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By Steve Robins Manage Apr 27, 2016

Mobile marketing strategy isn't a bolt-on to existing strategy

Too often, companies falter in their marketing strategies by tacking mobility onto what they already do. Instead, you should create 'mobile moments.' Continue Reading


By Nicole Laskowski News Apr 26, 2016

Backlash against a bimodal IT strategy

A new report from Forrester cautions CIOs against bimodal IT, contending the two-tiered approach could create more problems than it solves. Continue Reading


Jun 10, 2016

Middle East virtualisation strategies mature

CIOs in the Middle East are formulating their virtualisation strategies as the region warms to the benefits of cloud computing Continue Reading


By Michael Heller Manage Jun 01, 2016

Mobile security strategy matures with BYOD

The basic level of mobile security is to protect data and access to a network, but understanding the needs of mobile users and their devices is the key to maturing that strategy. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 01, 2016

Enterprise mobile strategy: Step up security

CISOs are tasked with developing an effective enterprise mobile strategy that offers different levels of mobile security, from device management to application-layer controls. Some companies are moving beyond ... Continue Reading


Evaluate May 31, 2016

An IT security strategy guide for CIOs

In this Essential Guide, learn how to deal with increasing cyberthreats and discover best practices for developing a successful IT security strategy. Continue Reading


By Jon Arnold Manage Jul 27, 2016

Should our video strategy be built by lines of business?

When enterprises make technology buying decisions, employees now wield more power. Learn how lines of business can play a central role in developing a video conferencing strategy. Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole Manage May 26, 2016

How to build a successful digital manufacturing strategy

Digital manufacturing has the power to transform every step of the manufacturing process. Here's how to think about exploring it so that your company reaps the most benefits. Continue Reading


By John Moore News May 26, 2016

AVG Business executes distribution strategy

AVG Business has put its distribution strategy into motion, creating alliances with broad-line and niche technology distributors. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Jul 26, 2016

Why every IT shop should have a mobile BI strategy

When business intelligence meets mobility, it changes the way IT shops operate. This is why mobile BI is becoming a key cog in the enterprise machine. Continue Reading