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Cisco strategy puts software in the lead

By John Moore 03 Nov 2017

Channel partners can expect to see Cisco software play a bigger role on projects as the vendor bundles hardware with subscriptions and organizes its offerings around suites. Read More

A look at digital transformation tools and strategies

By Chris Tozzi 19 Oct 2017

An expert looks at tools and techniques, like containers, microservices and ChatOps, that can help enable digital transformation by overcoming roadblocks that make the move challenging. Read More

How to implement an SDN training strategy

By Andrew Froehlich 03 Aug 2017

Each organization approaches SDN training with its own strategy depending on its motivation and requirements. Here are some pointers to consider. Read More

Behavioral telehealth strategies and technologies

By Shaun Sutner 01 Aug 2017

Delivering behavioral telehealth services to people with behavioral health issues requires techniques and technologies designed specifically for this kind of healthcare. Read More

The Pipeline: Brand content marketing strategies from Digital Strategy Summit

By Jesse Scardina 21 Sep 2017

Branded content and social media were the main talking points at the Digital Strategy Summit, a conference dedicated to content producers and marketers. Read More

What a network microsegmentation strategy means for you

By Andrew Froehlich 11 Sep 2017

As network administrators move beyond traditional network segmentation, creating a good network microsegmentation strategy across the enterprise is essential. Read More

The best email security comes through strategy and tactics

By Brenda L. Horrigan 09 Nov 2017

The best email security policy requires a holistic approach of the issue, understanding both the problem's scope and the most likely threats. Read More

Three reasons to consider a multi-cloud storage strategy

By Brien Posey 08 Nov 2017

Storing data in multiple clouds is a fairly new strategy, but it's useful for companies that want to control cloud costs, protect privacy and ensure their data is always available. Read More

Why a stellar HR technology strategy is a must for success

By Albert McKeon 07 Nov 2017

You want people management success and a competitive edge, not HR technology disasters. Here's advice on how to avoid the latter and win the talent war. Read More

Strategies for protecting the vRealize Automation appliance

By Stephen J. Bigelow 02 Nov 2017

To adequately protect the vRealize Automation appliance, you should employ a variety of strategies and tools, including clones, configuration file copies and vSphere Replication. Read More