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Manage multiple clouds for security and strong data backup

By Margaret Jones 08 Nov 2017

Multi-cloud environments have a lot of benefits to offer organizations, but IT administrators need to know how to automate and secure disparate clouds. Read More

Researchers uncover strong trade in code-signing certificates

By Warwick Ashford 31 Oct 2017

Illicit certificates are more expensive than counterfeit US passports, stolen credit cards and handguns on the dark web Read More

Channel looking for a strong finish to the year

By Simon Quicke 10 Aug 2017

Attempts to iron out seasonal spikes in the channel have been partially successful but Q4 remains a crucial selling period and many are expecting a busy end to the year Read More

Detachables set for a strong second half

By Simon Quicke 27 Jun 2017

An analysis of the PC hardware market from IDC indicates that the second half should see rising demand for detachables Read More

Is a communications API SLA strong enough for enterprises?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 28 Aug 2017

When downtime occurs, an API service-level agreement should pinpoint customer and vendor responsibilities. Enterprises will need to monitor their API SLA closely. Read More

Protection against ransomware requires strong backup

By Paul Crocetti 18 May 2017

The WannaCry ransomware attack sent many organizations reeling. Practice good 'data protection hygiene' to fight ransomware and keep workloads safe overall. Read More

IT outsourcing going strong in the Nordics

By Eeva Haaramo 02 May 2017

IT outsourcing is popular among companies in the Nordic region, but the market is changing Read More

Strong API strategy matters in growing API economy

By Joel Shore 11 Jul 2017

As the API economy extends its reach, developers have an opportunity to expose services in a controlled manner. Managing multiple versions demands a strong API strategy. Read More

Risk & Repeat: Strong encryption under fire again

By Rob Wright 05 Apr 2017

In this episode of SearchSecurity's Risk & Repeat podcast, editors discuss the latest round of the encryption debate and what it means for apps that use strong encryption. Read More

Mobile in healthcare a strong prescription for improved patient care

06 Jul 2017

Walk the corridors of any modern hospital, from intensive care to patient units to emergency rooms, and you'll see the familiar banks of workstations where doctors and nurses busily access patient records and type ... Read More