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By Mark Vaughn Evaluate Mar 04, 2015

A virtual-first strategy for applications

Advancements in the technology have made it possible to virtualize even large applications. Is it a good idea to virtualize a mission-critical application? How is it done? And what are the implications for ... Continue Reading


Feb 26, 2015

Strategies for the age of digital disruption

Disruption can happen at any time, in any sector, and its effect on traditional organisations can be fundamental. Capgemini offers some strategic advice. Continue Reading


By Kristen Lee Get Started Feb 02, 2015

The complexities of a diversified cloud strategy

Experts urge using a diversified cloud strategy to offset cloud vendor instability, but the sophisticated management skills this approach requires may make it unfeasible for some IT organizations. Continue Reading


By Tim Ehrens News Mar 24, 2015

Has Microsoft cloud strategy evolved?

Microsoft is trying to lead customers to the cloud with hybrid offerings, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But will that succeed? Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Evaluate Apr 21, 2015

How enterprises can bolster their crisis communication strategy

Developing a thorough crisis communication strategy in the event of a data breach is an important task for CISOs. Expert Mike Villegas explains what the strategy should involve. Continue Reading


Dec 15, 2014

Network strategies for 2015

Looking at the bigger picture provides an opportunity to assess what emerging companies are doing to redefine networking thinking Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Get Started Apr 16, 2015

Shaping your content management strategy around mobility

Embracing mobility means updating the way you manage company data. IT should use options such as secure containers and enterprise-grade cloud services. Continue Reading


By Simon Quicke Apr 16, 2015

Evidence of cloud strategy gap keeps growing

More evidence of how customers are struggling to develop a cloud strategy has emerged painting a picture of a user base finding transition to a hosted environment difficult Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 12, 2015

A CIO's guide to SMAC strategy and governance

In this Essential Guide, explore the benefits of a SMAC strategy and get expert tips on SMAC governance best practices. Continue Reading