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By Sean Martin ,Michael Cobb ,Johna Till Johnson Manage Aug 19, 2016

What's New in IAM Security and Strategy

Most of the pivotal changes in identity and access management, or IAM, were discussed and developed at least ten years ago. Deployment of advanced IAM security technology has been glacial in comparison to most ... Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 26, 2016

Building a unified communications and collaboration strategy

Learn what you need to know about mobility, the cloud, and calculating benefits when planning your unified communications and collaboration strategy. Continue Reading


Get Started Sep 13, 2016

SMB mobile strategies hit roadblocks

"Go big or go home" is a common battle cry for people taking on a new challenge, but when it comes to enterprise mobility, some organizations just have to go small. Small and medium-size businesses don't have the ... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 25, 2016

Ransomware mitigation strategies include paying up

Ransomware mitigation strategies should be a top business priority as the malware becomes increasingly common. But sometimes, paying up might be the only option. Continue Reading


By Steve Robins Manage Apr 27, 2016

Mobile marketing strategy isn't a bolt-on to existing strategy

Too often, companies falter in their marketing strategies by tacking mobility onto what they already do. Instead, you should create 'mobile moments.' Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Sep 27, 2016

Converged backup and archive strategy requires careful planning

While converging backup and archiving may seem enticing, it's not always the right move. Explore important questions to ask before implementing this approach. Continue Reading


By Beth Stackpole Manage Sep 23, 2016

IoT integration critical to digital manufacturing strategy

Internet of things technology turns data into information, but only with manufacturing software and IoT integration. Here's a look at challenges and components of that integration. Continue Reading


By Jim O'Donnell ,Linda Rosencrance Get Started Sep 21, 2016

Critical essentials of a SAP HANA big data strategy

Big data presents a big quandary. With data flooding into the enterprise, business leaders are hard pressed to corral that data and turn it into insight. SAP believes HANA and associated big data tools can remedy ... Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Manage Sep 20, 2016

Multicloud model more than just a risk mitigation strategy

Initially, organizations adopted multicloud as part of their risk mitigation strategy. But today, it's about portability, flexibility and so much more. Continue Reading


By Ramin Edmond Evaluate Sep 13, 2016

SMBs face challenges with mobile business strategy

Not every company has the means to dive into enterprise mobility and splurge on pricey services or developers. But there are products that can help SMBs make the mobile transition. Continue Reading