco strategy puts software in the lead

By John Moore 03 Nov 2017

Channel partners can expect to see Cisco software play a bigger role on projects as the vendor bundles hardware with subscriptions and organizes its offerings around suites. Read More

Make the case to follow a container strategy at your company

By Tom Nolle 04 Jan 2018

Sorting through container management software can be overwhelming. Determine what your organization actually needs in terms of security and cloud capabilities before leaping in. Read More